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  1. Valkrider

    I have the camera connection kit & dont know how 2 transfer video from pc to ipad

    The CCK is not designed for this. You will have to add the videos by sideloading into your video app using iTunes on your PC.
  2. Valkrider

    QR Code reader for ipad 2

    There is QRReader and Qrafter free from the app store and they work fine on the iPad2.
  3. Valkrider

    PDF reading apps and workflow for academics

    For reading why not get the Adobe Reader it is free and from the creators of the pdf format.
  4. Valkrider

    How much storage would one episode take on iPad 2?

    A typical h264 encoded 1 hour tv programme minus commercials is about 280meg and they play fine in Aceplayer alternatively the same programme in avi format will be about 350meg also playable on Aceplayer.
  5. Valkrider

    Official F1 Timing Apps Go Live for 2012 as Championship Gets Underway in Melbourne

    Thanks for the post. Downloaded the lite version. Looks good but Sunday will be the real test.
  6. Valkrider

    Google Plus for iOS Gets Big Update Including Hangouts

    It's a pity this is only an iPhone app with a x2 button. There is no way I have found to actually start a hangout with this app and an iPad but you can join one already running.
  7. Valkrider

    Buying Accessories on Amazon and Ebay.

    Mainly use eBay. Amazon have a wierd poilcy for a lot of their stuff in Europe, won't ship to your location is the usual issue. I have made many eBay purchases from suppliers all over the world without issue, occasionally items have not arrived as quickly as I would like but IF I want something...
  8. Valkrider

    DVD conversion from windows to iPad 2

    Format Factory is free and is very good for converting any audio or video media to other formats.
  9. Valkrider

    Anybody jailbroke their iPad 2 with Absinthe?

    The same easy to do worked flawlessly. But back to standard now as I found Skype wouldn't work once Jailbroken and I use it quite a lot so for me it was a deal breaker.
  10. Valkrider

    IPAD over Cat5

    No reason why it shouldn't. I don't have the hdmi ipad connector but I do stream hdmi from my satellite receiver to another room over cat 5 without any issue.
  11. Valkrider

    IPAD over Cat5

    You could use the Apple HDMI tv connector and then an hdmi to cat5 convertor. I am not aware of one piece of kit that does both.
  12. Valkrider

    Ipad2 camara conx. kit advice please.

    I bought one of the cheap eBay clone CCK's for 4€ and it works fine with all the cameras I have tried it with so far, Canon DSLR and P&S, Nikon P&S, Lumix P&S and Fuji. My CCK actually works with a usb card reader and so it reads xD and CF cards as well as the standard SD cards.
  13. Valkrider

    Magic with the iPad!

    :D Hope that doesn't happen to me.
  14. Valkrider

    Magic with the iPad!

    :o oops sorry I missed your post.
  15. Valkrider

    Magic with the iPad!

    I hope I don't get an infraction for this. A very good magician using an iPad for his tricks. It is in German and if you push the CC under the video (on Youtube rather than on here) you get English sub titles. Hope you enjoy it.
  16. Valkrider

    How to copy files onto iPad 2

    For movie playback have a look at Ace Player
  17. Valkrider

    DVD to ipad2 using pc?

    If you are using a PC try Format Factory (its free) to do the conversion. It is what I use and it plays perfectly in Ace Player.
  18. Valkrider

    ipad 2 to tv ??

    You need a player that supports the video out option like Ace Player and you need to enable it (several of the video player apps don't support video out). You don't need the hdmi kit unless you want to mirror your iPad screen to the TV.
  19. Valkrider

    OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

    Thanks created an account and downloaded it just installing now :thumbs:
  20. Valkrider

    Best videoplayer app?

    Everyone will have their own favourites. Mine is Ace Player and it's free.
  21. Valkrider

    VLC on iPad?

    Ace Player works very well to, it is free and it streams from my NAS perfectly
  22. Valkrider

    Stream movies

    Have a look at Ace Player it streams fine wirelessly from my NAS drive.
  23. Valkrider

    Do I need a app to down load photos , have sd card connector

    I have 2 different eBay clone CCk's one with video out and one without and both read SD cards and import the images perfectly. One even works with a USB 1 card reader and CF cards plugged in to the usb port.
  24. Valkrider

    OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

    What's really annoying is that I registered and told them I was in Spain. A few days later I get an email telling me I can download and use the app as I have been granted a free account, Great. No definitely not seems their allocation software ignores country of registration and so the app is...
  25. Valkrider

    USB Flash drive for watching movies?

    Not Jailbroken then there is no way to access movies on your usb stick on your iPad. You can convert them to AVI's with something like the free Format Factory for PC and they take up a lot less room on the iPad.
  26. Valkrider

    iPad use abroad

    The cheapest for data is supposed to be from Yoigo. If you want PAYG then Hits is supposed to be the cheapest.
  27. Valkrider

    OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

    You need to sign up for an account on their website and then they will email when it is available to you. Initially US only, Europe later as usual.
  28. Valkrider

    OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

    Free with 2gb of cloud storage and access to M$ Office apps. If you want more storage and access to a browser and other apps then that is pay for via the Pro version of the app. Source Daily Mail newspaper article of yesterday.
  29. Valkrider

    I'm doing something wrong re watching a film, but what?

    Steve Tha camera connection kit won't do what you want. It will only import photos from a dcim folder on the card not anything else. The easy way to get a film onto your iPad is with iTunes. Go to your iPad then Apps then scroll down and you will see your apps that can have files drag and...
  30. Valkrider

    pdf to epub

    If you read the Calibre docs pdf to ePub conversion is poor to useless. The recommended way is to convert the pdf to web page filtered in M$ Word and then convert that html filtered file to ePub. That has always worked well for me but admittedly without mathematical formulas.
  31. Valkrider

    Belkin Smart Case any good

    You can always turn off the auto wake in Settings and just wake it up by a brief press of the button.
  32. Valkrider

    Family History

    I have recently got an iPad and am now looking for a suitable app. I found this thread and one other where genealogy and Family History are discussed. I have seen mention of Gedview, Families and Roots Magic. I have been able to find the first two on the app store but not the last one, is it...
  33. Valkrider

    Access SD Card

    I suspect that you can't and you will have to upload them to your pc / mac and then sideload them into your video player in iTunes.
  34. Valkrider

    Ipad2 docking station

    I don't know about the best but I bought one of the cheap eBay ones for £5 and it works fine. Charges and sync's my iPhone too. Only problem is that it is white and I would have preferred black and the blue power LED is a bit bright but what do you expect for the money. It holds the iPad at the...
  35. Valkrider

    Download free eBooks

    Also the Calibre store has some free eBooks as well as cheap ones.
  36. Valkrider

    iPad Mini rumors are haunting everybody’s dreams

    I would certainly like to see it. I find the iPad2 just a bit too big for regular reading my 7" Android tablet is better as a reader as it is that bit smaller.
  37. Valkrider

    Any bought Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ?

    You can delete photos from the card or camera BUT only on import.
  38. Valkrider

    Film on to ipad 2 how

    Convert your movies on your PC using the free programme called Format Factory to avi format. And then side load to the iPad using VLC as the player. That's what i do and it is easy and works and the films don't take up too much space on the iPad.
  39. Valkrider

    Any bought Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ?

    Got one off eBay for £4 and it works perfectly. Great bit of kit.