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  1. iPAD@UVA

    Apple Watch orders

    Ordered a 42mm Space Grey Sport at 3:07EST. Available to ship: 4-6 weeks. Delivers May 13 - May 27.
  2. iPAD@UVA

    iOS8 renamed all my pdf's in iBooks!

    I am hating it also. I am no longer able to sort books into a order I want. Everything is forced into 4 sort orders with no editing allowed. Built-in collections can't be edited so if Apple does not think a book belongs, you can't add it. Also, if you have a series of books that Apple does not...
  3. iPAD@UVA

    Gift iPad to Someone without credit card?

    FYI, My technophobe mom is 78 and has been thinking of getting a iPad for a while. A few months ago she broke down and got one at a non-apple but fruit named Mac store and signed up for their training at the same time. For (I think) $75 she gets a years worth of one on one training that she...
  4. iPAD@UVA

    Apple’s future iWatch might be fitness-oriented

    While I love my MetaWatch, I would jump on a iWatch in a heart beat. I really like getting my e-mails, texts, caller ID, weather and calendar on my wrist so I am not always pulling my phone out of my pocket. Having a native Apple product that does the same would be even sweeter.
  5. iPAD@UVA

    iPad help? Anyone please give an opinion?

    I vote for the SlickWrap. Much easier than polish and they look great. Had you had one on you could have just replaced it instead of getting a new back.
  6. iPAD@UVA

    If you could only put one movie on your iPad, what would it be?

    It would be hard to settle on one, I have a problem settling on 30, but it would have to be one of these three: The Quiet Man (1952 with John Wayne) Willy Wonka (1971 with Gene Wilder) V for Vendetta (2005 with Natalie Portman) I really do not know which I would go with.
  7. iPAD@UVA

    [WINNERS] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    PinkPrincess, Go to your iTunes Store and select Redeem under the Quick Links section to the right side of the page. Enter the code there and the app will download.
  8. iPAD@UVA

    [WINNERS] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    Any idea when a iPad3 version will be available? I am looking forward to playing but it will not run on my new iPad.
  9. iPAD@UVA

    [GIVEAWAY] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    I would head to the local National Guard Armory. Easily defended with cases of guns, grenades, rocket launchers, ammo and explosives for protection. It is also stocked with MRE's for food, electrical generators, fuel, and communication equipment. In addition, they have tanks for transportation...
  10. iPAD@UVA

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Got my FedEx notice of shipment yesterday via email from Apple. According to FedEx it was picked up in Middletown PA at 10:48 AM 3/11/2012 with "Future Delivery Requested". Estimated delivery is 3/16/2012 by 4:30 PM. Delivery method is Standard Overnight - Indirect. Already took the day off to...
  11. iPAD@UVA

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Got the confirmation e-mail. Black 64GB WiFi. 3/16 delivery.
  12. iPAD@UVA

    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    I would use it on my iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
  13. iPAD@UVA

    I want to order the Apple TV ~ Now!

    FYI, I have both a Apple TV2 and ROKU XS. Both units are really nice with the differences being minimal. The ROKU is basically a jailbroken Apple TV in that you have access to a lot of content that Apple restricts. The advantage of the Apple TV is Air Play and direct access to your iTunes...
  14. iPAD@UVA

    Best place to purchase the ipad?

    I agree on the near fixed pricing point. The only discount I have found is the Educational one Apple offers if you qualify. This is good through Apple and through local school bookstores if they sell Apple products. It's not much but every little bit helps.
  15. iPAD@UVA

    DVDs to IPad?

    Has anyone ever heard of Longo MAC DVD Ripper?
  16. iPAD@UVA

    Another getting Exchange email on the Ipad question.

    It is always the simple things that take the longest to figure out. Glad you found the solution.
  17. iPAD@UVA

    Another getting Exchange email on the Ipad question.

    Are you using wifi or 3G for access? When we see that issue it is usually because the wifi is talking to our limited access set up only) wifi ssid and not the full access one.
  18. iPAD@UVA

    White spot under glass.

    As it was so small as to be virtually unnoticeable unless you are really looking for it and there is no Apple Store nearby, my solution was to buy a iPad2 and give this one to my daughter who never cleans the screen and won't even see it.
  19. iPAD@UVA

    Time Capsule or Airport Extreme?

    Thanks for the input. I have decided on the Airport and USB drive. It was my initial thought and I just wanted to make sure there weren't any issues.
  20. iPAD@UVA

    Time Capsule or Airport Extreme?

    I am deciding which to go with. I already have a 750GB USB drive I could hook up to the Airport but like the idea of a all-in-one. I am not too concerned about using Time Machine and it will mainly be used as a iTunes Library location. Any thoughts as to which way might be best?
  21. iPAD@UVA

    VGA cable length??

    I routinely install 15-25 foot VGA cables in classrooms for laptops/iPads with no issues. For the run up to the projector from the wall interface, we used to run a VGA cable straight to the projector sometimes up to 75 feet. These days, we use converters that allows us to run CAT-6 style cable...
  22. iPAD@UVA

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I went to my campus bookstore this morning assuming they would be out of stock and they were. I put my name on the waiting list figuring it would be a few weeks before I got a call. 2:00 this afternoon I got the call!!! I am now the proud owner of a Black 64GB Wi-Fi iPad 2. Going to my second...
  23. iPAD@UVA

    White spot under glass.

    I have just discovered a white "spot" under the glass of my iPad. It is about the size of a pixel but I do not think it is a stuck pixel as it is there even with the iPad power off and appears black when viewed against a white background. I have confirmed that it is under the glass and not a...
  24. iPAD@UVA

    Missing Chapter "Image" after 4.2 upgrade

    OK, I went to watch a movie today for the first time since the upgrade. First thing I noticed was the missing images for each chapter. Further checking showed them missing from all my ripped movies but still there for my iTunes purchased movies. All movies had them before the update. I tried...
  25. iPAD@UVA

    LEGO Harry Potter game

    Nemonome, Ernie Prang is the driver of the Night Bus.
  26. iPAD@UVA

    iOS 4.2 latest update release news

    We normally have a fast connection but today, I can't even get Google to load in under 15 seconds. According to out neteork people, it is something outside our area.
  27. iPAD@UVA

    iOS 4.2 latest update release news

    Now downloading in Central VA. STATUS BAR SAY'S 36 HOURS REMAINING.
  28. iPAD@UVA

    Cali Update for OS 4!

    Downloading now in Central VA.
  29. iPAD@UVA

    iPad with Exchange Server - quick question

    As far as I know, Yes. I have not found a way around that requirement.
  30. iPAD@UVA


    I agree, very addictive. Just added 5 more: Bomb, Fire-arms, Nuclearbomb, Radiation, Terrorist. It is getting harder all the time but still lots of fun.
  31. iPAD@UVA


    Anyone else playing? I first saw it on a Droid and added the iPod add to my iPad. You start with a few basic elements and have to make the rest by combining them two at a time. 133 Elements out of 211 so far. No hints but here is my list: Air, Alcohol, Ape, Aquaman, Arable Land, Ash, Ashtray...
  32. iPAD@UVA

    post a screen shot of your home/lock screen.

    Nothing fancy, but here are mine:
  33. iPAD@UVA

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    Actually, Apple is telling sellers what they can sell through their apps. This is from the Zinio FAQ page: Q: Why aren't adult titles available on my iPad? A: Zinio must abide by the guidelines set forth by Apple in order to have our...
  34. iPAD@UVA

    Apple iPad case FINALLY!

    I agree, I love my Apple case. I got it in April with my iPad and except for taking it out three times to try other cases, it lives in it. None of the other three cases measured up. Yes, it does get a bit dirty but cleanup is simple. A quick wipe down with a damp micro-fiber cloth and it looks...
  35. iPAD@UVA

    Opinions: iBooks on Android

    OK, we know that there are many apps for reading available for the iPad from many iBook competitors. So what are the chances that Apple will release a version of iBooks for the Android platform to expand their sales base? I know a lot of people complain about the iBooks application but I like it...
  36. iPAD@UVA

    iBooks update has been released!!!

    And it completely rearranged my bookshelf. I had it set up the way I wanted and now I have to re-do all of it. With over 600 books, that is a lot of dragging around. I wish we could use iTunes to arrange the bookshelf.
  37. iPAD@UVA

    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    I agree with all the above. Spend some time on the iPad and decide for your own eyes. I have been reading on the Touch since it came out and the iPad since April and absolutely love it. I can read for 6 to 8 hours at a time with no issues. I do however have problems with the Kindle. To me the...
  38. iPAD@UVA

    Transferring books

    I have never had a problem. Items purchased on the iPad get moved into iTunes when synced and then show up in both places. I do not know of any settings that could change this behavior but, if it is possible, I am sure someone will point it out.
  39. iPAD@UVA

    iPad Controlled Drone

    I want one too. The only problem I see is the 12 minute flight time and 90 minute recharge time.
  40. iPAD@UVA

    iPad Arcade Prototype

    You are right, I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.:(