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    iPad not working with windows live

    Works great on my iPhone. Doesn't on my iPad. What gives their support was of no help. Apple when will you fix this. I love my iPad other than this and I hate using their web email
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    iPad apps for college

    its 2010 why do you need a printer. Email the document
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    What is the best screen protector you can buy?

    I got mine ghost armored. Zagg has a weird texture to it and make the glass reflect weird. Ghost armor i can hardly tell its even on there
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    Verizon to sell iPhone starting 1/2011

    All those same sites reported a five year exclusive deal with AT&T. So unless they found a loophole like netflix did with the other consoles, then I'll continue with my i4
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    Ghost armor

    Do you have it
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    I have a IPad, but there is no operation system

    My only suggestion is to plug it into a computer and see if you can do an iTunes restore
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    Just ordered!

    It will come and you I'll enjoy that day. A lot lol
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    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    Peggle is my fav. Mw2 is a blast on ps3 tho
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    Was Your Email Address Hacked?

    If it was just email then its not really a big deal. What's the worst they can do. Send spam? Lol
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    Who here bought an iPad even though they dislike Apple products?

    Hey man you know AT&T is really not that bad Despite all the bad press they get. Its really only bad in san Fran and new York. In az its actually great. And with the new iphone have a much better antenna it will be. Awesome. By no means am i a fanboy. I only own ios devices minus the touch...
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    Data Usage

    yes. That only shows the data used over a 3g network. there wouldn't be a way to track total data on the ipad until multitasking comes out.
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    Weird battery life problem

    Funny i saw the wifi data xfer circle thing on my iPad just going and ping. My battery went down like 29 percent in like ten mins. I rebooted but my battery still isn't last like it normally does
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    JB battery life?

    As matt pointed out, turning off the iPad (and iPhone for that matter) radios is the best way to conserve battery. When I'm at home I turn off the 3g radio and vice versa
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    The 2nd Amendment Thread

    Yep here in az you don't need the permit any more. So be careful who you talk shit too haha.
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    Went from iphone to evo

    So i went from having an iphone for the past two years to jumping ship to sprint and getting an evo. To keep this Short (no iPad keyboard accessory yet lol) I like the evo A few things that bother me coming from an iPhone. The scrolling sucks. Seems small but its big. Iphone scrolling software...
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    - iPhone to Sprint...can't wait any longer.

    Meh I don't like slider phones or physical keyboards. I like my evo
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    This is for all of the "free" book website spammer people:

    Haha isn't that a scene from wanted
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    Apple micro sim You can use a normal sim.

    Dick lol
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    Sign up and join the conversation!

    Join us new people!!
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    Oh cool. I live in the biltmore area. You're gonna have to let me have a turn behind the wheel in one of those sexy ass cars. Lol
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    iPhone battery life

    Hehe yea my iphone lasts for days now!
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    Brought my ipad to

    Starbucks. Yep i took my ipad out into the wild to a local star bucks as i felt the need to show it off. Call me a douche whatever you want its fine. That was my sole intention to show off my new shiney iPad. Instead no one asked me about it and i sat there drinking my latte, screwing around...
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    Greetings from new iPadic

    Welcome luke biz!!! Nice to see another new person sign up here!
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    Slow Internet surfing

    I'm kind of upset that i spent 2 bucks on perfect browser and now don't even use it. I hope it gets an update soon so that i can try it out on this website
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    Ipad charge cord

    You can use the ipad power brick to charge your iphone too. It'll charge super quick too.
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    June iPads are now shipping 7 - 10 Business Days!

    Sell the connection kit on ebay lol
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    3 Word Story

    That I found
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    Yes. It's easy to do that tho. You should go do it
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    Date of new os rollout?

    Hahah I'll be at work w my evo checking on it all day. I'll out money on no verizon tho. Wanna bet Matt? :)
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    3 Word Story

    With help from
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    iPad Street Magic in Tokyo

    Wow that was amazing!
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    Slow Internet surfing

    It's just safari. It renders pretty slow compared to most everything else I think perfect browser renders quicker but it's not displaying some sites properly
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    You in az Matt?
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    What id really like is the ability to play pandora in the background while i type things like this! :D
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    what are the best torrent apps to use with ipad/iphone?

    Sorry atill not very good at typing on my iPad lol
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    what are the best torrent apps to use with ipad/iphone?

    Yeabuthere are a few jail broken apps that you can usemto torrent things
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    You fellas are all rich!! I'm 21 and I drive an 06 special edition lancer lol
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    AT&T changing their plans

    The problem with the grandfathering is that you need to keep your unlimited data plan active to keep it. I only want it for when i go out of town like. 2-3 times a year.