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    Still No FaceTime Over LTE on New iPad

    Now that surprises me?!?! I pre-ordered the WiFi/32GB model. Don't like the fact that you are tied by hardware to a single service provider. I have a Verizon 4G-LTE MiFi hotspot that I use with my current iPad and MacBook Pro. I should be able to use FaceTime on my iPad 3 using my hotspot...
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    Apple Expected to Shift More Than A Million New iPads on March 16

    Sweet!! Happy to say that I'm one of the million! After some effort, I finally completed my online order about 4 hours after the announcement. Apple Online Store was jammed and timing out. I got the WiFi/32GB this time. Ran out of space long ago on my 16GB. Started deleting music and apps to...
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    Ipad wifi sync

    I experienced similar symptoms, but only because I have a 4G LTE hotspot in addition to my Comcast Internet service. I came home from work and forgot to turn off the hotspot. My iPad and iPhone were still connected to it. When I opened my MacBook and tried to sync, the devices weren't visible...
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    Apple iOS 5 Update Process... (my experience)

    Thought I'd give my opinion on how the iOS 5 update experience was for me. I updated two iPads, one iPod Touch, and one iPhone 3GS to iOS 5 over the past couple of days. Personally, I had no problems at all. I've visited a few forums and have found that quite a few people had 'problems' with the...
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    Let's play.... "Who got theirs first?"

    Just got my two!!! :D University Park, Illinois and 01:25pm!! Now I'm gonna go PLAY!!! See ya folks!!!
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    iPad Apps now in the App Store!

    Yes, I updated my solitaire app and my Xbox 360 Live app earlier this afternoon. The both said they had iPad-specific enhancements...
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Saturday delivery is a reality for me... I was forwarded from the domestic number (1-800-742-5877) to the international number (1-800-782-7892)... I was told that they (Apple) have brokered a special deal. Even though you don't normally get Saturday deliveries, you WILL get this one by the...
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    I tried to get directions to Shenzhen, CN from Google Maps

    Awesome!!! I love it!! So, if I pick an Afghan address... will it put me in a tank?
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    iPad 3g availibility

    No '3G' for me... at least not yet... I started to go the '3G' route, but decided to wait because of (1) the cost of 2 of them :eek:, and (2) I'm beginning to hate AT&T and I don't want them in anymore of my web devices. The 'Pay-Go' service they slapped together at the last minute makes me...
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    The games we want on iPad

    I'm honestly surprised that no one said 'FarmVille' or 'CafeWorld' yet!!! Even though this is only possible if (1) Apple and Adobe settle the 'Flash' issue, or (2) some 'future millionaire' creates iPad versions of them... I'm not a big 'FarmVille' fan, but I am a developer and... "It's all...
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    Apple is being reckless!

    Well said...
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    PC Apple Fan

    Welcome to the 'collective'!! You sound like me! :) I was a devoted Windows drone until I got my wife and daughters iPhones. After playing with theirs occasionally, I finally tossed my Windows Mobile PDA got myself one. Now I have an iPhone 3GS, 17" MacBook Pro running WinXP, WinVista,and...
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Hey Ellie, remember that a watched pot never boils!!! Have you updated you Mac/PC with the latest 'iPad-ready' version of iTunes? I let my MacBook Pro (running Snow Leopard) check for updates and quite a few rolled in. iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, MacOS, and others... I'm sure they are final tweaks...
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    Is Factory Warranty Good Enough?

    I probably should have looked, but doesn't the iPad come with a 1-year repair/replacement warrantee like the iPhones? If not, will you have the option to extend it later if desired? These guys talking about dropping things... screens cracking... etc... :eek: It's making me nervous... :(
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    No a chance... The earliest 'ship' date you'll get is the 12th...
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    iTunes 9.1 is now up!

    Thanks!! Good idea... I'm grabbing it tonight...
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    Screen Protector--Necessary or Not?

    I put a 'quality' screen protector on my 3GS when I first got it. I have never taken it off and you can hardly tell it's on there ('0' bubbles). It's been on for a year. When I do take it off, the screen will look brand new... The way I look at it, if it doesn't bother you to have a protector...
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    Two new iPad apps coming...

    Ha!! LOL!!! I was waiting to see who would give up first!! :D This is one of those "agree-to-disagree" and "to-each-his-own" situations... :)
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    My current inventory... 17" MacBook Pro 2.66ghz/500GB old (really old) iPod Nano 2GB (I think) 4 iPhones (3-3Gs and 1-3GS) 2 16GB iPads (coming soon!)
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    Apple Will Set Up Your iPad for Free

    Oh Yeah!! THANK YOU!!!! :p
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    Want A Free iPad? Go To (Or Back To) College

    Yeah, once they make them more durable so they can be dropped and tossed, my daughter won't have to lug around that gigantic history book of hers! My God, the book is HUGE!! It has to weigh at least 5lbs!! :D
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    Apple Will Set Up Your iPad for Free

    I am a convert from Windows... If you need help with anything created by Apple... :confused: Well... alrighty then!! :o
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    Charged my Credit card today

    Elvis has left the building!!!!! My two iPads shipped together about 30 minutes ago from good ole China!! :) I got a seperate tracking number (UPS) for each one... We're now on the home stretch!! :) Too bad the UPS cargo jets don't have warp drive!! "Warp Nine... ENGAGE!!" :p
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Elvis has left the building!!!! My iPhone vibrated about 15 minutes ago informing me that my iPads have shipped!!! :) Via UPS from China. I was worried that my order might get split up since I ordered two iPads. Nope! I got two different tracking numbers! I just hope my two babies stay...
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    The lamest criticism of the Ipad

    I agree with Gregg... People are constantly saying, "My laptop does this and it can't...". I reply with, "Guess what idiot... IT'S NOT A LAPTOP!!". Jeez!! Why is that such a hard concept to grasp!! It's not supposed to be a netbook, a laptop, a PC, a Mac, an iPod Touch, or an iPhone!! It's...
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    Charged my Credit card today

    :D It would be a 'pretend' appointment. On Saturday morning I'll slap myself back to reality!! :D
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    Charged my Credit card today

    Congrats!! I preordered my 16GB iPads on 03/19... What was your order date?? I've been at the 'Prepared for Shipment' stage for what seems like an eternity!!! :mad: I'm gonna pretend that I have a dentist appointment for a root canal on Saturday... maybe that will make it come sooner!! :)
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    Today apple charged me for the 32g wyfi/3g--too

    No charge should be posted to your credit card until your item(s) actually ship... It's in your preorder agreement details... Also, I hear that you won't know who your carrier is (UPS or FedEx) for tracking purposes until they actually toss (I me place) it on a truck... ;)
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    UPS confirms mine WILL NOT be delivered by Sat even though UPS does Sat delivery here

    :) Ha!! Yeah right!! Guess you never heard of 'Murphy', huh? :) (no NOT RoboCop! Lol!!)
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    iPhone SDK v3.2 Goes Gold!

    Get the lead out dude!!! I gotta get back into my iPhone development! I haven't even updated my development environment with the iPad SDKs yet! I'm so ashamed!! :eek: I'm missing the boat... AGAIN!! :mad: I preordered two iPads, one for my 'better-half' and one for me to tinker with. Maybe...
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    Future iPad OS Updates Might Cost You

    Windows?? Ha!! I am a Mac/iPhone developer, but I also develop Windows applications as well... Even though Windows development pays my mortgage, I can honestly say that since WinXP, all Windows releases have been patches and bug fixes!! Windows 7 is a huge patch to make Vista actually work...
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    Future iPad OS Updates Might Cost You

    Maybe... Could it be that they are planning major hardware updates (camera, USB ports, DVI port, etc...) which will make newer software version incompatible. Similar to the options available on the 3GS that are not on the 3G? I'm a developer and I can understand them choosing not to do the...
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    Awesome idea!! I'm a developer and I'd be very surprised (and disappointed) if this has not already been done. You should be able to touch the spine and have the book flip to the cover view. Or at least something similar to the album view on the iPod... Ideas like this are why I'm on this...
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    Can't wait to watch when I get home... Company policy prohibits any type of 'enjoyment' during working hours! :D If I loose my job, I won't be able to pay for all my new 'tech-toys'!! :)
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    UPS confirms mine WILL NOT be delivered by Sat even though UPS does Sat delivery here

    Mine is 'prepared'... Mine is at 'Prepared to Ship' and I preordered on 03/19... It doesn't say who the carrier will be yet... Is it a either or between UPS and FedEx? Or are they all coming by UPS? I'm not a big fan of UPS... :(
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    Unlocked iPad - What's The Point?

    Apple may soon be free... I heard that Apple's exclusive contract with AT&T will expire this summer. You may see other carriers jumping on the iPhone/iPad band wagon... I think that's why they are pushing the 'unlocked' feature and tossing out only the 'pay-go' option for the iPad... Just...
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    8-10 Million iPads sold in 2010

    High quality??? Of course!! I'm counting on 'high quality'!! Being a software developer by trade, I very seldom purchase version 1.00 of anything!! :) Apple is the only company (software or hardware) that gets that honor from me!! ;)
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    Delivery on 04-03-2010 - On a Saturday???

    Sounds like a plan!! I think I will do just that!!! I feel silly that I didn't think of that myself!! :o Thanks!!
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    Will the iPad sell out the first day?

    I voted 'Yes'... I think they will... Why would they push back the ship dates for preorders to 04/12? I think it's because the Apple Stores (and Best Buys) are reporting that they are all 'reserved-out' and they need some for the 'walk-ins' and the shelves... That's just my opinion though...