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    Vibrating alarm

    Hi all Does any one you use vibrating alarm? Which companies are good..? R they really helpful to wake up without disturbing others .? Best wishes
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    Thank you sci.. PS: dear admin ..pls close the thread.
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    My laptop is dead and i bought a new one .. How to de-authorize my laptop for iTunes ..? I am using 5 computers already along with the dead laptop. I want to free this ..? Thanks
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    My screen issue

    Surprisingly, it disappeared after I left it at home and went for a week long vacation .. away from the happening world ..
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    tracking device for kids

    Hi all, I am looking for a good and portable Tracking device for my 4 year old son and can track him on my mobile/computer. I usually get scared when i see some lost kids at temples/rail stations etc.. hope to have a facility of SIM for internet access on the device itself ... hope to get some...
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    My screen issue

    Hi I have attached my screen photo . Can someone explain the black patches on the left side ... Tarzan
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    Deconvolute by data usage

    Hi thanks Marilyn Any advice on apps?
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Thanks Mr.Bruno That reduces the pressure on home button...
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    Deconvolute by data usage

    Hi all 1)if I have internet via wifi and cellular data on... And use Internet which will be preferentially used ? 2) Pls suggest me an app which can split my data usage depending on the route I mean wifi data and cellular data Thanks
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    Speed up videos

    Hi all I have downloaded a few video lectures and transferred the videos to my iPad. the lectures are good but the instructor is slow. Is there way of watching the video at a faster speed on iPad ? Thanks
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    You tube crahes on my ipad2

    Any explanation and solutions? Thanks
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    Change the song ...

    Twerp poet. .. Thanks ... I could manage to change the track .. By double clicking the middle bottom ....
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    Change the song ...

    Ok .. I give up!, PS: dear moderator .. Pls. Close the thread ....
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    Change the song ...

    More inputs pls .....
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    Change the song ...

    Hi I use the one which I got for my iPhone 3GS ... The middle one pauses .. But double click doesn't go to the next song nor the triple click move it back .. Can other members pls throw some light .. Does it work for u guys .? Cheers ...
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    Download Google Map to Use Off Line?

    Sry for cross posting ... How to download google maps for offline use ?
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    Change the song ...

    Hi .. Is there a way to move to next song or the previous when we are using the hands free of the iPhone ...? Awaiting .....!!!
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    Maps for navigation

    Hi .. Can I use iPad as a navigator by downloading maps which can be used offline ..? Thanks
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    iTunes Wireless Sync problem

    Hi Just trying to help .. If u have already done this ignore the reply... 1. Connect ur iPad through USB. And select the sync over wifi option .. Apply and come out ... 2. Remove the IPAD from USB. 3. Make sure ur iPad is connected over wifi. 4. Go to settings and general sync now 5...
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    Overcharging issues

    Thanks once again .. PS: Dear moderator, pls close the thread
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    Overcharging issues

    Anyways .. My wife's Sony laptop battery charging stops after a few hours, the battery charging led switches off too. But this is not the case of my DELL top. ..( 2.5 years old).. So, I still need some advice on timed charging .. Thanks
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    Overcharging issues

    Thanks ..
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    Overcharging issues

    Hi all, I need a suggestion for not over charging my iPhone, iPad and iPod. Is there any way I put my devices for charging for 2-3 hrs everyday during my sleep and the switch switches off automatically. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    control itunes download speed

    Hi all, When I download a movie, podcast or update new software the application (either iTunes of Software Update) monopolizes my bandwidth and halts all other applications that require a connection. Is there a way to allocate the speed? Perhaps a 3rd party app? thanks in advance
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    Google maps.

    hi all sorry for cross posting Imaghine I am ina town sight seeing I want to cover 4-5 places there any way in Gmaps to make a tour plan by connnecting all the places ...? thanks
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    pdf to epub

    Hi all, Wish you all a happy new year !!! need a suggestion pals .. good and free software to convert pdf to epub .. I tried to use calibre .. but the output epub fiel is very bad for my scientific books which have lots of mathematical equations ... and for novels too ... the format gets lost...
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    sending files over Wifi

    Hi all, I have a small Q.. how can I send a file (eg. pdf file) from my PC to my ipad when that are connected by Wifi Network (adhoc connection)..? I have internet on my PC which has itunes blocked .. Awaiting for a reply ...