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    Best note taking app for iPad

    It's not available now because Apple had no intentions for anyone to "write" on the iPad with a stylus as was popular with resistive screen tablets. Maybe they'll change their idea since so many apps have been created to help enable people to write on their iPads.
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    Notetaker HD just had an update in the last few days that really improves the writing quality. The letters are smoother like Penultimate. So for me, Notetaker HD is now the best app for taking handwritten notes on the iPad. I tried Wondershare iDraft as the previous poster listed but there is...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I have Penultimate and Note Taker HD. A combination of the two would be ideal. Penultimate with a zoom feature or Note Taker HD with the smoothness of Penultimate. What I mean by smoothness is that in Note Taker HD my handwriting looks like I wrote it after drinking 10 coffees. Penultimate...
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    Forms that can be signed

    Probably not the best but a way to do this would be to get the app Note Taker HD. You can use a .pdf as the background, write on it, and then e-mail it. You'd have to get the invoice to the iPad by syncing with something or e-mailing it to yourself and save it in the image album.
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    Apple iPad case FINALLY!

    I HATE the Apple iPad case. But I use it because I haven't found anything better...
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    Converting PDF Book into IPad Format

    Try keeping it as a PDF and using an app like Goodreader.
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    iPad and facebook

    For those who say Facebook works just the same on iPad Safari as it would on a PC I disagree. Or at least mine doesn't. One example - I can't scroll on any list, ie list of Friends from a search. Makes it useless to me.
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    iPad GPS

    I used the maps app this week, I was amazed how accurate it was and it tracked me as good as our in-car gps navigation system. I have the 3G iPad but no ATT&T data plan, I was using a Verizon mi-fi wireless to the iPad.
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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    You can also do a Google or Wikipedia search too. When you highlight a word, click search instead of dictionary and you will see a Search Google and a Search Wikipedia button at the bottom.
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    X-Plane Crashing?

    It's working fine for me.
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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    Yeah, sorry - left out that I was referring to the Kindle app there... iBooks also has Google and Wikipedia search for the word. iBooks has more functionality but an awful selection (I know it's new) so I've been mostly using the Kindle app so far because the books I purchased weren't...
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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    You can turn on the pretty page turning in the Kindle app if you want. It's more distracting than the iBooks feature though so I leave it off. I think they're both lacking. It's disappointing to me that there aren't more features available in these "amazing" technologies. I should be able to...
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    Searching App Store

    Thanks for the replies! I'm amazed it's not better organized. I would think there would be a section for magazines, one for newspapers, kids apps, etc.
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    Searching App Store

    er, still don't see magazines. Is there another way to find those?
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    Searching App Store

    nevermind, I got it. I wasn't following instructions well. I hovered but didn't click first...
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    Searching App Store

    I should have clarified, I'm browsing the app store on a pc. My ipad is on order. Hovering over the app store tab does not display any categories, maybe I just have to wait for my ipad but it seems strange not to be able to browse by category using the itunes app store on my pc...
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    Searching App Store

    I'm a newbie to Apple, never had an ipod or anything... How do you view the App Store by category? ie, I'd like to see the apps by categories like Magazines, Kids apps, etc. Other than the "New & Noteworthy", "What's Hot", etc. And where are the magazines? I found some by typing "magazine"...