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    Which bluetooth GPS?

    Gpsx150 works like a charm, download the app, turn on Bluetooth, pair the receiver with Bluetooth, then open the app and let it connect to the satellites and then go, it's great.
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    Can iPad replace built-in nav?

    I use the xpsg150 with my ipad wifi only, I tether my ipad to my iphone so I have access to any Internet stuff I want and it works like a dream, the Bluetooth GPS addon device works fantastic. Couldn't be happier. Definitely recommended buy. I also use Navigon or google maps, Navigon sometimes...
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    Connecting iPad to Stero System

    To be honest I bought an apple tv and connected it to my av receiver, because it is the easiest way to control music from anywhere in the house. Stream pandora too from my iPad. I can control my denon from the iPad with the denon app or roomie remote.
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    Do you use iPad to watch London 2012 Olympic games?

    I watch on iPad and it works great, love I can chose to watch what event I want
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    How to find and get health apps for iPads?

    If keeping track of your diet and exercise is your plan I really like myfitnesspal from the ap store
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    That's the arm I use also, however I filed a few pieces of wood together that I cut out the size of my cup holder, wrapped in black felt. I use that arm because it fits my blackberry playbook and/or my iPad. Playbook has gps built in but the mapping programs are terrible.
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    So I decided to use my new iPad as a gps and I love it. I have a pioneer Avic Z2 in dash gps unit but it's old. Even with the map updates it doesn't do the things I would love to do that I can do with the iPad. I have a new iPad wifi only so I needed to do a few things to get the gps working...
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    Busted iPad (3rd time)! Anyone used this tough case before?

    I hope you enjoy it, I know I feel so much safer with my survivor case and like I said before i use the gamechanger app to score baseball games so there is lots of dust around, my case gets dusty but my iPad stays nice and clean.
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    Busted iPad (3rd time)! Anyone used this tough case before?

    To be honest I have the new iPad with the survivor case and I use it to score our baseball games with game changer app. I chose this case because it completely encloses the iPad, well almost completely to keep the baseball field dust out. It has kept the dust out great. I also have a playbook...
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    Busted iPad (3rd time)! Anyone used this tough case before?

    I use the survivor case and I love it, however I have never dropped my iPad. I spend a ton of time at baseball fields and with all the dust flying around it keeps it nice and clean. I would recommend the case.
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    Ipad 3 and sun light

    I have an iPad 3 with a survivor case but it seems I have to crank brightness all the way up to even barely see the screen when I'm outside in sunlight. Does anyone else have this problem outside?
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    Anyone buy a grifin survivor case for new ipad yet?

    I have the griffin survivor case for the new iPad and it fits fine, I'm outside near baseball fields all the time so I figured having a case to completely enclose my iPad was best with all the dust flying around. I like it a lot. All the buttons line up fine, screen works well.
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    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    PayPal is the only way i ever pay for ebay
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    Contacts . .

    I use abcontacts from the app store. You can set a group then click on the group and have various ways to message, email, SMS,etc. I love,it