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    icloud prob

    Have downloaded and installed iCloud for my win 7 pc. I have copied my photos to the upload file turned on photo stream in settings and enabled the same on my iPad but none of my photos upload and appear on my iPad. I have disabled windows firewall in case it was blocking iCloud but still no...
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    Ten Days with the new iPad

    A quick review of our thoughts on Apple's newest tablet we have the 32 Gb WiFi only model. Reviewers myself the wife and our 15 yr old son. This is compared against our iPad 1. Also 32gb wifi only. Reviewer 1. The wife. Main use online shopping web surfing and the very occasional game (...
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    ipad 3 charging time

    Hello We have been using our ipad3 since opening the box on 16th morning and it was charged just over 90%. It now showing about 16% so I have had it on charge now for about 2 hours and its only up to 25%. Is this normal ? Or does a first charge take a long time ? Thanks
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    Hello All

    Hello and New years greetings to one and all ! Stopped by to introduce myself and to say hello. I have lots of question for the iPhone anf iPad savvy and hopefully some answers too.... See ya out there Ingott77