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    Security in safari

    I have only had my I pad since Monday and I absolutely love it. I use it like a mini laptop. I do a lot of online shopping paying bills etc and was wondering if there is a firewall program already installed. If not is there something I can download for security. I am not technical at all so...
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    E-mail security question

    Sorry but I'm a bit thick when it comes to this sort of thing! If I turn it off can I still get to it through safari and then when people have got bored with my I pad can I turn it on again and the icon will appear on the home page.
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    3 days in transit, Hong Kong

    I was the same as you. I was checking the transit report and thought it's never getting here! On Sunday night it said it was in Denmark I think it was and I thought no chance and then on monday morning I checked again and it said arrived at Edinburgh airport 5.55am. I was so excited I woke my...
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    E-mail security question

    I only got my I pad yesterday and despite all the negative comments that I have read about it I absolutely love it! One thing I would like to ask is the e mail. On the home page anyone can just press the e mail icon and access my e mail without using the password I have attached to it. My e...
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    Getting my IPad on Monday

    When I first ordered it they gave me a delivery date of 8th July then last week they sent me an e-mail saying it would be delivered on 28th June. It arrived early am on 28th as they said. Your right I have been playing on it I absolutely love it! My sons were not interested in it until it...
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    Getting my IPad on Monday

    Thank you for the replies. I have set up i-Tunes and had a look at the manual now. It is coming today via carrier so i am sitting here with a wee empty case waiting to fill it.
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    Getting my IPad on Monday

    I am new here and my IPad is being delivered on Monday. I am really excited about it but I am a bit confused about a few things. I have picked up lots of tips on this forum which is great. I understand that I need to register on i-Tunes but why do I need to sync to my laptop. I don't have...