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    iPad restore

    So I have bit of a problem, and need to sync my ipad to a different computer than i set it up with. However i don't want to lose everything that i have on it when i sync it (specifically my aps that i purchased on the iPad). Any ideas?
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    Mac help

    so im selling my MacBook Pro (again) and i have let someone borrow it for a couple weeks, so i wanted to know what i can do to clear the hard drive easily? im looking for an equivalent to an iPad restore if possible. anyone know of anything?
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    I purchased an Apple iPad Dock - Apple Store (U.S.) and i don't really use it, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading a Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.) for it? If anyone is interested post here, or pm me, or email me at capsisking(at) gmail(dot)com...
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    Dock-able iPad protection

    Is their any?
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    Case opinions

    I ordered the apple case for my iPad and am waiting for it to arrive. I have read a lot of the reviews and i am starting to have some doubts already... In the case that I receive it and decide it is not for me i have two questions for you guys Can i return it at an apple or best buy store...
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    Anyone have a Plus+ account? I am thoroughly enjoying "We Rule" and "Godfinger" And my username is capsisking if anyone wants to add me
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    Lol, so I'm caps (nice to meet you guys) and I have a 64gb wifi ipad that i use as a stand alone device. I already got my dock and I'm waiting on my apple case to arrive (should be here the 20th) :D Edit: Oh, and I'm a mod on, but I'm branching out