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    Is your ipad1 running slowly on 5.1.1

    My original fully loaded iPad is crashing all the time I feel this was a big change starting around mid march mid aprils os update Can not view more than one page on a pdf Safari shuts down often Screen2 shuts down If reverting backwards to a 4.? Os please tell me and i will do so in...
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    Earbuds with noise cancellation microphone

    Yes the stock earbuds do not fit my ears and i would spend extra for a noise cancellation function I tried one of Sonys earbuds noted for noise cancellation. But the microphone was horrible and the noise cancellation is for the speakers What can you recommend
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    How to set a default wifi

    At home i want my wifi connection to my cable router On the road in want my connection to the cell phone How do i order my wifi connections or set my cable as the default so that im am not downloading netflicks on my cellphone when at home
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    Live sync pc to ipad with google calendar

    Is it possible to have the standard calendar to live sync with my google calendar I need two way I add an event on my pc on google calendar. .. So it would show on my g3 connected ipad I add an event on my ipad calendar ".................So it would show on my pc Google calendar Or can the...
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    Jawbone Bluetooth: Does it work?

    Using bluetooth headset mic on your ipad? Are you using a bluetooth headset mic sucessfully with skype? Thanks Desparatley trying to find one that works
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    Bluetooth Headsets for Skpe on I-Pad

    Ok I'm gonna sell this iPad enough is enough. Any tablet supporting Bluetooth and I jump ship
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    Bluetooth Headsets for Skpe on I-Pad

    Can these headsets work with skype Will both the microphone and headset work? I tried a current motorala 680 and it did not work for me. :( Bill
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    Ok is android any better? I assume it is the carrier / apple agreement that is blocking voip functions. this month I just went $185 over my mins on my $80/mnth near maximum Roger voice data plan on my cell phone.... 1600 mins total with 35 cents per min for overage. Would use my iPad for...
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    Forgot how to copy web page on The iPad

    Ok got it Power and control button. Saves to photos
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    Forgot how to copy web page on The iPad

    ok a week ago someone showed me how to take a screen image of a web page not just copy some text or a single image But for the life of me I can not figure out the gestures to do so? So please remind me how to copy an entire web page on the iPad bill :)
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    Pairing a Motorola H700 BT Headset to iPad

    Ok I not yet giving up...... But seriously no Bluetooth wireless headsets with microphone will pair with my iPad? really ? surely this will change? Have 2line and it works well on iPad. But obviously a motorola Bluetooth ear piece would actually make it work
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    Tips on draining ipad battery?

    in 3 days battery goes from fantastic to dismal ..not winning. ...:( Day one full charge...... used all day Day 2 full charge used with wifi and 3 g and location services on all day 8 hours use 1 hour of surfing and the meter said 70%. At end of day...12 hours totally drained. :) great day...