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    On screen keyboard

    It seems since latest update I can be on my ipad and/or using my bluetooth keyboard and an onscreen dark colored key board will pop up. Can't figureout why,. It will go away if I use my escape button. Wondering what is happening
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    How can i print from ipad3 if my printer isnt compadible with airprint?

    Problem is that the things you all describe need to also use a computer. If you are just using an iPad you need air print.
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    Question about pages & hotspot

    I couldn't do an update to 5.1 just using my iPad. I had to connect to iTunes to update via my computer.
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    Question about pages & hotspot

    No it doesn't work that way. Look at the Dropbox app. I have it on my computer and on my iPad. The things you want to share between them I transfer to Dropbox. Look at the app or better yet install first on your computer and look at the info how to use it. ICloud is somewhat the same but I find...
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    Question about pages & hotspot

    Not sure about keynote but pages automatically saves itself when you finish a document and either exit pages or start a new document. Hope I understood what your question was.
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    Do you regret not purchasing 3G/4G

    I wouldn't pay extra for an ipad with 3G. I use my Verizon mi-fi which supports 5 devices using it at one time. 3G wouldn't allow me to use my wireless printer without another plan. I can use it when we travel and take it with me when we are gone for 2 months at a time and not have to pay...
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    Do you use a Keyboard?

    When I am at my home in MN I don't but when we come to FL for 2 months and I don't bring my computer along-just my iPad, I really like the keyboard. It makes thing go faster.
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    Any advice on things to do to pass the time on ipad2 what do you do day to day?

    I have plenty of things to do and not get bored but my daughter "got me addicted" to Words with Friends". It is amazing to find out all of the words you didn't know were words. Try it!
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    iOS 5.1 update and wifi connectivity

    I am using Verizon mifi 4G I have tried many times during day and evening to update and all I get is "An error occured while checking for software update". I am using ipad to update. Won't have access to my computer until I get home in a few weeks. I have updated before even the 5.0 update...
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    I am connecting through a verizon mi-fi wireless on 4G using my ipad. Don't have access to my computer until I am back home on Apr 5th. But will still be using my mi-fi. I have had no problems in the past with updates (even the big one) using the mi-fi.
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    Still not able to connect to update have tried many times during the day and evening and still no luck. Frustrating
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    Haven't been able to connect yet to update. It just keeps trying and trying and then says it can't connect. Well keep trying.
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    Drop Box and Excel Files

    I do that using the numbers app . When you want to open the excel file in Dropbox, you just tell it to open in numbers.
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    Welcome to our original ipad owners

    Just got the update info this afternoon. First time I was notified that it was available. No have it and it is wear you said it would be.
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    Welcome to our original ipad owners

    It isn't there. Maybe it got last in the upgrade
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    Welcome to our original ipad owners

    Dumb question but how do I check to see if I have multi gestures. How do I use them if I do?
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    Photon flash web browser

    Has anyone used it? Unless I am misreading the reviews it looks as though it plays flash sites. I trust IPF members more than reviews on a purchase app site
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    Welcome to our original ipad owners

    I haven't had my original a year yet. Before 2 came out you could find covers etc all over for them. Now the original seems to be forgotten when you go to the iPad accessories section. I realize that a person can go on line but guess we have become almost antiques. I still love my pad
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    Itunes all mixed up

    The info given does not really apply to my situation. I want to transfer the music on my iPod shuffle which were not purchased through iTunes to my iPad because they were on it before I did the update. I have read many complaints about apps being lost and all my music was lost. When I plug my...
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    Itunes all mixed up

    After doing the update my iTunes popped up the message " this iPad is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPad and sync this iTunes library." The weird thing is that there are 30 songs in the library that aren't mine. Mine were all lost. I used a different computer to...
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    Downloading iOS 5 Right now!!!!!!

    I had a lot of songs on my iPad. After update done I had to reinstall all but the original apps. Plus the songs show up in iTunes but they wouldn't sync because I had used a different iTunes before but I couldn't use that one because it was on a computer that needed a new motherboard and I opted...
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    Downloading iOS 5 Right now!!!!!!

    It started at 1 pm CST. Took 15 MN at most. It removed all of my apps except the originals. Thank heavens I didn't have a lot.
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    Do you use our ( IPF ) App?

    It is almost the first thing I check when starting my iPad. I have learned many things from it. Especially great for a newbie.
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    Dropbox vs?

    Have been having problem with Dropbox. It at times won't sync with computer or iPad. The computer one won't show same as iPad and vice versa. Sometimes either one will be right and other wrong. I am spending time trying to correct the one in error. It is the numbers app that the problem is in...
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    My documents

    You can work on them either place and they will show on both. I think either on original Dropbox app or in the app itself there is good info on how it works. I like it because if I am somewhere that I might get a phone call re: something that was only on my computer,I can just have it available...
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    Missing Posts?

    Ditto to using icab. I use that all of the time. No problems.
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    Do you like typing on the ipads on screen keyboard?

    I downloaded Fastkeyboard. It has the extended keyboard so that you don't have to go back and forth between keyboards. Like Tim I have a bluetooth keyboard but can't use it all of the time.
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    Powerpoint attachment

    Guess what? This morning it would open. I tried all day yesterday and it wouldn't. Guess it had a mind of it's own. Thanks any way.
  29. L Members - Suggest an iPad App

    I just added the app Fastkeyboard. Take a look at it in the apps. It is free but if you don't want ad version you can pay .99
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    Powerpoint attachment

    Sorry didn't mean to say "I'm an email". I meant in an email. I tapped the send before proofing.
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    Powerpoint attachment

    I don't see where there is an answer to this. Is there some way to open a PowerPoint attachment I'm an email? Thanks
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    WiFi Help

    MiFi will work same as wifi . I had it and it worked just fine.
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    Print n Share not working now

    I went into help section of WePrint. Followed the instructions re: Firewall blocking. It works now so hope that was the problem.
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    Print n Share not working now

    I understand the printing "stuff". My problem now is that I got my iPad to print before using Print n Share and WePrint. Here is what I have new. New computer, same printer (not wireless but has WePrint on it and the same Print n Share is on my iPad). Previously used sprint MiFi until I had...
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    I am confused. I have a friend who has had an iPad for a year. He has a Bluetooth canon printer and prints to it without wifi.
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    Print boarding pass

    I think there may have been a misinterpretation of my original post. I can print things with my iPad but I can't download the boarding pass to get to the printing of it. I also know that you can print your boarding pass at airport. I do not have an iPhone so those answers do not apply to me. I...
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    Print boarding pass

    The boarding pass that I was trying to get was for my daughter who was visiting us. It just saves time and she wouldn't have to go to the check in counter. It is no "big deal" but I am just the type of person who when faced with a challenge wants to find out some way to solve it. Have just...
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    Print boarding pass

    I don't know about other airlines but the US airway only allows download to outlook (which I don't have) or to email to someone which only sends the info re flight and you still have to go through the retrieving passes. I sent a help email to airlines and of course it will be 5-7 days before an...
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    Print boarding pass

    Tried to print out a boarding pass for US Airway. It got through all of the info OK until it pulled up a window that showed "retrieving boarding pass". It never got past that. I know that flash doesn't work on iPad but I don't know if that is the problem or not. Is there some app etc that I...
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    Best Facebook app for iPad?

    Go to Facebook website in safari-touch the icon on the top bar (the one that looks like a box with an arrow pointing to the right)-drop down menu will give you the option of sending it to your homepage where it makes a Facebook icon. Works great!