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  1. Vonbonds

    Watch movies on my Ipad2

    Air Video is my answer to watching movies on my iPad's at home without using storage on my devices. I haven't tried to watch them remotely but it is nice to hear that works too.
  2. Vonbonds

    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    I just added another Wifi only iPad to my stable (64gb black in addition to a 32gb iPad 1). I have a Verizon Mifi card for work so I get online with that. Even if I didn't have it I wouldn't sweat it...I have no need for extra bills :).
  3. Vonbonds

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I was able to get an iPad 2 (64GB, Wifi, Black) from the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE today. I am in the process of syncing my apps and getting on with business. I had to get a second one since my family completely hijacked my original 32GB Wifi :).
  4. Vonbonds

    Got my carbon fiber front and rear skins today

    That looks awesome, well done.
  5. Vonbonds

    iPad 2 in the U.S.

    I am with you. I am near Philly too and haven't found any availalble in stores local. I won't wait in any lines but patiently wait till they are easier to come by.
  6. Vonbonds

    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I have a first gen iPad (32gb WIFI) and love it. My problem is so does my wife and nearly 3 year old son (he loves to draw and look at pictures on it). I am getting another one so I can actually use an iPad again! :). I haven't touched mine in over 2 weeks since my mother-in-law is visiting...
  7. Vonbonds

    Upgrade or wait?

    You shouldn't upgrade in my opinion. The cameras aren't supposed to be good and that is one of the main reasons to upgrade. Since you are a freshman in college if you have the 500 bucks sitting around put it away for a CAR in a few years :). Keep your eye on the prize :).
  8. Vonbonds

    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    Do lots of reading on the iPad before you think of replacing your e-ink reader. My neighbor has a Kindle and it is a lot easier on my eyes than my iPad. Now don't get me wrong, I have this over that for a reason but my wife is a voracious reader and I am thinking of an e-ink reader for her...
  9. Vonbonds

    Syncing files without iTunes?

    Mine isn't jail broken but I have used Goodreader to transfer files to my iPad.
  10. Vonbonds

    One dumb questions! So far...

    Beautiful picture and of course dog :)
  11. Vonbonds

    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    Sure, why not. It is just another web browser when using Safari.
  12. Vonbonds

    OpenDNS has made my iPad web browsing twice as fast

    I just changed my FIOS router to opendns, let's see if it helps. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Vonbonds

    Best app you've gotten?

    Goodreader is great for me. I am in technical sales and have all of our reference documents loaded on my iPad for use at a moments notice. I almost use my device like a mobile digital print out, I bought this to play with but find myself using it for work constantly now. Weatherbug and the...