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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    I canceled mine, for me, nothing interested me. Also when I did watch something, it stopped often to catch up with the download. Four hours watching palam 123 and the volume was too low to easily hear it. You tube is free.
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    iPhone case like the iPad case?

    Does anyone know of a matching case for iPhones like the apple iPad case? I really like the iPad case and having both in matching cases would be of interest to me. Thanks
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    iPad running slowly

    I have a low price d dlink. Can you guys recommend a best router? I think you guys might be right.
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    iPad running slowly

    The day out of the box for the 64gb iPad everything was lightning fast. In two weeks, the iPad is slow, sluggish, mostly in downloading web pages and you tube videos. You tube is so slow, the videos stop every three seconds to catchup. Netflicks is impossible to use, will not keep up. I have...
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    Smaller iPad Out Next Year?!

    They are not going to make a smaller iPad, but a bigger iPhone! Lol
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    Printing on the iPad Solved

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    New iPad Owner Here

    He is new with an iPad? Who isn't?
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    The hidden app number is........

    For my iPhone I made a web site with hot links to all my apps but that was just too much work. Apple, I nave now spent more money supporting your business efforts, listen to the voices that tell you we need more access to the apps we own.
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    Tip: You can put 6 Icons on your App Tray

    Yep 11 pages. Four more apps per page than the iPhone. I am not pleased. I own hundreds of apps. This device should not be restricted on the number of apps.
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    UPS guy said something interesting...

    My driver commented one delivery failed like that would cost him extra work I remember thinking his comment was odd. Never in thirty years has a driver talked about missed drops.
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    Brand new ipad getting smashed by a baseball bat

    I hope the census workers count this bunch. They will no doubt need our welfare dollars all their natural selection lives. No country for old men called them the dismal tide. I call them useless eaters.
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    Camera in iPad after all (really)

    Apple gave us a wireless camera which is a thousand times better than a non pointable static camera mounted to the wrong side 50% of the time. I picked camera a camera b apps. B goes in the iPhone. You get remote shutter, pan, zoom. This is perfect. Range is a hundred feet or so...
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    AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! still not delivered

    Lincoln ne. Saturday 9am
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    Does not charge from pc.

    Only charges from cord plugged into wall Anyone tried a car cord for iPhone?
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    Anybody getting iPad Temperature Warning yet?

    On second batt charge all ok
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    The hidden app number is........

    The iPad has the same number of app screens as the 3GS iPhone. However each screen holds an additional 4 apps. So with 800 bucks spent I can hold about 44 more apps. You can stuff a few extra apps on the non-scroll bottom line but that still misses a total of fifty more apps...
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    Does the iPad have gps?

    Yes it knows. Checked that myself