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    Using in daylight any better?

    Is using the Ipad2 in daylight any better then with the Ipad1? My Ipad1 is all but useless outdoors.
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    Most Protective Case?

    Best Price for Otterbox Defender MacMall | Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case - Black APL2-IPAD1-20-C4OTR Free shipping too. Just ordered one for myself.:)
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    Anyone buy their I-Pad on an auction site?

    Only a real dummy would make any bids on these websites. Saying that there are many dummies out there.:D
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    Any non-Americans using VPN for Netfix, Hulu, BBC, etc?

    I use as a VPN provider and can verify that it works in both Mexico and Europe.
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    IPad Stolen

    Thank god it was your bosses IPad and not yours that was stolen.
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    Watch abc app and netflix app outside the US (Mexico)

    I'm leaving for my home in Mexico on Sunday and have just signed up at strongvpn for a year at $55. Added it to my desktop, laptop and IPad in about 5 minutes. All show the strongvpn ip in New York when the ip address is asked for. Great service for the money. Now I just have to bring an...
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    Deleting Wall Street Jounrnal - old issues

    How do I delete individual issues of the wall street journal that have been downloaded to my IPad? I don't need to store old issues on it.
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    Moving Apps from IPad to ITunes

    Wanted to update my IPad on ITunes and was told I needed to move apps purchased on the IPad to ITunes before updating. How do I do that? Just figured it out. I didn't go through the add in ITunes before it showed me the IPad.
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    ZooGue Case Review

    Great review. Reinforces my decision to pre-order. My notification of shipment was 6/25. Way to go Tim.:D
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    AT&T sucks & lies

    I live on Long Island and have free wifi in almost all areas (Optimum Online subscriber and just about every street is wired with either Optimum or Time Warner). I was waiting at Laguardia Airport the other day and was watching a movie using the Netflix app and the 3G connection (the wifi at...
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    Finally, Prepared for Shipment

    Scheduled for delivery on June 17th.:)
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    Open for ipad

    Google "fingertip stylus" and you will find plenty of them available. Looks like a good thing to have to me. Will probably order a couple to try them out.
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    Finally, Prepared for Shipment

    Ordered June 2, Just noticed "Prepared for Shipment" today June 13. IPad 64gb - 3G.
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    Car Chargers

    I bought the Griffin "Power Duo" ($49.95) from the Apple store. It is rated at 2.1 amp and can be used with IPod, Ipod Touch and IPad.
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    iPad Class Action

    Apple is included because it was their responsibility to know that a plan by AT&T was in the works that voided all of the advertised 3G availability that they promised. No competent manufacturer would advertise a feature that they could not guarantee to be in place for a reasonable amount of...
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    wifi, 3G and the new ATT data plans

    If you order a 3G from Apple before midnight tonight you can still get the unlimited data plan once it is in your hands.
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    iPad and Photography

    What would happen if you were to email yourself with a document (or photos or anything else) attached? What can you do with the document on the IPad? My is still on order so I cannot test this myself.
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    A website displaying a feature that is included in a product you are going to buy from that website is an advertisement. The Apple store website is one big advertisement.
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    Apple has advertised on its website that if you order a 3G by June 6th that you will still be able to get the unlimited data plan. My order is back in. It does not have to be in hand on the 7th to take advantage of the plan. :):)
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    I'd like to see if an auto manufacturer would get away with advertising cars for sale with gas for $50 a month for unlimted miles per month and then 1 month after selling a million cars saying that the gas company had changed its policy and you can pay $45 a month for 100 miles of driving. It...
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    3G IPad "Rest in Peace" I canceled my 64GB - 3G order today (due to arrive on June 17). It is classic bait and switch on the part of "Apple". No one can tell me "Apple" did not know what AT&T had in the works before the release of the the 3G IPad. I'm sure they knew and had something to do...
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    AT&T Wireless sets new data rates

    3G - Bait and Switch I canceled my Ipad - 64GB - 3G order that was placed on May 30th as soon as I heard the news (with delivery scheduled for June 17th). I have a feeling that with this change in data limits, sales of the 3G Ipad have peaked and will drop to zero pretty quickly. Its hard...