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    iPad 1 No Longer Supported by Apple?

    Apple has just convinced me to check out the Windows 8 pads coming out later this year.
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    What is the BEST Tablet To Buy?

    Mentioning Windows on this forum is like walking into a Baptist convention while wearing a devil costume. What happened to the socially enlightened and inclusive Apple user profile?
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    What is the BEST Tablet To Buy?

    I've been playing around with the Windows 8 preview edition. I looks like Microsoft will attempt to have one OS interface for desktops, laptops, and pads. If they can pull it off, it's going to be a real advantage for users who don't want to learn multiple operating systems. The interface is...
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    You love your tablet!

    I use mine pretty much every day, but I find myself using it less and less. Maybe it's me, but the games are starting to seem like "same old" and I find it much easier to browse the web and do e-mail on a laptop or desktop.
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    Constant problem of disconnect from Wifi

    This is an ongoing problem with all three iPad generations. Apple's own iPad forum has a lot of info on this problem. One thread had over 600 posts. I solved it by changing my router but it looks like there are several causes and the same fix does not work for all.
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    Name change for this forum

    So it's just the "iPad" and not the "iPad3" or "iPad HD"? Apple is losing thier marbles. This iPad3 forum should be called the "iPad forum" (a sub-set of the iPad forum)? You call Apple customer service: "I need help with my iPad" "Which version do you have" "I just told you.. iPad"
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    App Cleaners

    I could never figure out why it was a two step process to permanently remove an app. There should be an option when removing it from your iPad: "remove from iTunes also?" Come on Apple, ios is supposed to be user friendly.
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    No more iPads?

    Easy way out, change the name. MaxiPad?
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    Stupid name for technical support staff

    Right On The word "pretentious" used by the original poster describes my experience in the Apple store precisely. I interacted with several apple employees and in each case they acted like they were sent from heaven to convert my technically ignorant soul to the "Apple Way". Give me a break...
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    Not impressed

    If Flash is a dead issue why am I unable to view so many Flash-based websites?
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    Raft of cheaper tablets cheapening the iPad experience?

    This reminds me of one of the early posts on this forum. The poster wanted to know where was the best place to show off his iPad. He had gone to Starbuck's but none of the other people there had payed any attention. If you bought an iPad for what it does, that hasn't changed. If you bought...
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    Syncing question

    After a lot more searching I found the answer buried in an Apple document: Transferring apps purchased on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iTunes If you delete an app from your iTunes library, the next time you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with that computer it will be removed from...
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    Syncing question

    I have searched the internet for a clear and complete explanation of what happens during the iPad sync process with no success. Does anyone know of a good source? For example: Suppose I have an app on the iPad that was previously backed up to my computer. Now I remove the app from my iPad...
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    Can you help me decide original ipad or kindle?

    The new Kindle Fire ads I have seen show a color screen. I don't think it's E-ink technology, so readability may be no better than the iPad. So check it out before you buy it if reading books is important to you..
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    ipad newbie - some thoughts

    I don't drive or eat. I just play Angry Birds on my iPad.
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    ipad newbie - some thoughts

    The original post by Kurosawa79 was the most accurate and insightful review of the iPad I have ever read. As with most systems (including governments), you can have freedom from problems and worries if you are willing to give up freedom of action.
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    Why Would You Jump Ship?

    Amen. I wish I could fit this post on a T-shirt.
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    A better email app?

    I'm tired of deleting my emails one at a time. Does anyone know of another iPad email app that would solve that problem? (I'm on a pop3 email server)
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    Love the ipad but i am going to return it...

    Try going there when you are in your 70's. They practically hid under their shiny white tables when I entered the store. I was programming and building computers before these "geniuses" were born and they assume anyone over 35 is a computer illiterate. I bit my tongue and bought an Ipad but...
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    Is anyone here a first time Apple user?

    iPad 1 was my first Apple product and I don't expect to buy any more. The Apple "closed system" concept is supposed to make it easier to setup and use their products. "Do it our way and your life will be easier" (kind of like Socialism). In spite of that promise I had to purchase three...
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    It's like the lure of Socialism. "Give up your freedoms and you will be taken care of. No more worries." I'd rather have the freedom to choose what I want to do, even if it entails more work and problem solving.
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    There is a market for tech devices that are designed as "closed systems". Particularly for people who don't have the knowledge or inclination to customize the way they work. The iPad was my first Apple product. I knew Apple controlled the software used on it's products, but I didn't know how...
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    IPad in hot car!

    iPad specifications list the maximum storage temperature as 113 deg F. I wonder how they transport them to Apple stores in Arizona. Air conditioned trucks?
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    How long are apple customers supposed to wait.

    I doubt that profiteering applies to luxury items. No one is materially injured if they can't get an iPad.
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    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    Here we go again! Immediately after upgrading to OS 4.3, my WiFi connection drops a couple of times an hour. I tried all of the published fixes from the last OS upgrade WiFI problems with no success. I can reconnect by "forgetting" and reestablishing the connection or turning Airplane mode on...
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    It Just Arrived!!

    I had the same problem. Apple can't afford a two cent instruction page with a $600 device? Or are written instructions just too unhip for Apple?
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    iphone gloves?!

    I use my nose
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    Is there anywhere using an iPad isn't sensible?

    1) during a funeral eulogy 2) while in the middle of a job interview at Microsoft 3) while skiing a black diamond run 4) right after your wife says "you never give me any attention"
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    Looking for an app or browser for quick data entry

    One thing I miss on the iPad is the ability to quickly enter information in web sites like my name, e-mail, etc. For example, Firefox for windows has an add-on called "InFormEnter" which places a check box next to each data entry block. Clicking on it allows entry of the information with...
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    Any easy way to really close an app in 4.2.1?

    The only reason to have multitasking is to allow quick switching between programs (apps). You can't switch quickly if you have to scroll through 20 or 30 apps on the bar to find what you want. How about a feature that allows the user to shut the app (and not send it to the bottom bar) by...
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    Any easy way to really close an app in 4.2.1?

    After using 4.2.1 for a while I wind up with a bunch of apps in the multi-tasking bar that I don't need. It makes it harder to find what I want. Is there any way to close an app without having it go to the bottom bar? Any easy way to close all apps in the bottom bar?
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    McDonald's to sell iPAd?

    Now that Walmart is selling them can McDonald's be far behind? The mystique is gone. Save up for a Rolex.
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    Apple bashing -why?

    I'm a long time Microsoft user and the iPad was my first Apple product. Here's my take on the discussion. 1) Apple makes the most technically slick, user-friendly products on the market. 2) I feel constrained and limited by Apple's control of what I run on the device. 3) I was turned off by...
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    Now CHARGE Ipad from any Computer

    Check out this link first: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Ai Charger in Utilitiy Any one use this yet?
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    Beware of the FCC WiFi speed test app

    I spent a couple of hours trying to fix my WiFi network based on low speed readings from the FCC speed test app (which had worked fine previously). It was indicating less than 1 Mbps for repeated tests on two different days. I finally downoaded two other speed test apps which both show 10 Mbps...
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    Name something you can do with your Ipad!

    Swat Flies (not) /MacDailyNews
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    Backup File Locations

    Thanks for your reply. I am using a PC for sync. I'm an engineer with the typical compulsion to know how things operate and what I can do if things go wrong. One remaining question is how much gets saved on iTunes? For example, if my desktop backup files were totally lost, how much could...
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    Backup File Locations

    Does anyone know of a source that explains what goes on during an iPad sync? I have found backup files on my computer but I can't determine what they contain and they don't seem large enough to contain all my data. I am wondering what types of files (apps, data, photos, music, etc.) are...
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    Does Anybody Regret....

    I can't say that I regret buying it, but I was surprised by some of the limitations. I was expecting at least the basic computer functions like being able to easily transfer, view, store, and edit most types of files. You can do some of that using third party apps but it is clunky at best. I...
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    iPad charge faster if turned off?

    Sleep mode doesn't use much power so there probably isn't much difference between charging while sleeping or off. There is a significant difference in charging rate if you charge the unit while using it, which is what I thought the original poster might have been asking..