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  1. wholesalestunna

    What case do u use?

    Just got my mini today and went straight from apple to best buy to pick up an Otterbox... I think it's perfect. Not a fan of the snap on cover for the screen though.
  2. wholesalestunna

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    I'm sitting at home bored out of my mind....
  3. wholesalestunna

    iPad Durability

    That's why I don't mind tolerating a bulky case that keeps me from destroying the iPad. It's size makes it a lot more fragile though because of the large screen. My iPhone 4 is made of a lot of the same materials, and I've carried it naked for months at a time beating the hell out of it with...
  4. wholesalestunna

    iPad Case Gallery

    That case looks pretty cool. I'm thinking about picking up a Gumdrop case for my iPad 2
  5. wholesalestunna

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    I'm sitting on my new used macbook trying to stay up all night to get my sleep adjusted back to night shift... and I'm bored
  6. wholesalestunna

    iBooks store

    Look up at the top and see if you have free books selected. Last night I was browsing it and there's a button you can press where only free stuff will be displayed.
  7. wholesalestunna

    First Day With iPad3

    Welcome to the forum! You'll love the new iPad
  8. wholesalestunna

    Can't decide: Case, Sleeve or Bag?

    I like the Timbuk2 sleeve, but have my iPad in a iFrogz case. I'd order the sleeve and use it too, but I don't know for sure if it'll fit. Timbuk2 has great cases though, I keep my kindle in one.
  9. wholesalestunna

    Modern War App alliance ID

    220 063 730
  10. wholesalestunna

    Very Disappointed by Quality of Available iPad3 Cases

    I'm using the iFrogz summit case and I love it. I have seen very little about it here but picked one up from amazon and have not looked back. Great case!
  11. wholesalestunna

    Would you ditch your eReader for the iPad?

    I only really read on my iPad when there's low light... I thought I would use it more for reading but just don't. The kindle is smaller and the eink is awesome to read on. I also like how if I were to break the kindle its only $79 down the drain vs. 500+ so its easier to take to the beach and...
  12. wholesalestunna

    books won't download to kindle/amazon app since upgrading to IOS5

    I was having the same issue and then I realized I wasn't pulling down on the screen to sync it. I was just sitting there waiting for it to download automatically like my real kindle does.
  13. wholesalestunna

    Why cant i buy the hunger games on ibook???

    I use the kindle app too since I also have a kindle. I still prefer reading on my actual kindle, but the kindle app is great if Im in low light
  14. wholesalestunna

    Ipad 2 cases

    I'm still rocking the iFrogz Summit case in neon green and love it! Thinking about picking up some more colors. I can't believe they're only in the 20ish (they vary in price by color for some reason) dollar price range on amazon.
  15. wholesalestunna

    My iPad 2 now has wireless internet any where for free!!!!!

    Yeah and it raises the data limit to 5GB too.... I wish they didn't have the data cap :(
  16. wholesalestunna

    Your top 3 iOS wants

    I don't really have many complaints about the iPad. I'm just thankful it runs smooth since I'm coming from a kindle fire that crashed all the time.
  17. wholesalestunna

    Create folders in Kindle app

    This is something that users of the apps on the iPad and even users of the kindle fire have been asking for through Amazon feedback for quite a while and for some reason amazon will not add it.... Even to the kindle fire. I know that there was just another recent fire update and they didn't add...
  18. wholesalestunna

    Are you still happy with wifi?

    I like my wifi... Just about everywhere you go now has wifi anyways. If I don't have Internet I read on the kindle app or just play a game.
  19. wholesalestunna

    My iPad 2 now has wireless internet any where for free!!!!!

    I can do this but AT&T charges like 25 bucks a month extra for it. Still cheaper than buying a 3G iPad with a data plan though.
  20. wholesalestunna

    Apple being sued for price fixing

    As a big reader, I'm excited to see how this will unfold. I read about three books a week and $15 for an ebook when you can buy a paper copy for the same or less is rediculous. Amazon does a great job of marketing things, and if they want to take a hit on some book sales to gain customers, they...
  21. wholesalestunna

    Whats your favourite apps on your ipad atm?:)

    Do you even sit there on it when you're watching a game on tv? I do!
  22. wholesalestunna

    How do you put bookshelf or newsstand in a folder?

    I just move them onto the last screen that I don't use by themselves and I forget they're there.
  23. wholesalestunna

    College students: Tablets will replace textbooks by 2017

    My book for my class next semester is only $48 dollars in Kindle format. Or I could buy it for $150 and it's only selling back for $50. Ebook all the way!
  24. wholesalestunna

    Apple being sued for price fixing

    I can't wait to see the outcome of this suit. I think the ebook prices are ridiculous. There's no way that an ebook can cost the same or more than a hardback version. They don't have to print it, use paper, ship them, or pay employees. They make a killing off them at $16 a pop.
  25. wholesalestunna

    Timbuk2 sleeve with the iFrogz Summit case?

    I currently have the iFrogz Summit case for my iPad and want to get a sleeve for it also for more protection when in my bag. Does anyone have the Timbuk2 iPad sleeve that can comment on if the iPad will fit in the sleeve in this case? I wanted the Timbuk2 one because I have a timbuk2 ballistic...
  26. wholesalestunna

    What are the accessories you use the most?

    I use my ifrogz summit case daily since it stays on the iPad all the time
  27. wholesalestunna

    What are you reading now?

    Just finished Defending Jacob (great book by the way... I highly recommend it) and started on Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. I'm already about 25% of the way through that and really enjoying it so far.
  28. wholesalestunna

    iPad owners average age

    25 and a half
  29. wholesalestunna

    Buy iPad 3 or iPad 2?

    Personally, I bought an iPad 2 and saved $100 and I have been extremely happy. I don't really care about the retina display.
  30. wholesalestunna

    Anyone wake up in the middle of the night and go on your ipad?

    I do it... I use it to stay up all night too when making the transitions back to the graveyard shift too (like tonight)
  31. wholesalestunna

    So I got an iPad 2 for school...

    I downloaded my first text book for my amazon kindle app, saving 100 dollars off the printed version! I love this thing!
  32. wholesalestunna

    Maps for navigation

    Some navigation apps will work offline and allow you to download the maps in advance. My favorite one is Navigon.
  33. wholesalestunna

    What are you reading now?

    Defending Jacob.. Great so far
  34. wholesalestunna

    College student

    You could try Evernote too.
  35. wholesalestunna

    Very Interesting, but weird

    I don't know how those numbers could be used to accurately compare droid and iOS though because there are so many places droid apps can be bought vs the ios's one
  36. wholesalestunna

    Scratches on ipad

    I take my iPad everywhere so it's in a case 24/7 and I don't have any problems with that... I really like my case
  37. wholesalestunna

    So I'm returning my iPad 3...

    And I was proud of my one lol
  38. wholesalestunna

    Do you own more than one case?

    I only have an ifrogz summit case in green and I am VERY happy with it. Great quality and protection. I may order some more colors though eventually.