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  1. cmalinowski

    Jailbreaking Explained

    My understanding is that tethered means that on a reboot/shutdown/drain battery (and possibly a respring, but not sure about that one) your iProduct would need to be connected (tethered) to your computer (mac, pc, laptop, etc) on startup.
  2. cmalinowski

    Jailbreaking Explained

    1. no 2. yes, but they can't 3. if it's inoperable, they can't figure out that it's jailbroken because... well... it's inoperable. If you can't get something back to the point to restore, then it's pretty much fubar. Plus, they only care if it got wet at that point probably so they will...
  3. cmalinowski

    Jailbreaking Explained

    Assuming Apple didn't change something in the firmware that would render an application broken, they should be available to you again after you jailbreak... and reinstall. You shouldn't have to pay again as the license information is held by Cydia just like the license info for apps you bought...
  4. cmalinowski

    How hard would it be.....

    Do you want to view them as you snap them? Otherwise, taking the memory card out of your camera and using the camera connection kit (either the SD card viewer, or a card reader in the USB port) should do what you desire I think.
  5. cmalinowski

    OS 4.2 Took Away iPod Controls?

    iPad has iOS 4.2 available? And here I thought 3.2.2. was the latest...
  6. cmalinowski

    iTunes constantly asking me to log in. Why?

    I believe this is the issue. Mine started asking me for my pw on start right after a failed attempt to download some app. iTunes tried to install it three times or so and failed. Asked me what I wanted to do and eventually I chose whatever option was equivalent to "nevermind" over "try...
  7. cmalinowski

    Did you Jail Break your iPad?

    Yes. Jailbroken and loving it.
  8. cmalinowski

    Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

    Oh... Ummmm... Well then.... You're right :)
  9. cmalinowski

    Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

    Oh, I love my iPad. I wasn't bashing it. Just noting that reading is better on a kindle to me. This isn't an argument. It's like someone claiming that a truck is better for hauling bulk mulch around. Then someone else says 'well i've hauled mulch in my Honda accord so it's better than your...
  10. cmalinowski

    Accidentally plugging iPod into iPad charger?

    CERN called. The LHC is having issues and they've narrowed it down to people plugging iPods into iPad chargers and iPads into iPod chargers. Apparently, they've witnessed cats and dogs living together as well and fear that the end is near. I hope all of you are proud of yourselves for...
  11. cmalinowski

    Reminder app??

    Yea, I'm disappointed in the complete lack of a timer app. I really want my iPad to be like my iPod touch and iPhone where I can set a countdown timer.
  12. cmalinowski

    I saw the iPad!

    As Shaggy would say... "Zoinks!"
  13. cmalinowski

    Battery Maintenance

    Wow, I can go all weekend for the most part (day and night). Granted, that's not continuous use, but picking it up all the time and checking mail and such. Playing games. I do have my brightness set to zero--which seems to start at 50% for some reason. But so far, my battery has been stellar.
  14. cmalinowski

    Flash: Why so important to the Ipad?

    I haven't missed flash much. Every now and then for a video that I want to see or some site, but mostly has been a non-issue (knock on wood). That said, I don't really like browsing the web on the iPad in general. It seems clunkier to me than on a regular pc/laptop. But, I don't mind so...
  15. cmalinowski

    Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

    Just to highlight, iPhone/iPod chargers will work, they are just slow and won't charge while using the iPad. They will charge overnight. Chris
  16. cmalinowski

    Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

    I still think, having used both, that the kindle is easier on my eyes and I have much less eye strain using the kindle than I do reading a book on the iPad. That may be just me, but I'm guessing it's not. Chris
  17. cmalinowski

    Secure Transactions on iPad

    Yet. Give it time. If can jailbreak your iDevice over the web (and I am thankful that it is so convenient), the same flaws should open it up to other attacks. I don't work in info security, but logic suggests that it is possible. Jailbreaking may open up some holes, but if...
  18. cmalinowski

    Jailbreaking for beginners....

    Since the thread has been updated, I guess we can update this. 3.2.1 is now jailbreak-able. 3.2.2 is not (and probably never will be since it was just put out to impede jailbreaking).
  19. cmalinowski

    Top 100 apps?

    It's called Patriot Day. No "s". Unless you are referring to Patriots' Day, which has nothing to do with 9/11. If your going to shill your crappy product under some made-up thread, at least get the f'n info correct.
  20. cmalinowski

    An app to turn one iPad into several iPod touches

    I think that once all promo codes are used, there is no longer a button. But I could be way off on that too. I know that I've never been lucky enough to use one :)
  21. cmalinowski

    Is there is such app?

    Just FYI: Locktopus requires a jailbreak. Works well for me. There are apparently one or two others that work well for jailbroken iDevices.
  22. cmalinowski

    GPS Maps Apps

    Just to clarify: While a WiFi-only iPad will work with maps, it will only put your location on the map based on what the properties are for the network to which you are attached. So, if you are sitting in your house, it probably will have your house. If you are sitting in Starbucks, and...
  23. cmalinowski

    Top 10 iPad Apps according to Wired

    I heard that Apple had them tame it down or it would not have made their cut. Oh, to be the moral center of the universe like Jobs. Do these list cydia/rock apps?
  24. cmalinowski

    Custom Pin Lock Replacement.

    I am guessing you would have to go the Cydia/Rock route and market to jailbroken-only iDevices. I believe there are already some out there, including ones that mimic... hmmm... droid maybe (where you do a pattern with your finger).
  25. cmalinowski

    jailbreak error: "Version too old"

    And turn off the check for updates... I think that's an option. Since I ignore them, I don't care, but for those that "auto-yes" it may be best to check manually instead of automatically.
  26. cmalinowski

    ipad wont startup after aborting jailbreak session

    Don't worry too much. You should be able to put it in recovery or DFU mode and restore. You'll now be relegated to 3.2.2 firmware unless you saved your 3.2. or 3.2.1 SHSH blob with tinyUmbrella. In the future, I'd avoid aborting something that is messing with the operating system :) Chris
  27. cmalinowski

    iOS 3.2.2 Released

    yea, I was lazy and didn't upgrade to 3.2.1, thus I don't have my SHSH for 3.2.1 saved... bummer. Oh well, no biggy. Probably just the inability to jailbreak.
  28. cmalinowski

    You know how we can tap the top of the page...

    Add him to your ignore list.
  29. cmalinowski


    Not familiar with skype (well, I'm familiar with it, I just haven't used it), but the iSip app will "ring" whether open or not. If you can attach your skype account to the iSip application (I have a gizmo5 account and can) then this may work for non-jailbroken iPads.
  30. cmalinowski

    Turn Your iPad into a Giant Fridge Magnet with FridgePad!

    Probably not so bad. The drives are now SSD's and not magnetic disc platters.
  31. cmalinowski

    ipad bumper case?

    Just figured I'd add links. zCover, and's zCover and their TPU Acrylic case for iPad (other colors available, just search "TPU Acrylic iPad") Hard Candy Sleek Skin (other skins and cases available) Chris EDIT: Oh yea, "Ouch" on that cartwheeling story. I...
  32. cmalinowski

    Where's the ARROW keys????

    You may want to download and read the iPad Users Guide in iBooks. Just go into iBooks and search for iPad. Should come up. There are probably other things that it will enlighten you on as well. I am not done flipping through it, but I will probably read through the whole thing over time...
  33. cmalinowski

    Is iPad WiFi range satisfactory?

    Yes, mine is bad. At home it drops out and connects at 3G speeds a lot. But, it's just an inconvenience at present. Once there is a jailbreak for 3.2.1 I'll upgrade and I feel that 3.2.1 will probably fix it. Until then, I'm okay with 3G since I'm unlimited :) Chris
  34. cmalinowski

    Watch abc app and netflix app outside the US (Mexico)

    I use blackVPN. Good as well. Although, I used it for the opposite (looking like I was in the UK). Chris
  35. cmalinowski

    Printer for ipad

    Agreed. But I think the angst is that the iPad is a computer and should be able to print all on its own. I haven't had a need yet, but I guess I can see where others might. I try to print as little as possible. Chris
  36. cmalinowski

    Are You Guys Familiar With The ipads Old Father?

    I had the Atari 400 (membrane keyboard) and then moved up to the Atari 800. Then the Apple ][. Ah, the good old days... no lower case, AppleRunner was THE game, flipping disks over to get double the capacity :) I still have an original IBM PC in my parents garage attic... for no good reason...
  37. cmalinowski

    Some games to recommend

    I like angry birds. Harbor Master annoyed me, but others like it. I just got modern conflict, but haven't played it. Funny, I purchased it and then saw that there was a lite version. Oh well. I heard that PlantsVZombies is good at first but then gets boring. I may try Godfinger or We Rule...
  38. cmalinowski

    IPad stand is also a charger, 5 bucks!

    Thanks. Honestly, for $5 shipped it's worth the risk :)
  39. cmalinowski

    Is there a DEL(ete) key on the keyboard

    The apostrophe is easy, just hold down the comma key for a second. I am with you on the numbers and arrow keys though. There are other shortcuts like the apostrophe, but I forget what they are. I know one is that for the URL keyboard, if you hold on the .com button for a second it will...
  40. cmalinowski

    Are You Guys Familiar With The ipads Old Father?

    Atari was the shizzle for a while :)