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    Manage photos without itunes

    item 5 is the key. Unless I don't understand the use of the photostream feature. I will be on the road. No access to a computer or the internet till i get home. My main goal is to simply back up my sd card each day onto the ipad without having to do a lot of manual picture by picture...
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    Manage photos without itunes

    The main issue is that I will not have access to internet while traveling, and I want to back up my photos to the ipad without storing the same photos 15 times and eating up all the memory in the ipad while away.
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    Manage photos without itunes

    The capabilities of the new iPad 3 using 0S 5.1 to manage photos remain a mystery. I hope by explaining the workflow I am considering, I may be able to resolve this dilemma. I would like to use the ipad3 to make a backup of my daily photos while traveling. Note: That means no computer and no...