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    Protect movies and tv shows

    Didn't think of that. There are some folders that are BORING to gkids... I think that would work. Just hate it though because. Would like to have some movies and tv shows on here for them but if I do, they might open one of these that are inappropriate, newish apple would do something about...
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    Protect movies and tv shows

    Thanks. I do have my iPad password protected but sometimes let my grandkids play with it. I have some tv shows that. Prefer them not to stumble upon...not bad but not appropriate for them. They were purchased through iTunes so they aren't on my personal camera roll.
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    Finally I can ditch Itunes!!

    Is there a way to password protect the videos on this? Thanks
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    Protect movies and tv shows

    Is there a way to protect videos that are not on the camera roll?
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    Anti Virus for iPad

    I stupidly clicked on a link from a friend and am concerned it is a virus or spyware... Annoying I can do? Or should do? Is there anti-virus for iPad2?
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    Evernote app

    Maybe delete, turn off iPad and then reinstall... Just a suggestion. Mine works fine.