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  1. MichealHeitz

    inspirational quotes

    With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  2. MichealHeitz

    inspirational quotes

    Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me (Carol Burnett)
  3. MichealHeitz

    Classic video games

    Talking about classic aracde hits them KOF and CAdillacs and Dinosaurs and old Genesis classics
  4. MichealHeitz

    Galactic Warrior Arena

    Retro style games are always the best.... I've always enjoyed playing retro arcade and console games and still find ways to play them any way possible
  5. MichealHeitz

    I love Sushi but I am poor?

    I love alot of things but I am also poor ;D
  6. MichealHeitz

    inspirational quotes

    Confidence is the key...If you don't believe in yourself then nobody will.
  7. MichealHeitz

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Listening to Gareth Emery & Standerwick - Saving Light.....feeling sleepy listening to it
  8. MichealHeitz

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Avengers Infinity Wars.... probably the best super hero movie ever.