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    Please Help~~ iPad 2 acting crazy

    Hi everyone. I have an ipad 2 with 4.3.3 firmware, I already have the blob saved..all of a sudden I was adding some apps to my Ipad and the screen went black and the apple logo I try turning it completely off and it wont turn off..I press the power and home button and it will just...
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    Thinking About Purchasing the iPad 2--Need Advice

    Hi everyone, So I have a dilemma, I own the iPad 1st Generation(32gb WiFi) and I would like to sell that one and get the iPad 2(On Craigslist the iPad 1 is going for about 380 bucks so that is what I would sell it for..any who, I want to sell it and get the iPad 2 White one(32gb Wifi) but I am...
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    Snes4Iphone Issues

    Hi everyone. New here to the board. I really like this site so I am glad that I found it. I am having issues with snes4iphone for my Ipad. I downloaded the snes4iphone app for my Ipad and I also downloaded Super Mario Bros World for it but when I try using it, its incredibly slow, or doesn't...