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  1. raytmercer

    Want A Free iPad? Go To (Or Back To) College

    iPads at ST Believe me, the students will pay for them.
  2. raytmercer

    Steve Jobs continues iPad Campaign in New York

    Candidly, given the content, I did not want my username associated with the thread.
  3. raytmercer

    Are you aware of the pornographic photos on the Jobs thread in News forum?

    Are you aware of the pornographic photos on the Jobs thread in News forum?
  4. raytmercer

    iPhone to iPad Tethering a No Go

    Mobile Broadband Router Solution I have a 3g USB Modem with Verizon. I use it with a mobile broadband router like CTR500 Mobile Broadband Router | Cradlepoint Technology to create a wi-fi hotspot. I am not a big streaming media type so this works great. I can host up to 5 devices. It is more...
  5. raytmercer

    So many iPad Haters

    I had lunch yesterday with the sales manager for the local Best Buy. Although mandated by corporate, she felt that the iPad was a waste of floor space. At least I know where I am not going to buy one.
  6. raytmercer

    How soon will you purchase the iPad?

    Educational Discount for iPad I doubt it. The iTouch does not a discount in the Apple Education Store.
  7. raytmercer

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    My wife likes simplicity. So this will consolidate functions currently currently done by multiple devices. 1. Replace her Kindle. 2. Replace her Video Ipod. She uses Tivo2Go to catch up on her shows when on the road. (I will have to get the 64G version just for this function). 3. Replace her...