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    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    This is very true and it's a big problem for Android right now. Right now tablets run "Honeycomb" as their OS and Android phones run "Gingerbread" as theirs. This is more difficult for developers as opposed to Apple where the iPad and iPhone are both running iOS. This will all change with...
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    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    True, but I'm not sure the transformer2 will arrive before 2012. I've seen reports for both as of late. But I agree the Tegra3 will be a game changer. 1.5ghz, quad-core and ice cream sandwich sound damn good to me. If apple deviates from their normal annual schedule and releases an iPad2HD...
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    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    I have spent extended time with the Asus Transformer (best buddy has one) and I own several apple products (iPad2, Mac Pro Tower, Macbook Pro, and countless iPods and iPhones) but now own and use an Android phone. I'd like to think I'm pretty unbiased both ways. Asus Transformer Review...
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    Ipad vs Android

    Yeah 3.1 had a lot of improvements over 3.0. 3.2 is about to be released for the Transformer as well. I used (and still own) the very first Android phone, the google G1. It was ok at the time, but still behind it's Apple counterparts. It's only recently that the Android phones are on equal...
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    Ipad vs Android

    The Xoom and Galaxy Tab are overpriced and unpolished IMO. They are basically the same price as the iPad and certainly not any better. The dark horse that I see making a difference is the Asus Transformer Tablet (not sure if it's been brought up in this discussion yet?). My Android buddy got...
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    Did anyone sent $$ to comex for his hard work?

    Yessir sure did :) Not a whole lot mind you, but every little bit helps I figure
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    Comex Releases JB Fix - CCK Now Working on iPad

    sweet getting patched up as we speak...will report back. Big thanks to comex for getting it fixed so quick!
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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    Yeah even transferring images shot in raw transferred quite fast on my jb iPad 1. I'm sure comex will have the issue sorted soon it really is such a vital component of the iPads versatility.
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    WARNING!!!! TWCCable App and Jailbreaking

    Well now that it's sorted out, let me ask everyone this: Is the TWC app even worth all the hassle??? I've read mixed reviews about it's usefulness?
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    Comexs' patch

    I have found the pdf patcher 2 on cydia but when i go to install it, I get an error saying the file is missing. Anyone else having any problems? Thanks edit: NVM a reboot cleared the issue up. I'm not patched up with no problems
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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    Ok I will give those a shot. i'm a photographer so I used to drop large raw files on my iPad2 hopefully the over-the-air solutions aren't too terribly slow
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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    Excellent thanks for the reply. I think I enjoy my freed ipad too much to go back to stock, but nice that the option is there. Is there an over-the-air (via Wi-fi or bluetooth) solution that can conveniently get photos onto the jb iPad2?
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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    bummer hope a more convenient fix arrives soon. I actually use the import photo function via SD card pretty regularly on my ipad2. Just out of curiosity if I stock restored and got rid of the jailbreak would the issue be fixed? Thanks
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    Ipad 2 JB.. Working/non working cydia apps

    sbsettings winterboard retinapad all fine
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Great success on 32gig Wifi! So very simple and easy....nothing like what I just went through trying to update an iPhone 3GS to 4.3 AND maintain my unlock lol..... No bugs or problems to speak of so far....EVERYONE needs to donate if they can this is superb work!
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    iPad or macbook?

    Interesting discussion. I have a powerful Mac Pro desktop at home for heavy editing and computing, and the iPad for general internet/light use. I have a samsung NC10 I will be selling because it just collects dust since I got the iPad :) That being said I am going to see how the iPad does on...
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    The Easier Way to Instal Flash on iPad

    Interesting will have to try this. So far the only time not having flash has annoyed me was when I was comparing hotel/flight prices online.
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    This is what I do as well. Saves some serious $$$ IMO
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    StarCraft 2 theme

    It's not a "theme" as you would find on windows or a pc, rather you save the pics and set them as your home screen and lock screen backgrounds in the settings menu.
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    3 Ways to download Youtube videos.

    Thanks lots of good in for here. I admit I was lamely using mxtube up until now lol
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    Uploading from Browser

    I admit this is one of the first issues that has really bothered me about the iPad. Uploading is pretty essential ......
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    Connectivity issues

    Update: got home and wi-fi is working fine here at the house. Whew! That was a close one. I guess the wi-fi I was bogarting was having some issues or something. Suppose I'll be tethering now...
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    Connectivity issues

    I am now officially experiencing this problem as of this morning. 16gig Wi-Fi iPad reads full wi-fi signal strength, but I am unable to connect to any email accounts, or connect to the internet via perfect browser or safari. Very frustrating as it was working just fine last night. I am at my...
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    External Hard Drive & Camera Kit

    Good question I am interested in jail broken ipads doing this as well
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    CNET’s 10 Reasons Why iOS 4 Will Rock on iPad

    It's nice to dream lol but the memory limitations are very real on the iPad. I think if most of those suggestions do show up it'll be on the iPad 2
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    Why Would People Get 3G When You...

    I just use the miWi on my iPhone if I need an Internet connection where there isn't a hotspot. Not as fast but saves me loads of money in the long run My .02
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    Expanding Application of the Camera Connection Kit

    Interesting I have a card reader I will try it out and see if it works. If only my camera connection kit would arrive lol
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    iPad is not a Note taking device

    Excellent thread. After reading I think I will give soundpaper a try. I have penultimate but have been unimpressed so far
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    Damn-smug iPhone friends

    Both are great products, iPhone is more of a necessity but I enjoy using my iPad much more
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    Fallout from Apple's iPhone 4 "Bar Situation" Continues

    I don't see what all the fuss is about really. If it makes calls great, if not then it's no good. The 'number of bars' is pretty worthless to know honestly. It will either work or it won't. Seems like most people are freaking out because they are perceiving this as a problem as opposed to...
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    Anyone using Bento?

    I have it but I haven't played around with it too much yet. It is much more versatile than iCal or address book for sure. I got it for school so we will see when the semester starts. I can try to answer any specific questions you have though. Good luck
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    Jailbroken iPad frozen (In need of help)

    Jailbreak is not necessarily less secure, the software is just being altered. Apple wants you to experience their products a certain way and in many respects this is good for the consumer. But more experienced 'users' shouldn't shy away from trying to get the most out of their device.
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    iPhone to iPad Tethering a No Go

    Yeah same here. I'm on t-mobile so it isn't super fast, but can't complain about something is better than nothing. I've also noticed that the longer I have it tethered the faster the speeds seem to get. Anyone else notice something similar?
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    WritePad 4.0 Now Available for iPad

    Very true but I think I will fork out the money for it anyways. It'll be invaluable for class in the fall
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    Does The Virtual Keyboard Do The Job...?

    Yea that would be nice please post it if you remember :)
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    best browser for tabs, gestures, speed

    As was said above tabs are memory hogs. How many tabs are are you using at one time? I haven't had any problems yet but I usually only use 2 or 3 tabs at one time..
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    best browser for tabs, gestures, speed

    Try the aptly named "perfect browser" it's .99 cents and is awesome!! It's what I'm using now much better than safari. True tabbed browsing (no more pointless reloads like with safari) a very cool semi translucent scroll bar that let's you scroll the entire webpage (no more repeated swiping)...
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    Does The Virtual Keyboard Do The Job...?

    For minor word processing I think the virtual keyboard works pretty damn well. But if you plan on doing some more intensive typing it's worth it to get the bluetooth keyboard
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    Could Apple update the iPad very soon?

    Its up to you really, we are all going to tell you to go ahead and get it now since we love ours so much :) But iOS4 is just software so if Apple installs it for you from the factory, or if you update it yourself if you get one before iOS4 comes out its really no different. Good luck!
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    Could Apple update the iPad very soon?

    The wifi issue will be addressed with the iOS 4 update in a few months. This should fix problems people are having with SSL based VPN authentication on some networks (universities being the most glaring). The iPad 2.0 or whatever they decide to call it will have some definite improvements, but...