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    How often do you change your wallpaper?

    I had this for 3 weeks Daisy The new iPad Wallpaper Download | iPad Wallpapers & iPhone Wallpapers One-stop Download until today.... I changed it to this
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    Where do u use your iPad

    update: I tried using my iPad in public but it didn't feel right, I'm always looking over my back, thinking someone is gonna grab it out.
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    Cleaning iPad

    *sigh* I wish I had a wife...
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    Warm (not hot) on the left side...

    It's normal, I had a coworker tell me his iPhone gets warm while watching movies or playing games on it so when I told him about the iPad getting warm he said his phone does that too.
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    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    Lol I had 7 hours of bliss (when I got it), I pretty much have mastered this iPad.
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    Buy iPad 3 or iPad 2?

    Buy an iPad 2, so this way you can kick urself for not buying an iPad 3
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    So I'm returning my iPad 3...

    Lol lucky you, you get to unbox 5 iPad 3, how many of us can say we did that....
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    Ipad 3 to buy or not to buy???

    Buy it, enjoy ur journey with it. whether it's good or bad, it's gonna give you something to talk about....
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    How much space is left on your device?

    16gb ipad3, only 7 left. 76 songs- thanks to pandora I don't need that many songs. 1 video 70 pic 45 apps- most apps are boring, all I need is google current and pulse.
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    Case or just smart cover?

    I have a Case with smart cover, if it wasn't for the dust issue in my house I would have went the open case...
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    Do you own more than one case?

    lol is that the name of the cat your holding in ur hand...Jk.......anyways, I have 1 case that I got off amazon for $7, it works good but I'll add one more, but I can't find anything good or in my price range.
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    X-Tatic Digital | SHARKOON Technologies GmbH i have these gaming headset that im trying to connect to my ipad 3, does anyone know where i can find optical output kit/adaptor for it or anything that would work with these headphones...
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    Where do u use your iPad

    Where do u use ur iPad 3 the most? Bedroom Living room Kitchen Bathroom Or at work... Im usually on my bed while watching tv
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    iPad 3 video and image sample thread

    Nice feels like I'm right in ur house, looking out.
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    Do you turn off your iPad?

    Only when I'm using another device...I don't want her seeing me cheating.
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    They should work for iPad 3
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    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    I understand, anyways good luck,..... on a side note I actually took the bus to buy my iPad I brought an extra bag with me to cover the bestbuy bag, Since it was light blue and clear...
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    Post pictures taken with your iPad 3.

    Random pics I took to test out the camera, the car aint mines though....
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    From 0 to was either a NetBoot or tablet, I went With a tablet. Didn't make my mind up until the last minute, two days before iPad 3 went on sale.
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    Things i love and things i hate about my new ipad3

    Like-pretty much everything.... Hate- u can't change the theme like the wallpaper, and also shoulda came with speakers on both sides.
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    Ipad 2 vs Ipad 3

    same here...I was questioning my pick until my brother brought over his iPad 2, overall I'm happy with my buy of the ipad3, plus it's Just a $100 difference, if I was u I'll get the iPad 3, it's an investment.
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    My wish list for iPad 4- please don't come out next year, I just got the iPad 3.
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    When will PS3 style games come on the iPad?

    It's not gonna happen, most ps3 games are between 10 to 50 gb in size, plus they would take forever to download in app store.
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    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    Lol, all this headache so you can save 50 bucks, not worth it... Next time just get it off bestbuy or Walmart or even apple.
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    [Video] Heat Test - iPad 2 vs. New iPad 3.

    ok,...but I was just telling you how to conduct a true experiment...anyways I don't understand the hype behind this, we all have a 1 year warranty, if anything goes wrong apple we'll take care of it...
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    Was apple ad photoshopped?

    my screen is perfect...I'm just saying, it's a common practice, why would apple be any different...
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    [Video] Heat Test - iPad 2 vs. New iPad 3.

    Nice...but you need to do it with 3 or 4 iPad3 and ipad2 to show ur getting the same stable answer, this way it's more of a 'control experiment' when you do it with just one ipad3 you might have a defective one. and also they both need to run the same game.
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    Have you ever dropped your iPad?

    Its been 9 days now(first time ipad owner), still no damage...but Im more like to sit on it, since I leave it on my bed...anyways if you have any interesting stories please tell.
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    Was apple ad photoshopped?

    That Showed off the retina screen, I can't seem to get a pic as sharp as that
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    Ur first day experience getting an iPad

    lol good luck on the 3rd one
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    Good Apps!!!!!!

    The top 3 i like-Pulse news, google currents, marvel comics
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    What would you do?

    If ur date did this
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    Ur first day experience getting an iPad

    i would have went at lunch but I didn't think ppl were going to get it seeing that most people already have iPad 2 so in my mind I got up early thinking no body was going to be inline, I was in shock. Lol To top it off I have line rage (similar to road rage) I hate waiting in line, I actually...
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    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    10 days, that's how long I waited when the dude ran off with my money...that's why I only get things off amazon, unless I realllly have to get it off eBay
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    Ur first day experience getting an iPad

    lol the lady next to me had $150 off...
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    Ur first day experience getting an iPad

    I wouldn't do it again though, it was unprofessional, they had week to get ready and they had two register... I usually order my items online but I did have a good time talking with those in line...
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    Ur first day experience getting an iPad

    I got the ipad 3 the day it came out, and It was horrible. best buy had a long line with just two Cash register opened,They opened the line 30 min late,as he said "we're setting up" mind you the store opened 10:00am and they opened the line at 10:30. They should have gotten ready at 9 or 9:30...
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    I my new ipad!

    I would say more like lust than love