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    Are Zagg Invisibleshields Defective for IPad 2?

    I have heard that the first batch of the Zagg Invisibleshields for the iPad 2 are defective and not fitting properly. Is this true and does anyone know when this issue will be corrected? I was hoping to stop by my local mall and have them installed but looks like I may have to hold off for now.
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    Getting "kicked out" from an App to Homescreen

    Is it normal to every once in a while get kicked out of an app back to home screen suddenly? It seems to happen more often to me when I am on the page that shows all my apps or links that are currently open. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    Just downloaded it a few minutes ago. Enjoy!!!
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    Just curious, is anyone going with no protection for their iPad such as a case or screen protector?
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    Otter box

    When is the Otter box coming out for the iPad because I will be getting one for sure.
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    Re-entering Password

    So I will be surfing the web and everything is fine and then all the sudden it will ask me to re-enter my password in order to stay connected. Why does this keep happening?
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    Apple Case

    So how do you guys like the Apple case? Is it worth a purchase?
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    Check out this case

    What do you guys think of this protective case? It comes in silicone and soft gel. Looks good to me. Apple iPad : Cimo Cases, We got you covered
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    Will 16gb Wi-Fi model be enough?

    I plan on getting the 16 gb Wi-FI model for $499 and am wondering if it will be enough for my needs. I mostly just plan on reading ibooks, surfing the web at home on my bed or couch, downloading music on itunes, and downloading some movies.