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    How is ipad 2 better than the first?

    To me it wasn't worth the update. I got iPad 2 on the first day of release but sold 2 and kept my iPad 1
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    How reliable is fedex?

    Always come to my house around 3-4pm.
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    Report: Apple to unveil iPad 2 on March 2

    It is official that iPad 2 will be announced on march 2nd. Is it going to be on sale same day? That is questionable. I think I will wait till iPad 3 as of now
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    Trouble Conneting to WI-FI in Hotels

    Turn off autofill in safari setting. Especially the login I'd and password. It should do the trick
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    Upgrade to 4.2 is it worth it?

    Jail broke made sense for iPhone to unlock the device, I simply don't see a reason to jailbreak on iPad. Back to the original topic, UPGRADE right now! It is great.
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    Looking for Twitter app with certain features

    Services you want are for member only. Don't you just sign up for the service?
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    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    +1 for hand break!
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    Song Lyrics from MS word to iPad

    I use drop box... Organize the folder way younorganize on your windows.
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    Ipad Virgin

    When i purchased my iPad it turned on right away with 70% bettery in it... Now sometimes even with enough battery left i have to hold home button plus power for few seconds to power it up. Give that a try,
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    IOS 4.2 GM & Daylight Savings

    Mine doesn't have problem either
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    iOS 4.2 Beta 2 Download

    i just updated and loving it except one thing The switch above the volume buttons that acted as a screen orientation lock now became a mute/unmute switch. wth... I want screen orientation lock to come back =\
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    Camera Connector Kit........quick question!

    Idk about sdxc but sdhc worked
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    Hulu vs netflix

    I don't really use July anymore... Netflix FTW!!!
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    What do you least like about iPad?

    USB and ram...
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    new iPad in november???

    If i remember correctly... Before the 2nd generation of iPod touch came out there were so many rumors about camera being there with the proof fro case design and etc., but iPod touch with camera didn't release until this year. Whether it is apple product or not, ill not believe until i see it.
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    Did a little drawing with my iPad

    Awesome.what app did you use?
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    I guess the honeymoon is over!

    Maybe your next door installed a new router and have same channel as you are?
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    Disabling screen caputre

    Lol that's simply awesome. 599+ pictures if hello kitty. Lol
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    Something Dont Seem Right?

    Many tech blogs already reported that black pad won't use blackberry os 6. I feel like BB will become like palm soon
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    how many devices can you authorize to 1 itunes account?

    I have 4 devices syncing with my iTunes account and i believe there's no limit to that. 5 computer limits can be resetted though.
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    Have you ever dropped your iPad?

    So far I have not and planning not too.
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    7-inch iPad 2 Coming in Time for Christmas?

    IMHO i don't think apple will release 7" this year. Maybe I'm hoping apple wont. Upgraded ram and better pixel density? I can see apple release one when they announce iPad 2 next year. Sometimes i wish my iPad is little bit smaller and lighter. Probably not as much on smaller than lighter...
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    Most impatient iPad fan goes to..... me!

    Well, you can still return the 16 gb model once you receive it. Or sell it on evay or somewhere, if it is still such high demand. Yeah I'm in US and one of those who just walked into a store and Ickes and left within 3 minutes... I admit that it was an impulse purchase, but I'm loving it and...
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    Does The Virtual Keyboard Do The Job...?

    I think as long as you are not doing intensive word typing it should be perfectly fine. I typed a two page report today and it went pretty well. I think more than keyboard, after you type for a while and want to review it, it becomes little hassle IMHO. But i rather not carry anything around...
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    iPad battery life, I can handle the truth

    You know they are not only talking about cell phone service, right? Inculude land line, they truly covers 97%
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    auto brightness

    my iPad's auto brightness seems doesn't work that well at all compare to iPhone/iPod touch. Every day, i have to adjust manually for the day time and night time. It is kinda getting annoying. Is it my iPad a faulty unit or it is actually how iPad has been designed? I can see brightness...
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    How to copy DVD (movies) to iPad?

    +1 for handbrake too!
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    Andorid meets iPad

    ah 4G!!!! i'm so jealous now. lol
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    Finally got my iPad

    And thank you for welcoming me here.
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    Finally got my iPad

    I'm saying it should came with iPad for free... I purchased it lol
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    Andorid meets iPad

    I purchased my ipad this past Sunday. It was pretty easy decision for me to purchase wifi version over 3G version thanks to my google nexus one. I ditched iPhone to use android and it was really good decision. Now i don't have to worry nor deal with AT&T's terrible rate and still unable to...
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    Notetaking/outlining on iPad

    I'm encountered with same problem using quick office. I wonder if it is something really hard to inclement.
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    Finally got my iPad

    Ah.. It's sad that i have to puchase a app to know tips and tricks lol.
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    Finally got my iPad

    Hello. I was resisting to buy it since it announced and finally purchased one. Until I had one I was thinking "do i really need one?" but once I got it my mind changed to "why didn't i get it sooner" I'm a happy camper now!