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  1. w1ngman

    One cool stand for my iPad...

    iPad: No mouse required. A cat, on the other hand... :D
  2. w1ngman

    ghost finger takes over my Ipad!

    From my general consumer experience, the fact that your 'replaced' iPad wil *retain* your remaining 100 days of warranty coverage from the initial purchase seems more than fair to me. Replacement of other electronics have, in my experience, *been* the coverage of the original warranty...and...
  3. w1ngman

    IPad 2 home button not respondind

    This doesn't fix a 'broken' Home button, but you could turn on Gestures within Settings, and then use 5-finger pinch on-screen to return Home...
  4. w1ngman

    Watch tv

    Best solution I know of is DirecTV's own [somewhat] recently created app. BUT...your DirecTV DVR and your iPad have to be on the same wi-fi network for this to work: Perform a Google search on the all the following keywords within a single search iTunes iPad and DirecTV ..Edited by Moderator...
  5. w1ngman

    Blank Calendar

    Yup, same behavior & solution works for mr ader. Likewise, I fine Calendar redisplays even if I simply shift a month and then return to current. Never happened before 5.0 :shrug:
  6. w1ngman

    Genius help

    Make sure *ALL THE ORIGINAL SONGS* are checked/selected...then sync ;). Not songs listed in playlist, but rather the songs that are part of your iTunes general music catalog. Hope that helps!
  7. w1ngman


    FWIW my calendar has begun acting wonky since iOS5 as well (on my iPad2). Different than OP's issue, but still worth noting as my Calendar was rock-solid until the upgrade. For me, one of two current issues is that when I first open the calendar, while it opens to the correct month...that month...
  8. w1ngman

    Problems with wifi connection

    My first suggestion might be to get your iPad to *another* wifi point (ex. public library, restaurant w/ free wifi, etc) and see if your iPad continues to exhibit these symptoms. If it does not, then there is something problematic with that software on your laptop. If the iPad does exhibit...
  9. w1ngman

    2 iPads, one Apple ID, iOS5 - Messaging

    Recently I gave my wife my 1st gen iPad & I purchased an iPad 2 for myself. I find I am able to maintain our two iPads, each with their own Apple IDs, from a single iTunes account, always logged into single Windows profile in order to share purchased apps.
  10. w1ngman

    Syncing playlists from iTunes - too optimistic?

    Not that my recently experienced issue is shared by you, but if I may relate my own revelation: First, understand that I am new to utilizing Playlists. In so learning, I'd come to appreciate the feature, and that I had to first Add a Playlist...and then drag-n-drop actual itunes music tracks...
  11. w1ngman

    My ipad2 can't sync music

    Not that my recently experienced issue is shared by you, but if I may relate my own revelation: First, understand that I am new to utilizing Playlists. In so learning, I'd come to appreciate the feature, and that I had to first Add a Playlist...and then drag-n-drop actual itunes music tracks...
  12. w1ngman

    Siri says the darndest things...

    "Hello Dave..." :snicker: Well, I don't have a Siri-compatible iDevice yet either. But I *do* believe that comment above would garner a raised eyebrow on my part! :p
  13. w1ngman

    SpashID post-iOS 5 upgrade -- All password data....GONE?!!!!

    Okay, so my 'HELP!' question is specifically regarding SplashID and the fact that I've obviously lost all of my password data from my iPad post-iOS 5 upgrade :(. Frankly I could make that a fill-in-the-blank comment about pretty much every app I own (its obvious that all my previously...
  14. w1ngman

    Battery discharging a lot while asleep

    Perhaps an app is running in the background (something like weatherbug?)...and your ipad is connecting to a wi-fi point such that the app continues to churn?...
  15. w1ngman

    Need a simple password manager

    I can only recommend what I know / am experienced with, but based on my experience with recently purchased & installed app...I am very pleased with SplashID
  16. w1ngman

    FAQs on "Do I need Wi-Fi or 3G model?"

    I purchased my 64GB wi-fi (no 3G) because, as a Sprint customer who was approaching full-$150-credit-towards-phone-upgrade w/in 1 month of iPad purchase, I knew I planned to make that phone upgrade be an Android-based 3G model w/ wi-fi hotspot capabilities (LG Optimus S). Sprint charges only...
  17. w1ngman

    Otterbox Case

    Smart! :) I would add to those reading this thread that there is a marked weight..overall protection...and price between the Commuter vs. the Defender model. A co-worker had pointed out to me that he purchased 'an Otterbox' for his iPad. So I took that [limited] information...
  18. w1ngman

    Problem syncing apps back to iPad on iOS 4.2.1

    Perhaps falsely, but I was under the impression that once an app is purchased by me thru iTunes...I can 'purchase' it again at no additional cost (i.e. iTunes records transaction completed). Repurchase (for lack of better words) transaction would complete at $0.00. Not true?
  19. w1ngman

    IPAD virus protection

  20. w1ngman

    IPAD virus protection

    Would you contend that your answer is accurate...if the owner's iPad were jailbroken? I appreciate that a non-altered iPad is basically virus-proof a virus is nothing more than a (malicious/thwarting) program...and Apple doesn't allow any programs in/onto an iPad except first via...
  21. w1ngman

    Ton of EA games for iPad going on sale

    Oops! So i bought an iPod version of Scrabble before realizing I should have scrolled further down to the iPad version/ section. Do I have any recourse? If not, is there a way to sell/trade apps? Just curious. At .99 Its a low-cost lesson learned. Still...worth inquiring. Thanks, Dave
  22. w1ngman

    iPad not seen by iTunes

    My experience may not prove your blessing, but as I've had occasion where iTunes would not recognize my iPad, I did the following additional things (with success): - Close all running apps on my iPad - Power down my iPad - Restart my PC - Connect iPad (while powered down) to my restarted PC...
  23. w1ngman

    Alarm clock app

    Seriously? I guess I haven't honestly tried out my own d/l'd apps, but as each of the following offer an alarm with them, I just assumed any of these would wake me when the alarm goes off... - iHome - All-in-One Weather - Nightstand Central ...I guess I need to stop assuming, and start...
  24. w1ngman

    Cool iPad case

    Huh! I wonder if I could get Pinlo's XyberPro screen protector to 'stretch-to-fit' over my Otterbox Commuter series case (since I bought that series case inadvertantly, when I meant to buy the Defender :o...)
  25. w1ngman

    Christmas Tale for iPad Interactive Book Is A Smash Hit

    Yeah, grabbed this as well. Next Saturday am our corporate office will have a 'Breakfast w/ Santa' for the kids. Thought I'd bring this along and have them gather around as read it to them...asking them to give me instructions on where they want me to touch the screen for 'fun stuff'. Should...
  26. w1ngman

    Wait with me!

    That's a BIG 10-4 on ZumoCast! Wow!...I installed that last night and then found myself thoroughly amazed that I could be at work....and could access my personal files (.pdfs, office docs such as word & excel, photos, and vids) stored on an external hard drive USB'd to my personal home...
  27. w1ngman

    Problem syncing apps back to iPad on iOS 4.2.1

    Same issue here...except it was my paid apps that came over, while all the 'free' apps I'd downloaded from iTunes (over the last two weeks of iPad ownership)...did *not* come back to my iPad after OS upgrade. I'm just re-downloading them one-by-one now at the office...
  28. w1ngman

    iOS v4.2 Update Begins to Roll Out

    That was basically my own experience as well, although I had had a reason to remove my videos prior to the OS upgrade, so that wasn't an issue. BUT, whereas your pics remained, I lost all mine & will have to migrate them from my PC once again :(. Bookmarks also remained for me within Safari...
  29. w1ngman

    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    Since this particular 4.2 thread seems to have the most eyes/posts on it ( many 4.2 threads *are* there!???!!!)...I'd like to ask some questions here if ya'll don't mind. First, let me say that my 4.2 upgrade experience wasn't the *most* pleasant experience it probably could have...
  30. w1ngman

    iOS 4.e WiFi FAIL

    By 'our network', I'm assuming you mean your personal, home network? Are you in the position to restart/power cycle your wireless router? If so, try doing that and then try to reconnect your iPad to your network again. I can't say this will prove successful, but I've had need/success with...
  31. w1ngman

    Otterbox case / Zagg screen protector mess

    OMG! :eek:
  32. w1ngman

    How to: download pdf magazine from web

    Thanks for the reminder about GoodReader! I recently received a $15 iTunes GC as a tip from a customer after doing some custom work on his S2000 headlights. Just ticked the first $1.99 off that GC redemption :cool:
  33. w1ngman

    Wait with me!

    Not at all! Although Matt clarified, here is a .pdf copy of exactly what I did while I was considering my [who was I inevitable :p] iPad purchase...
  34. w1ngman

    Wait with me!

    :iagree: I spent 'my interim period' before pulling the buy trigger creating a list of itunes links for apps I planned to install (built that list by reviewing so many wonderful threads on this forum ;). And then, that first sweet night, I was prepared to install & sync my lil heart out :). Enjoy!
  35. w1ngman

    iPad 64GB WiFi problems (cannot connect)

    Did all that BrennB.... ....BUT!... I guess I fibbed earlier about trying nearly everything. I decided while the iPad was in a powered off state (not sleep...powered off), to reboot my router and let it come up fully, then I powered up the iPad and let it shake hands. No 169 IP...
  36. w1ngman

    iPad 64GB WiFi problems (cannot connect)

    I have no idea what was posted here :confused:. It is the one thing reading down through various posts that I have *not* tried... While I'm guessing the 'b' in 'ban' was a typo, the fact is, such a purchase wouldn't resolve my work router issue...or any other rogue (aka hotspot) router I...
  37. w1ngman

    iPad 64GB WiFi problems (cannot connect)

    [I'll leave my 'ranty' post here rather than delete it... BUT...note a few posts further down that I resolved my [personal] situation by: 1) powering off the iPad, 2) rebooting my wireless router, then 3) powering up iPad. Both then shook hands again gracefully...] Today I find myself running...
  38. w1ngman

    iPad Car Mount in my Land Cruiser

    Now now... He'll figure out how to attach & connect to a forward-pointing bluetooth video bulletcam, then program an app so that he can see what's in front of the car by viewing through his dash-mounted iPad. It will sell like hotcakes!:)
  39. w1ngman

    Transfer pictures from PC to Ipad

    Holy Lord! I just googled that and it should win an award for 'plastered advertising' across the web! Lots of posts on many boards/sites similar to this one above...but I sure would feel comfortable reading some reviews...before I up and install an application to my PC from an unverified...
  40. w1ngman

    Manual for ipad

    Not sure if, as a new member here, I can link... but I'll try :) Once you land there, select the iPad User Guide :ipad-front: