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    The tweak seems to be working for me. I don't have many other tweaks installed though.
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    Can't connect to app store

    Try again tomorrow. Sometimes certain regions get locked out for a short period of time. If it doesn't work tomorrow you may have to reformat.
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    Can't connect to app store

    Go into your iTunes App, or settings, and go to Store, and log out of your iTunes completely, and then log back in.
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    Can't connect to app store

    Reboot your iPad, then go to your internet settings and go into Airplane Mode, and after five seconds turn Airplane Mode back off.
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    The app just got an update which helped out with a lot of the bugs. Give it a shot.
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    Google+ iPad Version on the Way

    So pumped for this. Google+ has been one of my favorite and most used apps since its inception.
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    iPad as a gaming platform

    Something like an MMORPG with 3d graphics. The stuff out there now, graphically, is unimpressive and it would make a killing on the market if somebody did a decent job. Maybe Blizzard will take up the challenge.
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    Apple iPad - Unlimited Data Plan

    The plan seems really good for a no contract type of item. The whole ordeal right now seems pretty impressive but I can't tell if I am enamored because of what it truly is, or because its just something new to me. Time will tell.
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    Big ipod big deal

    Not sure if you have seen the keyboard dock yet, but it looks amazing when it is all together.
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    iPad Gaming

    Maybe now we "on the go" techies can finally get our first good looking MMORPG without having to lug around a laptop.
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    Big ipod big deal

    To me, its more of a mini laptop then an oversized iPod.
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    iPad Keyboard Dock

    It is actually a really smart design and it looks good. Like I do with any accessories, I will wait to see others reviews on how they like it before I order any.
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    GPS not availble in the WiFi iPad

    Is that confirmed? No GPS capabilities for the WiFi only verson?
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    iPad built for Verizon?

    Well, I will still look into getting one. Had it been Verizon capable as well I would have 100% gotten one.
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    How long will it take?

    I still think with how advanced hackers are nowadays, I will take less then a month once it releases.
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    NFL Predictions

    I want the Saints to win but only because I can not stand Peyton Manning. Then again, I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan and I hate losing to that guy every year.
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    Microsoft CEO, a good sport :)

    That indeed was pretty cool of him. Autographs are just neat regardless of who are why. I mean, I have seen sports stars and movie stars sign guitars, which have nothing to do with them.
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    Quick Question.

    Press the "start" button on the bottom left of the screen, and then in the little search box type in "microsoft" and see what comes up.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    The only other Apple item I happen to own is an iPod Touch.