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    New Apple Store In Metrotown (Canada's 2nd largest mall)!!! PICS

    So hes a first hand look at the new Apple Store opening up tomorrow morning at Metrotown. They're just doing some final touch ups before the grand opeing tomorrow @ 10:00am PST
  2. K

    Get Whatsapp on your iPad!

    What did u use for the date and ip address above by the time
  3. K


    Could anyone kindly send me an invitation to google plus. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  4. K

    Do you find the iPad tiring to use sitting down?

    I agree with you, even though the iPad is only like 1.5lbs after several minutes it gets tiring holding it up. I just try and move my hand position every now and than
  5. K

    Question for Pages app

    I got Pages for my iPad 2 and also have the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. My question is when im taking notes in class and I have to bold something I have to press the "B" button on the top, same for italics and underlining. Is there any keyboard shortcuts that allow me to select the above like they...
  6. K

    Would you let your coworkers borrow your brand new iPad 2 to "play"?

    I get pretty hesitant when someone wants to "see" my ipad 2. Depending on what they are gonna do and if im present or not I usually allow it. Plus most of the people I allow to play with my ipad, I trust so I know there not really gonna look through my personal stuff.
  7. K


    I'm guessing you meant to say your new to the forum :P anyways welcome to the forum, you'll love this site, its very resourceful and answers pretty much all you iPad questions.
  8. K

    iPad Controller for Games?

    Its also a good marketing strategy
  9. K

    iPad 2 + aluminum keyboard case = MacBook Air look-alike

    I wonder what the keys will feel like when typing. If it has the same feeling as the Apple BT Keyboard than i might pick this up. Please keep me posted on your results.
  10. K

    Did anyone sent $$ to comex for his hard work?

    I donated for sure! Comex put a lot of time and effort into this jailbreak, he deserves some $$ for it
  11. K

    Looking for a BT On lap keyboard

    I have the origami workstation along wit the BT apple key board and honestly its the best combos Ive had. I use this everyday for school and all I need is a binder to have a sturdy base, a binder is pretty much the exact size needed to have the origami workstation open and be sturdy and just to...
  12. K

    Front LED Notifications Coming To iOS?

    its about time that they came up with that feature :P Even a phone thas $20 has a front led system lol
  13. K

    Ipad 2 now? Or 3 later?

    If it's not broken, don't fix it. The iPad 1 is workin for you right now and you have an iPad. Wait to see what's coming up on the third one and decide from there. It's a win win situation if you thing about it. If the third IPad has features you like than get that if you don't think it's a...
  14. K

    What happens to sent mail?

    The emails stay on your iPad when you send them. The email address you use also stores all the emails online so if u need to look at an email you can just sign in online to the mail server online. If you restore your iPad and back it up from the firmware right before the u restored it, than you...
  15. K

    Proud new Papa . . .

    Is it ever hard to tell ur real twins apart? just thought id ask :P
  16. K

    Intro of The KING

    Hey Guys, So I've been posting for a while but havnt done a formal introduction of myself. My names Nick and ive been an apple fan for a while. When apple came out with the iPad 1, I didnt really pay attention to it but I got a chance to purchase one for a good deal so I ended getting it and...
  17. K

    Hello, I am New IPad2 Owner and Overwhelmed

    Welcome to the forums. Here you'll find all the answers you need and some DIY stuff which you may find interesting.
  18. K

    Which iPad model you have?

    Top of the line model for me :) 64gb 3G :)
  19. K

    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use?

    I got a black leather one that I use on a daily basis with a black tpu case. I also have the red leather cover but I barely use that one. Only once in a while
  20. K

    Problem downloading apps bigger than 20mb...

    For bigger files like that you need a wifi connection because apple is trying to save you from saving your data.
  21. K

    Apple is gonna swap mine but.......

    try turning up the volume when your in the game. I had that problem once and it was as simple as that..
  22. K

    Apple movies

    yes once you buy something on itunes it should be stored on your itunes account. Once you sync another device you can transfer it over.
  23. K

    Just witnessed an 8 year old girls ipad 2 get stolen, fresh from the apple store

    Good Job man! I would of done the same thing. You def deserve all the praise.
  24. K

    Clear smart cover

    with the poly ones I beleive you should be able to clean them with a damp cloth. Their not like the leather ones where they would bleed. Its more a rubbery feeling which would just scrub off in a way.
  25. K

    Clear smart cover

    Do u have the leather or poly smart cover?
  26. K

    Report card

    iStudiez Pro? That might be what your looking for
  27. K

    How does Safari decide which page to close when you open a tenth?

    It closes the first page that you opened
  28. K

    Black keyboard?

    You can change the color of your keyboard buy going into the settings and inverting the color of your screen. Your keyboard will be black but the downside is all the other colors will be inverted.
  29. K

    iPad and iphone

    How would this be done?
  30. K

    Which is best-Zagg Shield or Ghost Armor?

    I personally have a ghost armour on my ipad 2 and I also agree with Martlet with the replacement plan its really good. The film can be seen in light depending on the angle but it really protects the ipad. Plus it works great with a stylus too if your using one.
  31. K

    Red Leather Smart Cover

    I personally like it, i think its a nice touch. I use it only when im going somewhere special not an every day use smart cover.
  32. K

    Information sheet template

    My suggestion would be to get the app Pages. they got a bunch of templates there and Im sure you'll find one that suites ur needs the best. The app is $9.99 but well worth it.
  33. K

    Fruit Ninja Gets Pomegranate Update

    I dont see a difference, i updated and played but the pomegranate never came :(
  34. K

    Increasing the volume?

    I dont think that there is any sort of thing as of yet that you can use to make the volume louder. Unless you have the first gen iPad and its jailbroken I know theres something on there you can use. If you own the ipad 2 than I think they just have an issue the loudness of the speakers since its...
  35. K

    Which Smart Cover color is the best with a white iPad 2?

    get a red one. The red with the white looks sexy
  36. K

    iCloud Will Let You Re-Download Any Purchased Apps, Including Withdrawn Ones

    so does this mean that apps for the iphone can be download on the touch?
  37. K

    iOS 5 features list

  38. K

    iOS 5 Jailbreak With Limera1n iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad Already Works

    wow, i read "iPad already works" and i got all happy. Soo disappointed...
  39. K

    App for handling Flash?

    Yea man do a search there's tons of post out for that not just here but all over the net