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  1. Doctor Hades

    retina display overload my eyes :)

    Could it be the refresh rate of the display? Android devices with the new Jellybean installed update 60 times per second with v-sync enabled (to prevent screen tearing) whereas the iPad looks like it updates slower (30 fps?) without v-sync as I've noticed a kind of 'wobble' effect, similar to...
  2. Doctor Hades

    iPad 5 rumored to be significantly lighter and slimmer

    I bought an iPad 4 on the last day of 2012 and while I love it even I have to admit that it is a bit too heavy for comfortable use in one hand. If Apple can shave off a quarter or even third of its weight to make it easier to hold in one hand, for reading magazines and books for example, whilst...
  3. Doctor Hades

    Found dead pixel and dust under screen

    I bought my iPad 4 online from EBuyer here in the UK and where I live in Hull there isn't an Apple store either (that I'm aware of). My iPad has been working flawlessly otherwise since I bought it at the end of 2012. I think I'm probably being a pedantic to be honest - I doubt anyone else would...
  4. Doctor Hades

    Found dead pixel and dust under screen

    I got an iPad 4 just before the New Year and, while I absolutely love it to bits, I have noticed what looks like a single speck of dust under the screen toward the top left hand corner when the device is held in landscape orientation and displaying a white background. It is definitely under the...
  5. Doctor Hades

    Problem with Newsstand App - Internal error

    I've had problems reading magazines from Pocketmags that led to much frustration when I was trying to read purchased copies of Rugby League World and The Complete iPad Guide. I repeatedly deleted then redownloaded the magazine apps, only to encounter the same issues. In the end the publisher...
  6. Doctor Hades

    Charging Cables

    Yes. It is exactly the same as the Lightning cable supplied with the iPad, only twice as long. :)
  7. Doctor Hades

    Charging Cables

    I managed to find a 2 metre Lightning cable for my iPad 4 from Amazon: It works great and looks and feels like an official lead. It will even recharge the iPad from the mains while it is being used. I did try another 2...
  8. Doctor Hades

    Forum is very slow to load pages on my PC

    The issue seems to be fixed now. :)
  9. Doctor Hades

    I really love my ipad 4!!!

    I have the same thing happen on my 64 GB iPad 4 when using my home WiFi connection (24 Mbps via the 5 GHz 802.11n band) and my Samsung Galaxy S3's WiFi Hotspot (3G/HSPA+) but only when scrolling very fast down the list of apps in the Apple Store and, less frequently, when quickly scrolling down...
  10. Doctor Hades

    Forum is very slow to load pages on my PC

    Thanks KevinJS. Yes, I keep seeing 'Waiting for' and 'Transferring' messages in the status bar that delay page loading by almost 30 seconds on average. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as the forum looks great otherwise.
  11. Doctor Hades

    Forum is very slow to load pages on my PC

    I signed up for this forum yesterday after Google-ing around for a decent iPad forum to post and read comments on. Even the sign up process was slow; I actually thought the page wasn't loading so tried signing in from a number of other browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc) on my PC with the same result...
  12. Doctor Hades

    Annoying problem with streaming from iTunes 11 on a PC running Windows 8 Pro

    I've had my 64 GB iPad 4 about a week now and I absolutely love it. To be honest, it is my first Apple product and I don't know how I managed to survive without a tablet for as long as I have. I'm never off the thing! The iPad is very easy to use and setup, even compared with my Samsung Galaxy...
  13. Doctor Hades

    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    I've connected my iPad to my PC twice now to sync my downloads from iTunes to it and copy some MP3 albums to it. I also enabled the Home Sharing option which works great for streaming music and backing up my iPad via iCloud. Alas, there is an annoying bug which messes up the album art and titles...
  14. Doctor Hades

    How often is your iPad with you?

    Always! I haven't been off mine except for sleeping, eating and working since I got my iPad 4 last Monday, 31st December. Sent from my iPad 4
  15. Doctor Hades

    How long does it take to charge ipad4?

    I bought an iPad 4 last week, actually my first Apple product, and I love it. Basically except for work, I haven't been off the thing! I initally charged my iPad using the supplied Lightning cable that came with it but I found it too short when stood in a stand on my desk and plugged into the...