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    ipad new game! Might and Card!

    Is this game really nice?
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    Screen protector without the bubbles?

    screen protectors will really be very important on iPad. It helps avoid scratches on our screens.
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    I am not particular to changes anyway but If I love to see new features that the old OS of iPad does not have before.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    If I were to have one I will primarily use it as an internet tool and also an entertainment also.
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    How to include pictures in a post (using imageshack)

    Thanks for the info. It really helps me.
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    My Introduction

    Nice to know you!
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    If I have the needed money to buy the most expensive iPad then for sure I will go for the most expensive one.
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    Steve Jobs For President

    Even though iPad is very famous in the world I think it is still not enough to make Steve Jobs as a President.
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    Adobe Replies to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flashâ€

    I think flash is very important on iPad and it must also be allowed by Steve Jobs.
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    Virus question

    For sure iPad will also be attacked by hackers, viruses and any other hijacking attempts by many people around the world. that is why Apple will ready themselves for that matter.
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    I am happy to be here!

    Hi everyone! I am so happy that I landed on this forum. It will be a great help for me.
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    Walmart May Start Selling Apple iPads This Year

    I knew it that Wallmart will also come on a point that they will be selling iPad also. For sure it will be a great help in selling iPad on different places.
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    China Mobile Wants the iPad

    If that will be the case then will the quality of iPad will be at risk because they will make iPad that will be distributed in the market?
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    Some Universities have banned the iPad from their wireless networks

    I believe it is not necessary to ban iPad on universities. There is no point on banning this gadget and for sure it will be useful for a lot of students also.
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    Russian President Dimitry Medvedev Has An iPad

    It will be no surprise anymore that powerful people like him will have an iPad.
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    iPad A Great Tool For Any DJ

    For sure it will be a great tool for DJ's and not for DJ's alone but also for other music enthusiasts. Like putting it in their cars as part of their sound system.
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    iPad users on Windows targeted with malware

    Every devices here in the world are always prone on having malwares and viruses. Devices must be prepared about this matter.
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    Steve Jobs For President

    For sure a lot of people and most especially apple enthusiast will vote him.
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    China Mobile Wants the iPad

    It is good to hear that the apple iPad is receiving overwhelming response all over the world. Apple sure does really did it again! They really proved that they can provide high quality of gadgets and devices.
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    (Education) Why the iPad Absolutely Matters

    iPad really matters when it comes to education because it compresses a lot of books inside a computer tablet. You don't have to bring a lot of books because you can search the materials that you will be needing in your magnificent iPad.
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    iPad for Students

    An iPad is really helpful for students. I have a son who is now studying and he keeps on borrowing my iPad to do his research. I am now planning to buy a new one for him.
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    Does the iPad print?

    I do not know whether the iPad can print or not because base on what I have heard, the iPad has no capability to print files so you have to transfer files to other devices.. Is it true?
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    Does iPad Print?

    No, the iPad can not print so in order to print, you must either email the file to your Mac or PC or sync the iPad using iTunes and MobileMe.
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    Reports are that stores are out of iPads

    Yes, I have heard that the stores are out of iPad. It is really sad for those who have not bought their iPad on time. Don't worry I am sure that Apple will manufacture more iPad soon.
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    iPad Wifi Problems?

    Not like what others say, I did not have any problems with my iPAD's wifi connectivity. The connection is strong. It also works well with my home router as well as with various hot spots.
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    No External Keyboard

    After using the device extensively, I've grown accustomed to it. I can actually type on the unit in landscape mode using all of my fingers as if I were typing on a physical keyboard.
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    It Feels like Home

    Given that Apple uses iTunes for content management -- just as it does in the iPhone and iPod Touch -- and uses the same home-screen-with-icons design on the iPad as it does on the iPhone/iPod Touch, iPhone owners will feel immediately at home.
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    Problems that I've encountered

    I kept getting tripped up while performing everyday tasks. Here are a few examples: The iPad doesn't have a file system like the Mac, where you save documents from different applications in a single pile.It's a completely different way of storing and managing documents, and it takes...
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    iPhone wall charger does work with ipad

    Yes it really works but the charging is slower. I guess you must buy another charger for your iPad. But why do you have to use your iPhone charger for your iPad? Why not use your own iPad charger.
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    Goodbye Laptops!

    I've also found that the iPad has effectively replaced my laptop while I'm at work -- and the 3G access will only further cement that transition. The iPad is simply lighter and easier to carry than even a MacBook Air. When used with the Apple iPad Case, the iPad is like a thin...
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    iPad is not a Note taking device

    The iPad is not a good notetaking device. The keyboard, while tolearble for typing an email, or inputting a web site address; is not what I want to use to input notes from a technical class. I’d be better off with a pencil and a notebook.
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    Do I need the iPad 3G?

    Buy the less expensive wifi model and get a Verizon or Sprint Mifi device. MiFi units are pocket-size mobile hot spots that convert cellular data signals into a small Wi-Fi bubble -- good for allowing up to five separate Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect. Mifi units from Verizon sell for...
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    Think first!

    The delayed release for international iPad purchases may not be a bad thing. No doubt there are many people waiting/wanting to get their hands on their very own device; but, the extra time may allow some buyers the added opportunity to think. About? Wifi only or a 3G unit. Now, there...
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    a good laugh

    That post is so funny... But true. why do we have to worry about it. Give it to your wife instead.:D Would you all the husbands agree so?
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    The ultimate ipad kanga pouch

    That is right! Do we really have to wait for a long time to see the iPad holder same as the way we waited for the Apple iPad? This excitement is prolonging are agony.. I want it Now..:D
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    Brand new ipad getting smashed by a baseball bat

    I really don't understand why people are doing that.. Destroying your iPad with a baseball bat? I really think that they are not in their right minds. How can anyone be so dumb wasting their money just to have seconds of attention.
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    Android Tablet With 16 Hours of Battery Time

    No. i don't agree that the Android Tablet is an iPad killer because in my eyes, Apple iPad is the best Computer tablet ever invented. I am sure that te android tablet has a lot of flaws. And really stick for the iPad.
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    Apple Fanboy Arrogance

    Although I still don't think the iPad is perfect and I am not simply an Apple Fanboy, what I am excited about is the fact that Apple is one of the few bright lights of innovation, ingenuity and vision in the market these days; plus, you simply can't hold an Apple device without being amazed at...
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    Could A Person Really?

    Certainly Yes! Since I got my iPad, I don't bring any gadgets with me rather than my iPad. This magnificent computer tablet, you've got everything that you need.
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    Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

    Well, let us face the reality. The iPad is far better compared to a Netbook. The iPd has more features than the netbook. The iPad has also a wider screen. The design of the iPad is perfect.