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    Best photo album app for ipad 1?

    Im think perhaps the best use for my old ipad 1 is a mostly dedicate photo album but I cant seem to a decent enough photo album app. It should be simple, fast, easy to dump many many images into it, with folder trees and contact sheet-like display. Any ideas? Perhaps just using something like
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    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    My iPad Air Safari crashes perhaps once ever 4-8 hours of use or so. My iPad 1 crashes much more, perhaps every 2 hours of use. it doesnt seem to relate to the complexity of the website and restarting Safari going to the same site never double crashes. I think Chrome on my Android tab is...
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    photo album app for ipad1?

    Actually I also do have an iPad Air (Xmas present :) ), but its no less of a crime that the iPad1 is purposely and unnecessarily being made useless... I'm not asking for it to run 2014 apps, but I can't even load apps from 2012... Its a direct consequence of the walled garden, single store...
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    photo album app for ipad1?

    Thanks for your response... While I wasn't expecting a *new* photo app for the iPad1 IOS5, I did expect that there would have been decent photo apps that ran on IOS5 from when it was current, and those apps should run on the iPad1 IOS5, no? so where are they? This is not just a photo app...
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    photo album app for ipad1?

    really? not a single credible modern photo app that can run on an original iPad? I really didn't see this coming as the reason for obsolescence for older iPads... Hardware still works great, in mint condition...
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    photo album app for ipad1?

    My ipad1 is getting a little oldy-moldy so I thought to use it as a photo album device. But every decent photo album app I can find cant be run on the ipad1 as they require ios6. So any decent photo album apps that can be used with the ipad1 running ios5? I want to get away from that stupid...
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    Charging my ipad 1

    $25??? plenty of choice on ebay for around $5... I think you can also get cables that will allow charging with an external source and simultaneous USB usage (PC, etc)
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    cellular is probably worse than wifi for battery usage, particularly if you have a weak signal. try turning off your cell radio each night. or switch to wifi.
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    iPad Apps Crashing more and more

    What I read is that most testing particularly within Apple is now done on iPad2's and so the memory shortage problems on iPad1's are an increasingly common cause of crashes on iPad1's...
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    Ipad 1 should i upgrade to ios 5.0.1

    I haven't yet upgraded to IOS5, mostly because I'm lazy and I just hate doing anything with iTunes. But now I read numerous reports of IOS5 being not such a good idea for the iPad 1, specifically that memory problems cause Safari to crash very frequently. If its true, I would be very unhappy and...
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    international sim cards

    if you have a non US GSM device then the only US carrier that would have 3G data for you will be AT&T, since Tmobile US uses AWS freq. 1700 for 3g data. TMo would be okay and cheaper for voice, EDGE data and text 1900mhz. You can easily get an ATT sim at their stores, or on ebay.
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    Can I use Tmobile with an Ipad 2

    well only prob is the ipad cannot use tmo aws 1700 3g service... so youll be on edge...
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    printing from directly from Ipad to network printer

    the lastest ipad update incorporates printing... you have to get Bonjour working on your network...
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    Pricing out for HP Slate

    the price comparison isn't exactly fair... for $799 you get 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM (8x more than iPad), and 2 cameras, USB and SD slots and full Windows 7. Price compare the $799 to the iPad 64GB at $699... I think it will sell *some* because of Win7... lots of business and 'vertical' applications...
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    In my usage of iPad/Safari I find that it "vanishes" about once every few hours of usage, which I assume means that it crashed because I have to restart it and it has generally lost context. So, yes, I believe Safari crashes pretty often, far more often that my experience with, e.g. Firefox or...
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    Oplayer HD?

    So I bought oplayer 2 months ago... do I get this latest update somehow? or do I have to pay again?
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    What phone should I get to use with ipad?

    I believe all the major smartphone OSs have wifi hotspot apps available... WM certainly, Android, webOS, I think RIM/BB as well... I use WM's WiFiRouter with the ipad...
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    Transferring files without wifi/3g or iTunes?

    how about setting up your own WiFi connection between your ipad and your PC? $10 gets you a WiFi card for your PC (or get a USB/WiFi adapter). Then you can talk between PC and iPad with WiFi (or even share Internet, if you want...) otherwise, it sounds like JB...
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    Camping and the iPad - Preliminary Charging Results Inside

    This Amzer at 13Wh, 3500mah, looks somewhat better, though still only half the ipad's capacity... Amzer 3500 mAh Battery Backup Solar Charger - guess you could buy two... the guesstimated 6.25ah capacity of the ipad corroborates your 20% fill measurement of that Solio... at...
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    Camping and the iPad - Preliminary Charging Results Inside

    I'm wondering just how you know that the iPad's battery is less than 1800mah... I could be wrong, but what I see quoted is that the iPad battery is rated at 25Wh... so presuming about a 4V cell voltage, that's 6.25Ah.... more than THREE times that 1800mah...
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    Video Files Directly on iPad Main Screen?

    oplayer might work for your application... it will play videos of a larger variety of formats that have been d/l into the ipad (includes an FTP and HTTP client to help with the d/l). since its JB, the VLC app might also do what you want...
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    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    definitely willing to JB if it means Flash... (probably will anyways, perhaps after 4.0)...
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    antenna positioning effects on the ipad, ala iphone4

    Ive noticed just casually, using wifi, that the ipad gets a much weaker signal if held perfectly horizontally (flat). Not much more in the way of scientific data on this...
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    Am I missing the obvious?

    I hate that aspect of the ipad also... and posted about this earlier.... basically no GOOD intuitive way to nav a text box. There is a way that sorta works sometimes, but it is pretty unreliable in my hands. It involves planting one finger in one part of the text box and swiping with another...
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    email and photo problems

    Using Wifi at home, if you are using the exact same router as your PC that works correctly, it is hard to explain other than 1) set up router wrong (blocking ports), 2) set up iPad wrong, bad configuration, not POP3, etc. Using Wifi at work opens up additional possible obstacles: 1) work blocks...
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    Sleep mode question ~

    not a silly question... I always thought that LCD screens were not suspectible to any kind of image burn-in... but I have proof right on my desktop, an LCD screen that I have had for 5+ years, with app windows ALWAYS in the same place, sure enough, there is a clear residual burn in at the edges...
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    email question sorry if repeat

    a purist would say that email is supposed to be pure text, and that HTML emails are an abomination... send a Word Doc attachment if you need formatted text... next thing we'll see is HTML SMS... :) (but I didnt say the above... I do dislike html emails though...)
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    Remote access to windows 2003 server

    any of these products allow Windows network filesystem access cifs?
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    Web Browsers

    I know that Safari reloads far more than it needs to, but the point is that it is also capable of maintaining a stateful session while you switch to another app, eg email or calendar, then switch back. I just tried it, went into a secure site, looking at sensitive financial info, etc, jumped...
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    An iPad campus

    I fully expect rampant ipad breakage and theft in these scenerios... Also I'm sure students will figure out ways to pirate many copies of textbooks so that most students won't be buying the digital textbooks, but copying from former students. On the flipside, what are the arrangements to "sell...
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    iPad file System question...

    i dunno about yxplayer, but oplayer plays AVIs and includes an FTP and HTTP client that allows you to d/l essentially any file for viewing... reportedly they are working on an SMB client as well, which would mean that you could access network "drives" (filesystems), served up by either Windows...
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    email and photo problems

    are you using 3G or wifi, and if wifi, at home usung the same connection as your pc? (ie both from the same router, talking to bresnan as your isp...)
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    Web Browsers

    its my understanding and seems to be true when Ive tested, that ipad Safari already does this: its "allowed" to stay resident, maintain all of its connections, such that you can return to a "stateful" session after jumping to and from another app. Atomic isnt allowed this feature, AFAIK...
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    Reading WMVfiles on iPad

    did you try oplayer?
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    Web Browsers

    yes, but what does resume mean... is it going to try to fetch the same webpages from the server again? or is all that state info stored away? what if you are in the middle of a "stateful" transaction? suppose you are in the middle of buying airplane tickets and you need to switch to your...
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    agreed... its not like multitasking/multiprocessing is some new technology or invention that has yet to be proven... The understanding of how to do multitasking properly dates back to the 1960's and practically every CS student since then has studied it and re-implemented it ad naseum. Every CPU...
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    Web Browsers

    If you're using Atomic, then switch to, say, Mail, then back to Atomic, does it need to start up from scratch again? that would be the deal breaker for me... otherwise, I'd love a real tabbed browser...
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    Happy or unhappy with ipad?

    happy but not ecstatic... a great 1.0 product, but many improvements needed and omissions need to be addressed. I dont have confidence that Apple will fix all these issues, at least not with Jobs around. this means there is plenty of room for good competition, which I suppose is good...
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    email and photo problems

    bresnan appears to want POP3 for incoming email... is that what you used?
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    Cannot send e mail from I pad when in spain on holiday

    smtp authentication again... does your ISP allow "POP before SMTP"? per above, its the easiest to do webbased email, if you don't understand SMTP authentication issues... you can read the below, if you want an explanation: