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    Are there any differences between the iPad 2 and iPad 1 screen prrotectors?

    Well, the light sensor is at the top center of my screen, so the only difference is that there will be a hole there? That's not a problem for me. Especially since I love the Ultra Fine SGP so much.
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    Are there any differences between the iPad 2 and iPad 1 screen prrotectors?

    Just wondering, because I want the SGP Ultra Fine and it is only for the iPad 2. Since the screens are the same, are there any compatibility issues that would cause a problem if I bought it?
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    Screen protector

    Moshi iVisor, nothing better
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    Screen Protector?

    Moshi iVisor AG is the best protector, and it's pretty smooth
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    Thinking about upgrading

    So, an update. I sold my 16 for 200 yesterday, and used it towards a new 64gb 1st gen. I picked up the 64gb for $499. Couldn't pass that up. With all my music, video, and apps, I'm at 35gb free. Very happy with it right now.
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    Should this be the smell of leather?

    It's probably not leather really. My YooBao Slim is real leather, and I can hold it to my nose and enjoy the smell to this day.
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    Can someone with 4.3 and the Camera Kit check something?

    Looks like I'm sticking to 4.2 for a while longer then. Only plus to this OS is I would get my orientation switch back.
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    Can someone with 4.3 and the Camera Kit check something?

    I need to know if 4.3 fixes the voltage issues with the CCK where I can use more devices than just my iPod Touch to transfer photos. I would like to connect my actual camera and even my phone to transfer pics. Also, has anyone on Cydia made a tweak I could use? Thanks
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    Moshi iVisor AG

    Guys, I just wanted to say that I FINALLY have found my screen protector of my dreams! The Moshi iVisor. After spending $80 on failed screen protectors, I decided to try this one, and after reading so many positive reviews, I'm glad I got it. It literally took less than 15 seconds to apply. I...
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    Thinking about upgrading

    I have the iPod with me more than my iPad. I also listen on the iPod much more than the iPad, as I have it connected to my radio in my car and work truck.
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    Thinking about upgrading

    1st question: I've had it since October. 2: I live in the US 3: I have over 1500 on my PC, but I had to remove a bunch to fit. Now, in theory, since I have all my music on my iPod touch, I COULD just simply not sync any music to the iPad, and add about 5gb to my space available...bringing it...
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    Thinking about upgrading

    I have thought about waiting for the 2, however I'm not really interested in what it has to offer. I have 3 cameras already, and the CCK so I can transfer pics from my touch to my pad. There also is no retina on it. I'm mainly looking for the extra space. I'm very happy with my iPad so far. I...
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    Thinking about upgrading

    Currently have a 16gb WiFi, and I'm thinking of using some of my tax return to buy a 32gb WiFi. I'm certain I could still get $400 for my 16gb, because it's in like new condition and has the original box and bag. I have a 32gb iPod touch, and I can have all of my apps and music on it with no...
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    Criminal Minds case

    I saw the episode where they receive them for the first time. It is the Marware Ecovue case.
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    Power Support Anti-Glare Rant (PLEASE HELP!)

    I appreciate all the advice guys. I'm looking into the Moshi AG, and may use that next.
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    Transfer ipod touch 4g games/apps to ipad?

    The only apps that will work are the Universal ones....the ones with the + on them in the App Store. Otherwise, in order to get higher resolution graphics, you need to buy the HD versions of the games. However, there will be an x2 button on the screen in the iPod app, and that will double the...
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    not supported for ipad

    He probably doesn't have Internet access right now if he's currently in Egypt
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    Transfer ipod touch 4g games/apps to ipad?

    Yes, but they will be in the center of the screen on the iPad. You can also expand the size to fullscreen, but it'll be not as clear.
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    How many AppStore updates do you have pending?

    I never have more than a few pending... I don't like seeing the numbers on my icons
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    4.3 Bad news

    My iPod touch and my iPad both click. My iPad isn't so bad in the Otterbox case though. My iPod is pretty loud however
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    I'm not liking how the back of the iPad stays exposed like it is
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    4.3 Beta Release by Apple

    Any news on the camera connection kit working with other devices?
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    4.3 Beta Release by Apple

    If the camera connection kit now works with 4.3, I'll update...otherwise, I'll stay where I'm at.
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    Thinnest/Most Slimline folio style case available?

    Absolutely the CaseMate Venture. I had one, and would still have one if I didn't require the Otterbox. It's a pricey one, but I found my one for $30 on eBay.
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    4.3 Beta Release by Apple

    Can anyone check and see if the camera connection kit is now working with any device other than an idevice? Meaning, can you plug in a point and shoot camera and transfer photos?
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    Otter box Defender for iPad Help

    I've got a screen protector on mine too...maybe since I have a RadTech AntiGlare it is smoother?
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    How to properly remove the iPad from the Otterbox Defender (Video)

    I've seen too many posts where people just simply don't know how to remove the iPad from their Otterbox Defender. Some have broken it, some have thrown it, lol, and this just doesn't need to happen. I made a short video showing the removal and the re-installation of the Otterbox Defender and...
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    Otterbox Case

    Ok, it is crazy easy to remove First, remove the silicone Secondly, remove the back cover that you normally would to charge it Third, grab the bottom part of the Otterbox with your hands, and put your thumbs on the iPad. Then push up. The top part will separate from the bottom.
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    Otter box Defender for iPad Help

    Holy crap folks...chill out with wrestling the iPad, Seriously, no need to break the case and all that....jeez. Here is the EASIEST way to remove it from the case... First, remove the silicone. Secondly, remove the back cover...the one you need to remove to charge it. Finally, simply put your...
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    Camera Adapter???

    As of right now, iOS 4 has crippled many cameras that use the USB port. It works great with the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4, but not much else, lol. Apple says it may be fixed in 4.3, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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    OK I put the Otterbox Defender on - now how...

    Why do you need to take it off? It's incredibly easy to remove though. First, peel the silicone off slowly Second, what I do, is take the back off where you can dock it, hold the bottom part of the hard shell and put two thumbs on the iPad, and then push up. It separates the two pieces, and I...
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    Zagg InvisiShield

    With a Zagg Anti Glare, the screen has a rainbow effect. It's horrible. Probably the worst screen protector on the market. But the Power Support and RadTech Anti Glare shields are perfect
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    Why Are Apple So Ignorant ?!?!?!?!?

    My Otterbox Defender works just fine with my dock
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    Otterbox Case

    You were apparently doing it wrong, lol. It slides on and off effortlessly for me.
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    Anybody have a "Livestrong" ipad case?

    Looks to me like it's similar to the BarelyThere by CaseMate
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    Otterbox Case

    Love my OtterBox
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    Zagg InvisiShield

    Zagg isn't less responsive than any other.
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    Camera Kit does not work with 4.2.1

    @rocshaus Using the USB connector? Perhaps the higher end SLRs are good. Just weird that a simple P&S uses too much power, lol
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    Camera Kit does not work with 4.2.1

    I bought the Camera Connection Kit yesterday. I wanted to use the USB connection with my phone (Droid) and my camera (Nikon P&S). When I hooked either of those up to the kit, I got an error message, "The connected USB device requires too much power" I thought it was supposed to work with any...