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    Check your settings...

    I notist after IOS6 was installed setting of some stuff were changed! Like LTE which was off was fliped on.... Just a word for the wise! And check out G+ If you use that junk.
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    Not a bad camera...

    Am supprised at how well the camera's works on the new iPad... This is tough for a DSLR to get... Hand held... at night... and a sky shot...
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    How are you going to show off the retinal display?

    Here is one I have not see so far.... What will you use to show off the display? Video's? Still's? Combo of the two? Game's? App's?
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    This works! Targus Stylus for Apple® iPad™

    Think I found a stylus that: (a) Cheep! (b) Does work! Targus - Stylus for Apple® iPad™ - AMM01US It uses a sold rubber "point" and does not require you to drive it though the screen like others. Also is not like the conductive foam ones. And not that expensive. The main item is that it...