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  1. Wetstuff

    does apple abandon their customers ?

    I have had Mac since the late 80's. I still have a Classic II that has a 9" B&W screen. They do not abandon us - we abandon them. In a total of 5 iMacs, laptops, 4 pre-iMacs, a few iPods and this iPad, I have only had one iMac about 3 gens. ago back for a free power supply. Probably...
  2. Wetstuff

    Is your YouTube blurry?

    It is the only video source I have attempted yet, but it looks like I am viewing thru a film of heavy grease. Maybe there is a setting I am missing? I'd appreciate some help.. thanks.
  3. Wetstuff

    I can Wi-Fi Verizon...

    Here's a concrete example: I am in the process of an upload to YT of my Golden Doodle pulling me on a skateboard... It's 1.56GB. At the current rate Verizon is providing me - it will take 4.5hours. "Welcome. Your call is important to us..."
  4. Wetstuff

    I can Wi-Fi Verizon...

    Ya Waka ... 3mbs is bonus service .. for the last 5 months of Verizon DSL .. I was under 2mbs. at and Verizon tech people told me; "That is good!" My contract is over in the Spring, and even tho' Comcast is nothing but evil in another form, I am going to have to switch. Only a...
  5. Wetstuff

    Folding stand for travel

    I did a post on this sort of item a few months ago.. They work great. I can set my mini keyboard in front and it works just like a tiny iMac.
  6. Wetstuff

    A 12v charger that works!

    I typically like to buy simple stuff from Amazon ..because you get to read some reviews. Boy were the reviews bad for these plug-in chargers! I got one off Ebay (item #270638016141 by seller 'crazyonmp3') .. it said the right things about spec, but you never can tell... Still, for $5 -...
  7. Wetstuff

    I can Wi-Fi Verizon...

    I have had tons of problems with Verizon (home also because I am in the boonies) .. the DSL at my business has been downloading in the lower 25 percentile for months. I have spent hours with the 'Mac Specialists' (who, do not use Macs?!) frustration, they sent me a new wire modem.. and...
  8. Wetstuff

    Issues with You Tube videos on iPad

    Will this software improve the visual quality? I can get them easily enough via 3G but it is as if the vids are run thru a sander before I can see them. Type without great contrast (red on black as example) is not readable. Jim
  9. Wetstuff

    Finally: got my 3G antenna to work..

    I started this about a week before I got my iPad. I live in the country and we are not served well by any cellular provider.. The closest AT&T tower is about 6 miles thru the woods. I spent some money and time attempting to get a signal at my house... Here is the original posting...
  10. Wetstuff

    Where to buy/dnld single movies...

    Merci Ivan. I wil have to look at iTunes again.
  11. Wetstuff

    Where to buy/dnld single movies...

    My wife is flying to LA from Philly ..about 5.5hrs, so I thought I'd get her a couple of movies. I wanted to get season 3 of Madmen .. but that's waaaay expensive for something that would become a one-watch. Both where we live (no 3G signal) and in-the-air we would not have have direct, iPad...
  12. Wetstuff

    12v car chargers on Amazon = bad reviews

    There are a number of people selling a car charger for the iPad .. but almost all the reviews say these gentlemen are simply selling low wattage units for the iPod. Have you found one that really works? I am tired finding that I have 20% of remaining after leaving my iPad sit for a few days...
  13. Wetstuff

    How to post ebay pics

    G-t: You can host the pics somewhere (we should all have at least one domain, or free pic site) and fill-in-the-Red parts of: <img src=""> 'img src' is a common way to post an image in Ebay ...or even a forum like this. (I have not...
  14. Wetstuff

    A better way to find apps...

    A bump for iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Deals and Discovery at App Shopper - All Recent Changes for iPad The nice thing, once you have done the full tour, you can go back and just check for new entries every few days. Rednecks are not gong to like all the Furr'in listings ..but they'll jes'av...
  15. Wetstuff

    No ATT 3G coverage.

    .... and Matth3w: You expose yourself as a the fool for posting such disrespectful crap at the end of you postings. It seems crass and discourteous accompanies Fat & Lazy as the new American standard. Little wonder the Chinese build almost everything we purchase.
  16. Wetstuff

    No ATT 3G coverage.

    My business is close to a tower with good 3G .. my home 12mi out of town gets sh/t for a signal. I would not knowingly settle for EDGE. I would sell my iPad if I had to settle for that.. as bad as dialup.
  17. Wetstuff

    Has The ipad Ever Frooze On Anybody?

    I kept bitching about 'No Service' .. did a reboot and AT&T came back... At least when I am close to a tower. Jim
  18. Wetstuff

    Is It Just Me, Or Does Anybody Find It WRONG...Credit Card..

    Well, had you been one of the 20% who read their statements monthly .. and you have up to 90days with some cards - to read the statement. You could simply 'reverse' any transaction. Other than a completely fraudulent card using your SSN, address, etc.. you are in control. (Even's...
  19. Wetstuff

    Proof Verizon is far creepier than AT&T

    I too have been a Verizon customer for years as they are the monopoly provider in my area. They really don't give a rat's azz.. They will con and game you with 'new business services' and then break them into pieces so you have a multi-statge contract obligation. When you call to see when...
  20. Wetstuff

    slight scratches on the screen of my iPad?!?! ack!

    Nick: Get any modern auto 'glaze' that you would use on a decent car. It will fill most light scratches. I use it on my glasses .. and I am tough on my glasses. One go at it ..they're like new. Jim
  21. Wetstuff

    Movie Software

    M-R: Try Brand-X software ... VADO makes a similar camera and a decent little movie making package.. Creative Worldwide Support You can do simple edits, titles, credits, etc. It's a little buggy on my Mac but opens every video file on my system and outputs to most popular portals. Jim
  22. Wetstuff

    Why is it so hard to get my AVI video to load on iPad?

    ... I have never used the PC version, but a great, FREE converter is MPEG Streamclip from.. Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows It takes almost any video file and lets you mod it to play on many formats. I use it to make AVI files because many PC people still...
  23. Wetstuff

    Ipad target audience

    L-W: Given your age - I'd wait to see where the market moves. The iPad is really for early adopters ..and then for them to make the market move. Steve Jobs can make a fancy new hammer but it's up to us-folks to see if it is a real tool or a Pet Rock. I had dreams of it replacing a desk or...
  24. Wetstuff

    I got two cases. Some thoughts..

    Nicely done Steph. It looks like my Folio-style is #15 on your list. A friend runs a Leather company in CT that has done a lot of short run, designer handbags .. and they have had talks with two NY designers. From what I glean, I think they feel that very few Dolce & Gabbana* level bags will...
  25. Wetstuff

    Cases with magnets--problem for 3G?

    ... go to Apple Support - Discussions and put magnets into the search box. There are lots of threads about the topic. So far, I cannot see where any Apple engineers have posted - only speculation.
  26. Wetstuff

    Fedex vs. AT&T

    Tony: Fedex was amazing... Mine left China on one day .. landed in Alaska that evening .. landed Memphis that night .. landed Baltimore sometime early morning .. landed by Cessna Caravan in Salisbury (my town about 130mi from Balto) about 9am .. I got delivery about 10:30am. Hell, my usual...
  27. Wetstuff

    Inexpensive wire stand..

    I heard about these on one of the forums - maybe here 30 pages back?! But how can you miss for like 2-for-$5 on Amazon... They are made by Gibson Holders. I envy these Gibson guys. I have done a bit of wire forming to hold a GPS using the CD slot on my truck, but have never been able...
  28. Wetstuff

    I got two cases. Some thoughts..

    I am one who likes, to think, I think ahead of a problem. In this instance, an incoming iPad needs protection! I hit Google search and found this Tan Folio. It was a safe choice because it is traditional. ...when the Pad came, I found I disliked zippers. I was only zipping up the...
  29. Wetstuff

    iPad worth driving three hours round trip???

    I had one on order from Apple .. Best Buy, also a little over an hour from me, were getting them in on a Friday (about a week before mine was due) But, they would only start selling at 5pm .. and would not let me give a Visa # to reserve or tell me how many they would have. But, they would be...
  30. Wetstuff

    What does iPad better than other devices?

    It travels a helluva lot better than my iMac or PBP.
  31. Wetstuff

    Reasons why 'not' to buy 3G..

    T-P: I wish I could have simply copy/pasted your story. Good for you. need to show up to win, but time/place are usually helpful. Cheers.
  32. Wetstuff

    Can someone with one iPad test this site please?

    Saulo .... I'm on an Intel iMac with Safari 4.0.5 via DSL .. and it - John Romero on a Podcast - loads in maybe 20sec with two guys talking .. something about seeing a Hawk that one guy could shoot. Not something I'd stay with, but it works fine. Te logo... Jim
  33. Wetstuff

    Reasons why 'not' to buy 3G..

    MTL ... Pop. density is the deal. In Miami 25 acres is a Wildlife Sanctuary or a VL housing complex .. on my road it is one house. (Nothing too fancy - it's not Coral Gables up here.) Verizon does not even deem our land lines worthy of an electronic switching station upgrade so we can get DSL...
  34. Wetstuff

    Reasons why 'not' to buy 3G..

    Many people are certainly rushing the retail counter and as hot a ticket the iPad is, I think I found one good reason not to buy one: a weak 3G signal. I have had mine for a few weeks now and realistically could have done without. I have been a Mac user since the late '80's .. run three at...
  35. Wetstuff

    Bing classic maps for ipad

    RB .. I have not opened it yet but I know for sure Bing is bundled within MotionX GPS HD for the iPad. Unlike the turn-by-turn GPS programs, it is dirt cheap. MotionX? by Fullpower | MotionX-GPS HD Overview Cheers. Jim
  36. Wetstuff

    Do AT&T's 3G bars actually..

    Here's what 5 Bars means... Maybe less than you think... Here is the 5 Bar reading in town. Here is the 5 Bar reading at home. Unlike a motorcycle throttle, WFO, or 5 Bars, can mean full speed - half speed ... or whatever AT&T/Apple decides it wants it to mean. Bars...
  37. Wetstuff

    Do AT&T's 3G bars actually..

    So, I got this app SpeedtestX ...and it confirms the obvious. There were three runnings .. two at my shop (this morning so you could see the full GUI) and one at home in the driveway by the house last evening. It is posted next to the test I ran at the shop about this same time on May 23rd in...
  38. Wetstuff

    1st time using a touch screen

    ....Mee too; other than the USAirways check-in kiosk at the airport (where the ticket agents still help 60% of the travelers?!), I have no recent memory of ever using a touch screen before. Yet out-of-the-box, other than having the letters and numbers appear on separate screens, the iPad...
  39. Wetstuff


    Skipper .. I am often corrected, but I believe I heard that WiFi has priority when there are two signals - WiFi/3G - available. Maybe you could do a test and report the results to confirm or correct. Cheers.
  40. Wetstuff

    Do AT&T's 3G bars actually..

    LTp ... that was a helluva read. I don't pretend not having to go to Summer School to pass a remedial math class, but it was written well enough for me to mentally dump the abbreviations an glean the essence of it. Thanks. I also just dnld the free App: SpeedtestX HD and did a run here at my...