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  1. Zeke1

    Emailing GarageBand files

    Maybe it's on iCloud? Save what you have, then delete the app and install it again, and see if iCloud syncs the file back. Just don't back up before you delete it, because it may still be on the iCloud servers!
  2. Zeke1

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Well considering you would pay for a dev account to get a jailbreak, that'll never happen, haha. Also, I think iOS 6 was more stable as a BETA, not the final release. Mind = blown.
  3. Zeke1

    Which way is better to do MIDI on iPAD?

    No problem! I have done a little bit of research on the hook ups because I plan on buying some hardware. I want to use the keyboards in the music department of where I attend school to make some MIDI tunes on Music Studio, but I'll do that when I have some extra spending cash ;)
  4. Zeke1

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Mkay, thanks anyway :P
  5. Zeke1

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Maybe I just misinterpreted it, or did you miss it? :)
  6. Zeke1

    Any garageband songs available yet?

    I unfortunately could not find anything much, as GarageBand uses a different file format than MIDI. You can find those many places. Sorry no one replied :(
  7. Zeke1

    Emailing GarageBand files

    After looking around, it appears that the only way to get the project file is by connecting the iPad to iTunes, then going to the summary of your iPad, and going to the "apps" tab and click garage band under the file sharing section and save it to your computer. Then you can (in theory) plug the...
  8. Zeke1

    Which way is better to do MIDI on iPAD?

    I would check out the website for each one of those apps. Also, Music Studio has a forum here that you can get support from. The camera connection method only works on some apps, but that site I linked you to also has a list of supported devices and MIDI hardware. Hope that helps :)
  9. Zeke1

    Essential Music Apps

    I use only Music Studio, but I use BarrelTones if I want to work out a beat for a new song idea. :)
  10. Zeke1

    Apple Thinking of Internal Fans For iPhone and iPad

    That's true, I hadn't thought about that. I kinda wish they could have vibration though, would be nice for when my iPad is on silent :)
  11. Zeke1

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Thanks for the response! I've been jailbreaking since 2.2.1 on my iPod touch 2gMB, and I'm normally quite content with waiting, but this was big news to me since its been a while. At least I can sate my appetite for tweaks on my old fart iPod :P
  12. Zeke1

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Are you going to update the thread with details about the keys p0sixninja found? Some people are losing hope D:
  13. Zeke1

    Could Android be pulled from shelves?

    To put it short: possibly. But we all know Google will probably go down with a fight. (If they go down.) :P
  14. Zeke1

    Steve Jobs is still alive! (Sort of)

    I was just testing out the dictionary on my iPad 3, when curiosity struck. What did the iOS dictionary say about Steve Jobs? Apple CEO, entrepreneur, and Pixar founder, as I expected. Then I looked at his year birth date and death da- wait a minuite... "Jobs, Steven (1955-)" Steve Jobs...
  15. Zeke1

    Movies in iCloud

    What I mean is that it probably is saved to iCloud as it's "there" but when you restore your iPad it will download it from iTunes again. I honestly don't know because I don't buy many movies on iTunes, so it probably would be better to see what someone else has to say. It probably is only local...
  16. Zeke1

    Movies in iCloud

    It's probably like applications: they only back up on the computer to save you iCloud space. If you had a bunch of movies it would eat up all your room :P
  17. Zeke1

    Cannot restore to 4.3.3

    That's all it says? If you were jailbroken did you save those blobs for 4.3.3 via Cydia? If it gives any more information, let us know so we can target exactly what's slipping up. And welcome to the forums! :D
  18. Zeke1

    Screen Seperation on iPad 3

    I'm currently at "product replacement pending" on the repair status. Guess they are waiting to snatch one off a retail truck and mail it to me. I'm not a complete Apple convert, but with mobiles I am. Not a single mobile device I own is not Apple; they are just so amazing :P
  19. Zeke1

    Itunes Art work

    Tap home twice and hold down on the music app icon and hit the red badge that appears to stop the backgrounding
  20. Zeke1

    Constant problem of disconnect from Wifi

    You say a standard issue Verizon router? That could be it right there. My replacement router I got from Verizon late last year heated up so bad that the dsl socket practically un-soldered itself from the board. I have to use my old router now. Verizon has awful hardware, I'm guessing yours is a...
  21. Zeke1

    Itunes Art work

    Try closing the music app, removing from backgrounded apps, then sync/add music, eject then start the music app and see if that works. Edit: Also, welcome to the forums! ~Zeke
  22. Zeke1

    Apple Said to be Developing Physical Game Controller for iOS Devices

    If it's marketed and enough apps support it, I would totally buy it.
  23. Zeke1

    Jailbroken iDevices

    It will void your warranty. In my opinion, yes it will make it slower. The only device I ever jailbreak is my iPod Touch 2g because I want all the features the newer ones have. I do not advise jailbreaking your iPad because it already does pretty much everything you could want it to. I could go...
  24. Zeke1

    Touch pen

    Yeah we need the brand to figure that out as someone said. I only use one stylus, a Targus. It's very durable and works very well. The reason normal touch pens, (say, for a palm device or such) will not work with the iPad/iPod devices is because the screens are touch capillarity. (Meaning that...
  25. Zeke1

    Screen Seperation on iPad 3

    An update on this, I called AppleCare and talked to the supervisor. He was concerned when he looked at the old repair and noted that it was "very strange" that the techs did not write down any notes after they looked at my iPad. Further, he was flabbergasted when I told him they sent it back via...
  26. Zeke1

    ipad 3rd gen back shell

    Obviously any case would make it heavier, right? :P Also this review here, some people in the comments don't like it... I honestly just like my CyberAcoustics case, protects and hides the device as if it were a portfolio.
  27. Zeke1

    Screen Seperation on iPad 3

    Yeah I figured it was a misunderstanding. I have apple care plus (or whatever that $100 warranty is called) so do you really think they would give me a refurbished device for this one? I can't go today. If I called apple do you think they would send me a replacement if I described the problem...
  28. Zeke1

    Screen Seperation on iPad 3

    Thanks for the reply mate. My only problem is that Apple shipped my iPad back via Fedex and it will take forever to get here. I knew about that replacement period, but I decided to go ahead and mail it to Apple to see if they would just mail me a new one since it is a rather difficult repair; so...
  29. Zeke1

    Screen Seperation on iPad 3

    My iPad 3 had this same problem. as stated here. I mailed it to Apple and now are shipping it back without repairing it claiming they "couldn't duplicate the issue" when I told them exactly what was wrong with it. I'm really livid... now I have to drive 2 hours to the store in Greenboro NC...
  30. Zeke1

    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    The fact that some web pages don't load faster than others is a funny thing to me honestly. You can't test it like that. It has a faster processor, yes, but that is to keep up with the massive demand to run the retina display. It is a little faster overall from the iPad 2, do to the quadcore but...