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  1. Danijoh69

    HELP!! Getting kicked off back to Home screen!

    Since updating to IOS 7 I am getting kicked out of whatever app I am running back to Home screen. This happens on my iPad Air, on my iPhone 5, on my wife's iPad 3, and her iPad Mini. It does NOT happen with her iPhone 4, she still has IOS 6 on that. It does not happen all the time, & not on just...
  2. Danijoh69

    Flash/Thumb drive that actually WORKS on ipads?

    Does anyone know of ANY flash/thumb drive that works with iPads & does NOT get "...uses to much power" error message? I had an iPad 3 & tried several brands/capacity flash drives, got above message on every one. Just bought new iPad Air & would really like to find one that WILL work. Any...
  3. Danijoh69

    NEW ipad mini w/retina display

    Apple's website just says "later in November" !
  4. Danijoh69

    NEW ipad mini w/retina display

    Guys & Gals, what is your best guess as to when the new iPad mini w/retina display will be available? I read on one of the web sites that 11/22 is the most likely date. Do you plan to buy one?
  5. Danijoh69

    REALLY disappointed with Apple!

    I bought an iPad 2 when they first came out, stood in line for hours for that privilege. When the iPad 3 came out I upgraded & gave my daughter my iPad 2. Now, not even 6 months later Apple comes out with the iPad 4!! If I had known there was going to be a new model coming out this soon I would...
  6. Danijoh69

    New ipad keyboard sometimes doesn't type a letter!

    Has anyone else encountered this problem with the new iPad ? Frequently, when I'm typing something some characters don't show, it's not any particular letter or number but it does happen frequently. For example, if I type "word" it may show as "ord". At first I thought I was just not actually...
  7. Danijoh69

    Wifi keeps randomly turning off and i have to keep restarting it

    I am using a Linksys wireless G; I ran the set-up disk again & reset all settings. If it were the router then why does my iPad 2, 2 iPhone 4, my wife's Kindle Fire, and my daughter's Mac ALL work with same router and never drop the signal?!
  8. Danijoh69

    Wifi keeps randomly turning off and i have to keep restarting it

    My iPad 3 kept dropping wi-fi signal every time iPad screen goes inactive and I had to go in & re-enter password. Called Apple support and to make a long story shorter they replaced it as it was only a few weeks old. Well guess what! The new iPad does the same thing!! My iPad 2 NEVER drops the...
  9. Danijoh69

    Wifi keeps randomly turning off and i have to keep restarting it

    I am having same issue with my NEW iPad 3! It will occasionally just drop the wi-fi connection & I have to go back & re-enter the password. Also if I take the ipad out of the house, when I one back home it will NEVER automatically reconnect to my wi-fi. I have an iPhone 4 AND an iPad 2 &...
  10. Danijoh69

    Icloud questions!

    Ok, I like to think I'm reasonably tech savvy, but can someone explain "The cloud" to me! I mean if I generate a Power Point on my iPad (3) & then save it to the cloud, how then do I access that Power Point on my pc in class? Thanks for a reply!
  11. Danijoh69

    How do i get CCK to work on iPad?

    Ok, that seems o be the case, but the CCK SD card adapter should be able to read an SD card, and it doesn't !
  12. Danijoh69

    How do i get CCK to work on iPad?

    Update on getting CCK to work on the iPad. I talked to Apple support yesterday; they suggested I take CCK somewhere & try it on another iPad, so I went to my AT&T store. We hooked up my CCK, using my thumb drive & my USB card- neither one would bring up any pix on their iPad. So we hooked up...
  13. Danijoh69

    How do i get CCK to work on iPad?

    I'm using the CCK from Apple! Turning off/resetting iPad(s) has no effect but thanks for the reply!
  14. Danijoh69

    How do i get CCK to work on iPad?

    I have the Camera Connection Kit. When I plug the part that is supposed to allow you to read SD card into either my iPad 2 or my New iPad I get the following message on both iPads: "Accessory Unavailable. The attached accessory uses too much power." What going on with that? What good is the...
  15. Danijoh69

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Before you pend $20. On Print Bureau check out Print Magic app. Love it! Been using it for a yer or more.
  16. Danijoh69

    Quickly go to bottom of page

    Know ow to get back to the top of a page, but does anyone know a quick way/keystroke combo to get to he bottom of a page? Thanks in advance!
  17. Danijoh69

    Watch Netlix movie on ipad2

    I just signed up for Netflix, downloaded the Netflix app, and can now watch movies on my iPad 2! My question is this: when I watch a movie while connected to wi-fi does that come off my data usage? What about when I'm NOT connected via wi-fi, like traveling; does that come off data usage? Thanks...
  18. Danijoh69

    iPad 3

    What do we know about the iPad 3, if anything? Any idea when it will become available? Wouldn't it be great if it were available for Christmas!?
  19. Danijoh69

    What do you want to see in pad 3?

    I would love to have an SD card slot built into the iPad 3! Evev faster processor would be great....
  20. Danijoh69

    Just joined iPad Forums!

    Hope to learn lots by visiting tis forum. Love my iPad 2!!!!!