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    Why has the ipad 2 been kept in the line up?

    And not the 3? My understanding is that the 4th gen has replaced the 3- why didn't Apple remove the 2 instead? The 3 has only been out since March.
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    Apple Also Teases Their Fourth Gen iPad

    I was gonna get an ipad3 a few weeks ago and something told me to hang on. I still might though as I hope the price will come down on them now.
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    How can i watch tv shows on my ipad 2 for free NOT just the trailers?

    In the uk, there's an app called catchup tv. Does away with having to buy additional hardware. Surely there's a similar app in the us?
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    Cant update ipad2 to ios5.1

    Yes. I have 3.6gb free Just tried it whilst charging. Currently at 100%, it's still greyed out. I'll call Apple tomorrow.
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    Cant update ipad2 to ios5.1

    For some reason, the "download & install" button is greyed out in settings. What is going on?
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    Here is the official iPad 3 video

    They've reduced the price to £329 as well. Given that the new one is the same price as what I paid for my ipad2 last May, I'm not paying out again for what is basically a clearer screen. I'll wait till next year.
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    Here is the official iPad 3 video

    I only got my iPad 2 in May last year. Won't be upgrading just yet.
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    Youtube download

    Have you looked?
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    Sky Go

    Apple tv might work. I'll try it when I get home tomorrow.
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    The iPad needs more wattage to charge. On its charger it will state "10w". It might be that the docking station is interrupting that input and knocking down the power. Likewise, there isnt enough power from a laptop usb to charge up an ipad Stick with what the iPad came with.
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    Tethering iPhone 4 or Android to iPad 2

    You have to use Bluetooth to connect. Keep trying- it will pair eventually.
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    Microsoft office on IPAD 2

    Try onlive in the app store. Released a few days ago. It puts a mirrored windows 7 on your iPad.
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    Tethering from iphone 4 on orange

    It's in the settings under personal hotspot. Just switch it on and your iPad will find it.
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    Tethering from iphone 4 on orange

    Orange don't charge for tethering. I've just bought a 4S on contract with a 1Gb data allowance. I tether my iPad 2 off it all the time.
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    32gb or 64gb

    I have the 16Gb and it's plenty for me.
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    Tethering iPhone 4 or Android to iPad 2

    Most, if not all UK providers don't charge for tethering now. As there is a personal hotspot feature in all iPhones running IOS5, then as long as you have a decent size data package it's not a problem.
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    Ipad 64gb wifi only......internet possible with mobile phone???

    I have an ipad2 wifi only and I connected to my iPhone 4S using the personal hotspot feature last week whilst in London. I was reliant on the 3G network which was a bit slow in the capital, but it worked ok.
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    this is so annoying

    My3G - you need to jailbreak though.
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    Microsoft office on IPAD 2

    A "user guide" - for $22.99???
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    Cheapest iPad 2 (UK) ?

    It was £368 last Friday for one day only in the Apple Store
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    Any bought Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ?

    I bought a non Apple one for £5 off eBay. Works perfect
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    Micro sim card to small sim card convertor for free

    I got an adaptor with my iPhone 4S
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    Smart case from ebay

    I hope you mean £7.95 and not £795!
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    Best keyboard for Ipad2

    Agreed. I have the Apple wireless keyboard and it's great.
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    Network password recovery

    You need the routers IP address
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    iOS 5.0.1 file size - Really Apple?

    Over the air updates only add what they need to now. In other words, it's no longer a complete re-install like it used to be.
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    iMessage not appearing on all devices

    Can't see that in the menu?
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    iMessage not appearing on all devices

    Sent a text to a mate yesterday, using my ipad2. The conversation appeared on my iPhone 3GS but not on my new iPhone 4S. Anyone know why this is?
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    iPad 2 GPS

    If its 3G, then you shouldn't be getting that message, unless that is, you're not on any data plans?
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    How to remove drop pins on maps

    Peel the page back and click on 'remove pin'
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    Off or in sleep mode?

    I put mine into airplane mode for longer periods. Saves the battery quite well.
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    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    I bought the apple BT keyboard and have no regrets. It also pairs with the iphone and makes texting and emails a breeze.
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    Using data from O2 sim card on iPad 2

    I have a tethering bolt-on with 02. However, bear in mind that the 3GS doesn't have the wifi feature like the 4 does, so you can only tether using Bluetooth or USB. Bluetooth is a pain to pair as well. You'd think being Apple, they'd both pair easily wouldn't you? My solution was to jailbreak...
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    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    I read of a fix for this, but I cannot find the website. basically, it advises turning the brightness down to 25%, doing a hard reset of the ipad, then check in a dark room. If still present, turn the brightness down again and reboot. Eventually, the bleed will disappear. Haven't tried it...
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    Wireless Keyboard

    I bought the official Apple one off ebay. There's quite a few new ones on there, from sellers who've bought a new iMac and had one included in the pack. I paid £35 for a new, sealed one.
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    Wireless Keyboard

    Just bought one today - what a great little device and compliments the iPad perfectly! I downloaded the Pages App a few days ago. Now, I can write letters with the same ease as a desktop. It works with my iPhone too- this makes texting a breeze! Highly recommended
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    iPad 1 64gb 3G, or iPad 2 16gb WiFi?

    It is a good price, yes. I never had an iPad first gen, so I can't comment on the difference(s).
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    iPad 1 64gb 3G, or iPad 2 16gb WiFi?

    Same here - 16gb wifi only. I don't plan on storing anything huge on it anyway.
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    White ipad 2 or black?

    The current tv ad shows a black one. Not a White one to be seen anywhere! :)
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    iPad 2 infrared receiver?

    Hmmm.. I'm sure you meant "Thanks Tim & Noddy for your help" :)