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    Can We Save 'Messages' Texts Yet? - & another question

    No, that's not what those of us who keep asking this question are talking about. Yes, the iMessages are in iCloud in the image ready to be downloaded again on a new iDevice or whatever. When we are asking about 'saving' iMessages, we mean as a readable format. To save for memories, etc. The only...
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    Need strong notetaking app suggestion

    Notability just gets better and better. I love how it works with Dropbox, Box, or your own WebDAV. Text, handwriting, audio - it's the best! Notability - Unleash Your Note Taking Ability.
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    Can We Save 'Messages' Texts Yet? - & another question

    Okay...after a lot of research, I found a just need DiskAid 5 "iPhone, iPad & iPod Transfer Tool for PC & Mac"... Here's what it has to say about iMessages: "No hacks, no hassle: you are a click away from having your iPhone’s SMS messages and iMessages copied to your computer...
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    How to view rtf attachments in my email

    Just put an app that supports .rtf on your iPad (tons), once you have done that when you touch the attachment it will open in that app, or give you a choice of more than one.
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    app for password protected photos/video (not from camera roll) - Ipad3 help.

    Just search the app store from your iPad using 'private' as the only word and you'll be amazed how many apps there are for what you're wanting to do with photos and videos. Some are only password-protected without real encryption. But, there are some that use AES encryption - use the word...
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    Netflix quality

    Go to the Netflix settings and make sure you're allowing HD with WiFi. Also, I had a problem with my Netflix app a year or so ago and finally deleted the app completely and did a reinstall, it was perfect after that.
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    Questions from a newbie

    Just open an album and touch the arrow at the top right. You're now in album edit mode, when you touch a picture it puts a check mark on each one. When you're finished selecting the photos you want to get rid of - just tap 'delete.' (Did you realize you posted in a two year old thread?) The...
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    Bought a store display iPad and having major problems

    This one is simple: Just return the demo iPad that has problems and demand a clean swap for a new one. If they balk, remind them that they are violating Apple policy by selling it in the first place. A clean and easy swap for a working iPad is all you're asking for.
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    Can the Ipad do this?

    Or, you can use the actual Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. now, with an iOS app called CloudOn. Here's their site: CloudOn | brings you Microsoft Office(R) on the iPad
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    Can We Save 'Messages' Texts Yet? - & another question

    Is there a way yet with iOS to save all the 'Messages' on my iPhone/iPad? If not, somebody (a stranger I struck up a conversation with at a restaurant bar) told me they thought they read of a fairly new app that allows you more access to the messy file structure of iOS and that 'Messages' can...
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    ipad question it or hate it. I personally hate it. It's the clumsiest piece of software I have ever seen and actually accepted by the masses. It is unworthy of its association with such wonderful Apple hardware. As for your pictures, if you have Windows you only need to plug your iPad in with...
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    Does the name give us some clues to the longevity of the product?

    This. ^^^^^ This post nails the biggest problem. Without some way of easily differentiating between products, searching and finding the correct case, etc. is a HUGE pain. The new iPad is thicker than iPad 2, which was thinner than the original, which was still thicker than iPad 3. With some of...
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    iPad 3 display issue

    That's one thing about Apple...if you have problems, they take care of you. Period.
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    Alleged 'iPad 3' photos shed light on camera and case details

    I have a feeling the iPad HD rumors might be true and the big selling points would be the HD display and an HD camera.
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    transfer movies to ipad

    The really ridiculous thing is that you have to go to all that trouble in the first place. If there's one big gripe I have with the iPad, it's Apple forcing use of mp4. Period. You should be able to put those .avi videos on the iPad and play away. My pet peeve gripe with the iPad.
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    New Ipad user Question

    AroundMe? It's actually an iPhone/iPod Touch app but it works fine with the iPad. It gives you a map. There's actually a lot of mapping and driving direction apps. Even using just the browser and Google Maps w/ directions would work. Just save it or send it to Read It Later (the greatest app...
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    Netflix app

    Yes, I agree, waiting is no big deal. Especially when you're like me and old enough to remember having to wait until your favorites came around on one of the 3 over the air channels. Might be the late movie or the late, late movie and, of course, there was no recording so you stayed up late...
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    Anybody tried CopyTrans Manager? (iTunes alternative)

    This got lost in the iPad 2 discussions. Has anybody tried this program?
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    Privacy app

    Beware of programs that only use "password protection" (like Picture Safe, Folders Pro, etc.). They may be safe from your kid sister, but that's about it. Anybody wanting to see "password protected" pictures in apps just needs to jailbreak the iPhone/Touch/iPad and the raw files are in the...
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    New Possible iPad 2 Pictures Appear in China

    Yes, the iPad 2 has been announced. Looks nice!
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    Hours Away From Launch

    For those not watching one of the live chats during the event... Steve Jobs just announced it will be called "iPad 2" Same exact pricing structure even with all new features Faster processor A5, camera, thinner, lighter. Shipping March 11th
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    Hours Away From Launch

    Launch of the new iPad is just hours away. Thoughts and curiosities.... 1) I'm guessing it will be called "iPad 2" with March 2 as launch day being no coincidence. 2) Price point. Will Apple go the low price route with iPad2 and save most of the rumored features for iPad3? 3) Will Steve...
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    New iPad 2 Mock-Ups Surface with Much Thinner Body and Big Speaker Grill

    That mock-up also shows it clearly named as "iPad 2".... the launch day of March 2 is no coincidence.
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    Netflix app

    Yes. Netflix is putting its platform on so many things it is dizzying. As long as the appliance can get a broadband Internet connection, Netflix can put its application inside and make it capable of streaming.
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    iPad 2 release sooner than thought

    You're absolutely right. I think the most fascinating thing to watch for is the price point. Many Apple observers say that the price could be the biggest surprise. It may not have as many features as rumored, but possibly expect the price point to drop and make it assessable for many more users...
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    I agree with this. Just look at the video end: Flash is already on the run from Silverlight and HTML5. Adobe is hurting. They are a victim of their own suucess in a way; they simply haven't kept up and before they knew it Netflix dumped Flash for Silverlight (and the quality of the stream...
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    I thought you were talking about flash video. The flash components on certain large sites are taken care of in their apps. Could you give name a few sites that are giving you trouble?
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    I think Adobe put that issue to rest when they realized they needed to develop a mobile flash for sustained video buffering. It's called Stage Video. Without their being successful with SV, tablets with flash will suffer. I'm like you though, I think the Xoom looks very promising. Competition...
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    And those that do that will watch their battery life drop dramatically.
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    Try the Skyfire browser for flash videos. Also, what sites? Most networks and such have apps that allow you to see all videos that you wouldn't be able to see on the iPad through Safari. I rarely have a problem because most everything that uses flash (at the original source) has an app that...
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    Anybody tried CopyTrans Manager? (iTunes alternative)

    Has anybody here tried CopyTrans Manager? I talked to a guy at TGIFriday's and we were just shootin' the breeze about the iPad and he mentioned that this program simplified his music/movie transfers. I've meant to give it a try with my Touch before trying it with my iPad. Just thought I'd see if...
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    Am I doing this right? Storing PDFs on the device.

    Bingo. That's the easiest solution for the OP's issue.
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    New Member Needs Help

    Another vote for Chronicles for use as a diary/journal. That's its specific purpose and it was a labor of love - you can tell. Also, it's the same developer of my favorite writing app, Chapters.
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    Applications Closing Randomly

    Have you tried deleting and re-installing the offending app(s)?
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    What is apple's secret

    Here's an article you should read: I don't hate Macs, but they do give me a syncing feeling | Charlie Brooker | Comment is free | The Guardian First of all, you would have to know that Charlie Brooker (Tech guy at Guardian) used to HATE (with a passion) Apple products. He still has problems...
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    Actually, I agree with the ad! Go ahead and "Feel free to Tab"'ll be right back to the iPad!
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    Best note taking app on iPad? Notes?

    You get finer control using an iPad stylus. They aren't like the old type we used on our Palm Pilots...they are rubbery,foamy - kind of hard to describe. I did quite a bit of research before buying the right stylus and ended up with the Acase stylus. It's one of the less expensive ones ($11 or...
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    Organising documents created in Pages

    Pages doesn't support Dropbox natively. The standard answer to this question (if Dropbox is important - and it is to many) is to use one of the alternative apps to Pages. Don't hold your breath for Apple to support the Dropbox API as Apple likes to keep you with Apple (and the paid MobileMe) -...
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    Ipad large pdf viewer app

    All things pdf for the iPad leads through Goodreader. Incredible app.
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    Best note taking app on iPad? Notes?

    Notability is for iPad only. UberNote is a website. The mobile version is as fast, or faster, than many apps. Check out this page on their "tour" gives you a good idea.