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    iPad 2 HDMI Lock

    I made this simple bar looking thing for my iPad 2 to keep the HDMI cable adapter from unplugging when playing on TV like the Real Racing HD. Here's a video how it works YouTube - iPad 2 + iLuv Case + Apple Case + HDMI Adapter Bar Its actually quite useful. What do you guys think?
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    iPad with Bose L1 Compact System

    Hey guys. Just sharing what and how i use my iPad for parties and this last Halloween. I mounted it on the Bose L1 Compact System. I used a wall mount and made my own iPad mount and Bose mount. I am also planing to add a mic preamp to work with the T-pain app. It does great with voice effects...
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    My own adjustable iPad stand

    I think I know what you want Am currently brain storming new ideas for a stand, I'll post it in a week or so. Great idea.
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    Hi, Pls visit my blog at
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    Crazy iPad Wheel Mount

    Check out this crazy ipad wheel mount YouTube - Crazy iPad Wheel Mount thanks
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    iPad Wall Mount

    Building another one for my brother. I'll include a power supply add on mod just for you. I have an Instructable account, long time ago. Have to check it out if it's still active. Anyways, thanks.
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    iPad Wall Mount

    I'll be making another one next week. Am still trying to see if more people are interested in making one of these to make a how to video. The speaker cable is very easy to fix. So anyone else interested, let me know Thanks
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    iPad Wall Mount

    I'm using it right now. It's like typing on a floating iPad. The wall mount arm is available online somewhere between $105-$125. The mount the holds the iPad, I made myself. It cost somewhere between $20-$30. Wow, It's faster typing like this.
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    iPad Wall Mount

    iPad Wall Mount Here's a video YouTube - iPad Wall Mount Painted w/ Speakers Works really great.
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    Apple iPad Case Mod Stand

    Some of you would probably have an Apple iPad case. Nice but on land scape mode, it tips over forward easily. Here is a very simple and cheap solution. Here is the video on making one. YouTube - iPad case w/ simple stand mod The idea is to keep the iPad in its case and add a simple mod to...
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    iPad Wall Mount

    Just the clear iPad mount: Lexan Sheet 1/4" thick 8 1/2" x 11" is about $10 2 Clip boards is about $6 Pipe about $6 Thats around $22 The wall mount at list price is $169, I found a good deal for $105 online. Total Project Materials Cost around $127
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    iPad Wall Mount

    iPad Wall Mount - Updated with Speakers Here is a preview of a Wall Mount I've been working on. Here's a video YouTube - iPad Wall Mount More details later. Let me know what you think. Thanks Update
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    Idea: Homemade iPad Stand

    I made a Wall Mount for my iPad, i'll post it soon. Check it out
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    Idea: Homemade iPad Stand

    I made an iPad Wall Mount, I'll post it soon
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    How to make a Pogo stylus clone

    Very nice DIY