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  1. goofy8275

    Will you be renewing your Apple Music subscription after the trial ends?

    I am undecided at the moment :)
  2. goofy8275

    iOS 7: What Do You Want?

    Greetings iPadians, I would like your opinion as to what should be included in iOS 7, the next version of Apple's mobile operating system. Please click the option in the poll that corresponds to your response. The poll will close on December 1st of this year, due to speculation that iOS 7 may...
  3. goofy8275

    How Many Homescreens Do You Use?

    Greetings iPadians, I would like to know how many homescreens (icon pages) you use on your iPad (not including the search page). Out of the box, the iPad has one, but the maximum is 11. I use 8 because I have a lot of apps and don't use folders because I like to be able to see all my apps...
  4. goofy8275

    "Why iPF is the Best Apple Forum" Essay

    Hello all, I have spent a couple days writing this essay, which will both persuade people to join the forum, and convince registered users that they made the right choice :). Please leave a comment down below and click the like button if you liked it. All feedback is appreciated. And now...
  5. goofy8275

    My (Almost One Year) Review of the iPad 3

    Sunday, May 13, 2012. That was quite a significant day for me. On that day, almost a year ago, all the excitement and impatience that had raced through me through the previous months was paid off by the event that took place for me that day. As I type this review on the very device I purchased...
  6. goofy8275

    What do you use your Side Switch for?

    What do you use your iPad's side switch for: mute device or screen rotation lock, or do you switch between the two? I use mine for rotation lock, I just use that operation more than mute (or rather, un-mute).
  7. goofy8275

    Minecraft Pocket Edition questions

    I have a few questions about the Minecraft Pocket Edition game, as it costs $6.99 and I want to know a few things about it from someone who has it downloaded before I buy it: 1. Does the Survival mode include Peaceful mode? This could be a deciding factor as I tend to be more cautious and don't...
  8. goofy8275

    Does the iPad keyboard clicker annoy you?

    Does the clicking sound on the iPad's keyboard annoy you? (If so, it can be disabled in your keyboard preferences). Any artificial clicking sound emitted from a speaker drives me insane (such as the iPad keyboard and the iPod classic, which had the clicker emitted from a built-in speaker even...
  9. goofy8275

    TuneIn Radio Pro questions

    Hi everyone; I have a few questions about the amazing 99¢ TuneIn Radio Pro app I just downloaded. 1. Does the device need to be plugged in to auto-record? 2. Does the app require an Internet connectin to play back recordings? 3. Does the app have to be open to record? Cheers! From the...
  10. goofy8275

    What e-mail service(s) do you use?

    Just curious: what email services do you use (eg. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) Cast your vote now! Sent from my iPad using
  11. goofy8275

    Comment utilisez-vous votre iPad?

    Comment utilisez-vous votre iPad? Par exemple, les jeux, le travail, à la fois, le rattrapage sur les nouvelles, etc. Bien sûr, j'espère que nous tous de les utiliser pour des forums IPF! :) Pour nous commencer, j'utilise mon iPad principalement pour les jeux, iPF, des nouvelles, regarder...
  12. goofy8275

    When's your birthday?

    Poll: What month is your birthday? To start us out, I'm on May 1st. May Day!
  13. goofy8275

    Dou you prefer Temple Run or Temple Run Brave?

    Do you guys prefer the standard Temple Run or Temple Run Brave? I prefer the standard one. Brave isn't quite worth a buck, though I was able to download it for free, as it was the app of the week at the time of post :)
  14. goofy8275

    Apple 9/12 Announcement Discussion: After the Fact

    Discussion thread about iPhone 5, iTunes 10.7, new iPod touch/nanos, "lightning" (19 pin dock connector,) "ear pods" (new earbuds). I think it's cool how the new iPod touches come in different colors. The iPod nano was completely redesigned, very different. I did not like the design of the...
  15. goofy8275

    Which Apple products do you own?

    Which Apple products do you own (multiple choice)
  16. goofy8275

    How Often Do You Post on iPF?

    I am curious how often users post into iPF. I post daily, and I tend to use the what's new section to see new posts.
  17. goofy8275

    What are stickies on

    This kind of falls under the "site assistance" category) What are these "stickies" in the following image, and how does one create one? I see that they are not all created by moderators.
  18. goofy8275

    How often do you charge your battery?

    How often do you charge your iPad (or iPhone/iPod)'s battery? EDIT: I typed hare instead of charge in the question (autocorrected!) Sorry, I mean charge!
  19. goofy8275

    iPF iPad App Help

    Does anyone here know what this button in the iPF iPad app is? I can't figure it out.
  20. goofy8275

    IPF Permission Groups-Moderators Please Respond

    In my iPF profile, I see "Groups" and "Permission Groups." I know what Groups are, but what are Permission Groups? When I click join, it says "no public user groups avalible for you to join". Could a moderator or admin please tell me exactly what a Permission Group is? :confused: Thanks in...
  21. goofy8275

    No profile picture in Game Center!

    I can't find the photo box in game center on my iPad 3. Therefore, I am unable to add a game center profile picture. Is there a way to do so on the iPad? If up you google "game center iPad", there are a few screenshots that show this. However, it does work on iPhone and iPod touch. My iPad is...
  22. goofy8275

    No Game Center Profile Picture on iPad?

    I have a third generation iPad running iOS 5.1.1 (non jailbroken). I can't find a way to add a profile picture in game center. Other forums say to click the photo box next to your name, but there is no photo box on my iPad. My game center friends using iPhones and iPod touches have...