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  1. Agi2002

    Sync Office Files/Folders with IPAD2

    If you have sharepoint they actually have alot of apps that can access your sharepoint folders. Just search sharepoint in the app store and you will get close to 20 res
  2. Agi2002

    App refunds

    I tried this for the QuickOffice purchase and they stated I needed to take it up with the developer. I never requested a refund before and didn't think they would give me a problem. I told them that it wasn't pulling the longer formulas through and pretty much made this application useless for...
  3. Agi2002

    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Downloaded the quick office And it doesn't work for what I need it for. I uploaded an excel document I need for work and most of the formulas didn't pull through. Not sure if it's because it's a long formula it didn't pull through? Not sure, but I emailed apple and tried to see if they would...
  4. Agi2002

    Note Taking APP....

    I use that combo for writing school notes and it works great!
  5. Agi2002

    Note Taking APP....

    I have the pogo sketch it works great. I think the difference between pogo stylus and sketch is that sketch is a little longer therefore more comfortable for writing. There should be a sale right now for the pink ones only though, till mothers day which is like 30% off and then you can use the...
  6. Agi2002

    Note Taking APP....

    Penultimate is the most accurate if you have a stylus... I also like paper desk cause it let's you record the session while you take notes, but its not as accurate when writing with a stylus
  7. Agi2002

    iPad for Students

    Out of all the note taking apps that I have tried penultimate seems to be the most accurate. Paper Desk is cool to because it let's you record the class session while you take notes, but the writing part of the notes isn't as accurate as penultimate.
  8. Agi2002

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I ordered the screen protector from Phantom Skinz.. I have this for my pre and its amazing.. I will post a review once I receive it.