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    Offline map app

    Thanks I'll look in to them.
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    Very nice. Something I have been looking at from another place. Will it dock?
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    Offline map app

    Does anyone know of a good app for offline maps something that would work for most of the USA? I have downloaded direct u. It was to slow to be useful. I am kind of surprised that Thomas guide does not have some sort of an app. Free or paid i do not care Thanks
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    sync 2 ipads to different itunes account and share apps

    Kind of an old thread. But I think it is still good info. Will the same method work but rather then down load apps again could they be brought over with "Home Sharing" ?
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    Official iPad Owners List

    64g wifi here
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    AirPrint On iOS From ANY PRINTER (No Special Printer Needed)

    Here is another way of doing it for free How to Enable iOS AirPrint Support in OS X Right Now
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    delete a letter !

    i can not answer this question on the ipad but on a mac KB you hold the fn key and hit the Delete key
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    Trying to figure out what dvd ripping program I can choose?

    on the mac. I use Handbrake. I did have a few issues when some of my movies and I had to use Mactheripper
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    Hulu vs netflix

    how does netflix work? Like say A tv show came out on Tuesday how soon could i watch it on netflix?
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    The iPads Best Unintended Feature

    another Unintended Feature. It could make a nice cutting board in a pinch :) no please don't do that
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    +3 Imac, macbook pro, two minis, ip4, ipodt 2nd, 30g classic, two magic mice, one mighty mouse, ipod nano, original iphone, two wireless kb, one wired kb, air port extreme and two ap express. Im sure i missed something