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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

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    How to Sync Hotmail?

    I wanted help on this as well?
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    Optimum/Cable App restriciton

    I have the optimum app which i can watch the same cable subscrition I have on my Ipad. Problem is you can only watch it via your home wifi network. Just like their is a tweak for some apps to work via 3g making it think its using Wifi. Is there a tweak or app to make it think it is still using...
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    Switcheasy Canvas?

    It's as thin as a protective case can get doesn't bother me much.
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    Public Wifi Issues

    I have a 32 g WIFI IPAD 2, I am able to connect via Wifi at home just fine. I am even able to connect on someone else's wifi in my building even though it shows as two bars as signal it seems to be just fine as well. But if I am in public like a park or public space where they have wifi I have...
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    can you play avi/mp4 files on ipad2?

    Is this one better than oplayer?
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    Switcheasy Canvas?

    I got it, stands by itself for the most part. Some of the middle angles I have trouble since the partitions are not very deep and almost feels like they will get worse with time or maybe i'm being paranoid. I do like the feel and the fact that it's protected by the inner shell.
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    Facebook app

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    It's on its way!!!

    I got the same exact model last friday and I was thankful I atleast I would get to play with it before the world ended the next day! LOL I was contemplating still if I needed this thing but the entertaintment and convenience aspects definetely outweight the price.
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    iPad 2 Production Increased

    Don't count on it: Explosion hits Foxconn's Chengdu plant | Electronista
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    Just bought ipad 2 and need free divx player

    I just got the Ipad 2 and got Oplayer lite how do you transfer a video directly to the IPAD 2 to watch it? Since I will be watching video's on the train not via wireless. These are divx files.
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Got mine exactly 2 weeks and 3 days for shipping and got a free cover, go Apple.
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Mines was in Alaska yesterday and made a direct flight to NJ today which just left and will arrive in NY tomorrow.
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Getting my free cover as well, can't feel to bad these things cost them cents to make.
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Hey I want a free smart cover what should I say just complaint on their tardiness?
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Ordered mine on the same day and also shipped out yesterday, its scheduled to come on the 19 :)
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    That sucks I ordered mine on 5/1 but counting business days it was only two days before yours so mine was saying shipping on May 16 -delivery for May 23 and than it changed on Friday that it would be delivered May 20. Now from reading other posts it just seems to be an automated date given from...