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    A special day for iBenji!

    Will do. Thanks :)
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    What do you guys think about the movie Hunger Games?

    I liked it a lot, it wasn't as good as the book but it was still really good. It wasn't nearly as voilent as the book, I'm kinda glad they dididn't have too much blood and gore. I really liked it though. I'm looking forward to seeing the other 2 movies.
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    The hunger games, it was pretty good. :)
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    A special day for iBenji!

    Hmmm.... A whole thread about me? ;) Thanks mom, as a celebration of this you should buy me a new iPad. Oh, and my room isn't too messy. Maybe I'll hire somebody to clean it later this week.
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    Steve Jobs Biography

    Sorry to bump this thread. My mom just got me this book, I cant wait to read it. :D
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    Apple's iPad 3 Acessory/Case?

    Every year, so far, Apple has released a new case for the iPad. The first year they had a black portfolio case :ipad-case:, I'm sure we all remember that. Now we have the great Smart Cover. What do you think Apple will release with the iPad 3 this year? I personally think they might have...
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    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    Maybe like once a week, mines always asleep if I'm not using it.
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    How do I get an iPad3?

    The hope is that apple will allow preorders. If they don't, I would try going out to the Apple store and fighting the rush to try and get one on launch day. It will probably seem pretty chaotic but it will be worth it. Pre order if they have the option to do do though.
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    Apple’s iOS App Store Tops 25 Billion Downloads

    Awesome. I'm excited to see who won that gift card. I don't know what I would do with $10,000 on iTunes.
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    IP3 or mac air book ?

    First of all, wait to make your final discission until the iPad 3 is actually out. If you have a 2, you might now be interested in the 3 if there aren't many changes. I would honestly go with the MBA. Its more productive and can do far more than an iPad. You already have an iPad 2 and the MBA...
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    Steve Jobs Biography

    I've actually been meaning to buy this book, it's on my list of things to buy. It looks great. Steve Jobs has been someone who I've looked up to for years in my life. While his death didnt surprise me, it was still devastating. I'll be an iOS developer as soon as I have the money for a Mac so...
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    Refurb vs. New

    My iPad is refurbished and it works good as new. I see no difference in software or hardware (obviously, since all new outside hardware is added to apple certified refurbished products). Refurbished is good if your on a budget.
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    Hi, I'm new!

    I'm actually already a member here, mom. I'm just not very active. Maybe I will get into this site... :)
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    How long can you use your iPad for?

    I usually use mine for about 4 hours a day all together. I use it primarilly for web surfing.
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    hey just had a quick question about my ipad OS

    If you are on 4.3.5 then you are not jailbroken. You will be fine to bring it to apple or whatever you need to. There should be no signs of the jailbreak left other than if something was moded that stuck around after the jailbreak (highly unlikely)
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    Hey guys!

    Hi, my name is Benji. I have a first generation 16GB wifi only iPad and an iPod Touch 4th gen 32GB. I love apple and most tech things. This seems like a really nice forum so I thought I would join. I am 15 and want to work for Apple as an iPad engineer or an iOS Developer when I grow up. I am a...