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    Setting up new Email

    Thanks. That worked and all is well.
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    Setting up new Email

    I was trying to set up my wife's email account today on her new iPad. After entering the settings for incoming and outgoing, etc. I noticed that her account at her computer was a POP account but on the iPad it was an IMAP account. No wonder it wouldn't work. How do I change it to a POP...
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    Phone Call from UPS

    Hope this doesn't jinx my delivery but about a half hour ago I got a call from UPS asking if there would be someone home between 10 and 2 to sign for my "special" Saturday delivery. I'm stoked. I'ts gonna be hard to wait. I don't live in a huge city but in the outback of central Wyoming...
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    Top 5 iPad Apps you'd pay for?

    Weather App I'd pay for a weather app that would use Google's map directions and display the weather forecast along that route.
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    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    Looks like there is progress. Mine tracking info now contains this information: LOUISVILLE, KY, US 03/30/2010 4:29 P.M. BROKERAGE RELEASED SHIPMENT. SHIPMENT IS SUBMITTED TO CLEARING AGENCY FOR FURTHER CLEARANCE