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    iTunes/iPad sync issue

    Whenever I sync my iPad (version 1, with iOS 5.0.1), I get a message that 1 item could not sync, check iTunes for further info. I can't seem to find anywhere in iTunes what this issue is. I do have a TV show sneak peek I downloaded on the iPad, then deleted, but it is still showing up on my...
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    Need Help

    My hard disk on an old PC computer has crashed. Not sure if it is recoverable, still being looked at. I am now using my son's computer (who is in college with a new laptop). I have all the music I purchased from iTunes already in the library. But I have two thousand songs that I ripped from...
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    QuickOffice and DropBox

    Anyone else having problems with QuickOffice saving files that are in DropBox. I can open the files, make changes, save the file and close it. I can see the changes on the PC, but not if I open through QuickOffice. It is like the iPad is loading a "cached" version, not the most up-to-date...
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    What Happened to The Funnies by AFK Studios

    Any word what happened to this app? It is no longer on iTunes Many of the comic strips are no longer updating and the company is no longer on the web? I can't seem to find any information. I am wondering if they got into some copyright issues with the comic strip publishers. Is too bad...
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    PerfectReader (PDF Reader)

    Anyone tried this program? Looks interesting.
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    Apple Making a Mistake?

    Let's hope that what is reported in the article does not come to fruition. Apple Rejects Sony Reader App Over In-App Purchases. Kindle Next? | Epicenter| I think this was a big mistake, and if the Kindle app goes, would be a huge mistake for Apple. With the onslaught of Android...
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    Onenote for the iPad

    I have recently purchased Office 2010 and although I have been an Office user for a while, never really messed with OneNote. I have started playing with this program and it is awesome. Best note managing program for the PC, even has cloud storage now. But, I can't access anything with the...
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    Office productivity apps

    I find myself needing to compose and edit Word documents and soon Excel docs. Will be simple stuff, nothing complex. Also using Dropbox to store the docs to be shared between iPad and PC. Looks to me like there are 4 different apps to work on Office documents, but does not look like there...
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    iPad App news

    Just curious. What the websites most of you use to look for information on the newest, coolest, most useful apps? (besides this one of course) :D
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    iBook vs Kindle

    I have finished reading my first book and have downloaded 2 textbooks in the Kindle app. I have read 4-5 books now in the iBooks. I must say I like the iBook better. iBook looks more like a book. I like that it has the page numbers at the bottom and the number of pages left in the chapter...
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    iBook Store in iTunes

    I wonder why Apple has not incorporated the iBook store into iTunes. You can get movies, TV shows, apps, music, but not books. Just curious.
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    B&N Books in iBooks?

    If I download an e-book from B&N, can I move it to iTunes and read it in iBooks?