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  1. Jippojeppe

    Any one know of a good site to stream? is accually really good on ipad
  2. Jippojeppe

    iBooks for sweden

    Or i guess i could take my family and and move to a country that does have ibooks ;) Tack för svaret, håller tummarna.
  3. Jippojeppe

    iBooks for sweden

    Well the ipad is not here in sweden yet. But when it arives will we get the bookstore by then? Its a pretty big thing to use the ipad as a book so i think i will have to ignore the ipad untill they get the bookstore to work here. OOOoooorrrr i could use the Kindle app :)
  4. Jippojeppe

    UK should boycott Apple

    Im from sweden and i dont se myself asking for boykott for apple to just release it in US the first month. Im going to buy one but that meens that i have to wait for apple to work up there stock so they have something to sell.
  5. Jippojeppe

    PC to Ipad streaming video

    I do agree! Air video is really beutiful.
  6. Jippojeppe

    Sweden, IPad, Tethering...good things.

    Welcome to sweden :)
  7. Jippojeppe

    Top 5 iPad Apps you'd pay for?

    I use "momo" a lot. So that app i would pay a lot for :)
  8. Jippojeppe

    The games we want on iPad

    Ohtello would be wonderfull for twoplayer action on ipad :)
  9. Jippojeppe

    What iPad app would you like to see?

    I have Notemaster that syncs with google docs on my iphone. I would love to have the same on ipad but for the bigger screen.
  10. Jippojeppe

    GPS not availble in the WiFi iPad

    Soo.. why would you want an ipad without 3G but with gps? Its not like you pull it out when your out and get a gps-lock and after that you realise you dont have 3g so you can download the maps? And yea i know there is some apps that dont need map to work with gps but thats like trainingapps and...