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    Hello, I will change the world..

    Alright old are you? Eight????? You're acting like a pouty little kid who is going "Look Mummy, they don't agree with meeee......" (in a whiny kid voice) There are bound to be people who disagree with you and voice their opinions as you are entitled to express yours, that is the...
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    EA Sale

    For iPad, they have Scrabble, Boggle, Need for Speed, Command and Conquer, Mirror's Edge and Tetris. I'm not seeing the sale in the Singapore store though :(
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    how much money have you spent on the Ipad so far

    Apps - close to $130 Cases - about $140 (I've been through 3) Screen protectors - $60 (been through 3 as well) Looking to get the keyboard dock... Oh my, I really got to stop.......
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    That's really rude. I have a password set on mine but that's besides the point. You shouldn't touch other people's possessions without asking for permission. Very bad upbringing.
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    Andorid meets iPad

    According to what I read, tether berry doesn't work for now either. You have to JB the iPad and get ibluever on Cydia. Then download PDAnet for BB, before the tether can work. I'm a Nexus owner on Froyo as well, it's working really great. :D
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    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    When you first bought it, what were the purposes you were hoping the iPad would fulfill? My main purpose was to play the games (Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, point and click games like Broken Sword), Scrabble Party Play is really cool BTW :p. I also use it to read comics but wouldn't use it as...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Going to add another chime in for Marware Eco vue. Very nice protective case, also great that the iPad doesn't slide around in the case like in some of the cheaper ones.
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    What about something like this? There should be cheaper alternatives though.
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    iBook unstable with too many books loaded

    Have you tried any of the methods suggested? Think there would be people interested in the outcome.
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    iBook unstable with too many books loaded

    Have you considered cloud storage? You might be interested in this Accessing ebooks in Dropbox from the iPad - MobileRead Forums
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    My votes go to Angry Birds, Scrabble, Broken Sword, Sam and Max
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    iPad worth driving three hours round trip???

    @fatherOFtwins: Don't you have better things to do with your time then to go digging into another person's profile? That's kinda sad. You bought the iPad and you didn't like it, that's fine with all of us, just feel sorry that you spent that amount of money. However, as you can see from the...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Just ordered this Simplism iPad用フリップレザーケース TR-LCFLIPAD: 家電・カメラ Will try to post some photos when I get it =)
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    Broken Sword for iPad on the Market now

    It means you would like trying to combine two items in your inventory together.
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    iPad users from Singapore

    And that's just Ebay.....what about the sellers in Sim Lim, Funan, Chinatown, etc and those (like me) who got friends to buy it for us?
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    App Store on iPad acting weird

    I'm having a really weird problem. I have no problems BUYING new apps from the App Store on the iPad, however, when I am trying to UPDATE apps, I get a message that the iPad is unable to connect to iTunes Store. Anybody else had this problem before?
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    Broken Sword for iPad on the Market now

    Is it the same game/story line as the Windows version?
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    1 iTunes, 2 different user,s devices?

    Actually, you can. My father's iPad is registered under his own account but I am able to install apps bought using my iPad to his (for e.g. Stockwatch, Chinese Chess Master HD). I have both his and my accounts authorised on my PC. The only apps that can't be transferred are JB related apps.
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    1 iTunes, 2 different user,s devices?

    Yup, I have 2 iPads, 2 iPhones and 3 Ipod Touches synced on mine. Just remember to Transfer Purchases before syncing or transferring apps to the device.
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    I was just thinking of transferring my Naruto manga tonight! Now I'm not so sure I want to do that :(
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    International appstores on iPad

    Mine's the Wifi version
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    International appstores on iPad

    Correction: There is no separate iPad tab in the Singapore store but when I search for "ipad", the apps will show up in the search result and I am able to install. Looks like I'll be spending a lot of money tonight ;-)
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    International appstores on iPad

    Don't see any ipad apps in Singapore store